Funnies: A Number 1’s Tale of 2011…

Djokovic has had a breakout season in 2011 and he took over the no. 1 ranking.  At the time of writing, his losses can still be counted on one hand.  How have the few who defeated him this year reacted in the face of victory?

1. Fed wagged his finger (like a boss).  That silenced the critics.  In a classic match, the imperator squashed the winning streak of his ersatz rival to the GSOAT throne:


2. Muzz was uncommittedly happy.  He made a valiant attempt to rearrange his facial features into a smile (or an un-grimace).  He won Cincinnati, but he wavered on the smile:

Photo: Getty Images

3. DelPo cried like a baby after clinching the Davis Cup tie against Serbia (Alright, he blubbered.  If Nalby were capable of crying actual human tears, he would have shed a few as well.  Instead, he grabbed DelPo by the back of the neck while offering a rare embrace):

Photo: Reuters

4. Nishikori rejoiced after serving a bagel in Basel, Switzerland.  Djokovic had ventured into enemy territory (Fed’s hometown), only to be served a surprise bagel by Special Kei:

Photo: AP Photo

5. And last but not least, FERRU SHRUGGED in Londontown. He said, “Rogelio-Mooorraii-Juan Martin-Nishikori have done it too?  What of it?  None by the scoreline 6-3 6-1!”:

Photo: AFP Photo/Leon Neal

On surprise factor alone, quiet Ferru has a case for “celebration of the year.”  Here’s another where he purses his mouth to convey the perfect “I’m befuddled by how amazing I am” expression.  It’s practically ingenious:

Photo: AFP Photo/Leon Neal


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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9 Responses to Funnies: A Number 1’s Tale of 2011…

  1. ariennalee says:

    The first and the last make such good bookends. Polar opposites those two, but I liked both celebrations equally well!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Wow, I just noticed that. They do make good bookends, right? A finger wag and a shrug! Both so different, yet each has its own unique charm.

      Tipsy just defeated Novak, so I’ll have to search for photos of him to see how well he handled the celebration part! 😉

      • ariennalee says:

        he hung his head. really. like it was just KILLING him that he’d beaten his buddy. then he bowed in a bashful way.

        On the one hand it was infuriating “get over yourself!” On the other hand, it was a totally relate-able reaction… it IS an awkward situation, and he DID play very well.

        • mariposaxprs says:

          Haha the photos, I have the very same reaction to them! I have to keep my hatred in check when I search Tipsy photos. But the bowing in a bashful way is overdone–he’s not Tipsy without the dramatic flair. On the other hand, (and I mutter this through clenched teeth), he did play well in London.

          I guess he proved he won’t just roll over for Novak. Grudging, very grudging credit for that.

          • ariennalee says:

            I just watched this video, and am still no closer to deciphering my true feelings about Tipsy. What do you make of it? He hates his picture because he thinks it looks like he’s trying to be cool. He wishes there was a map on the back of his name tag so he wouldn’t get lost. And he likes Jo’s WTF picture because Jo looks like he’s gonna beat someone up. It was amusing:

            • mariposaxprs says:

              So next time, he should try harder to look like he’s not trying so hard to look cool. Got it. It’s like spending an hour on makeup to “look like you don’t have any makeup on,” right? 😉 There’s such a difference between the top 4 players (who’ve been to WTF many times before) and the bottom 4, who are still taking everything in (the engraved towels! the private locker room!) The bottom 4 are definitely more endearing in that sense.

              • ariennalee says:

                “he should try harder to look like he’s not trying so hard to look cool” Lol. It might be too late for Tips, once you’re covered in Dostoevsky tattoos, it’s too late to look like you’re not trying. 🙂

                Yes, on the endearing awe of the bottom 4! I noticed that they all were careful to PACK their towels, rather than throwing them to the crowd as usual.

  2. queridorafa says:

    “Befuddled by how amazing I am”–so perfect! I agree, this is definitely the greatest celebration of the year to date. What would he do if he won? Casually dust off his shoulders? Moon walk to the net? Oh, the possibilities.
    Also love “Mooorraii”–took me a second… 😉

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Indeed, I love how casual and nonchalant Ferru looked after taking matchpoint. How could anyone begrudge him this win? If you’re a fan of moonwalk celebrations, here is a nicely done one 🙂

      Apparently, the Spaniards pronounce Murray as Mooorraiii. It kind of makes sense now when I think about their press interviews 😉 I think it’s a nice touch!

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