Funnies: Argentina as a Train of Cars

No. 29-ranked Argentine Juan Ignacio Chela aka “El Torino,” tweeted this photo of Pico, DelPo and Chela dining together in Sevilla:

Captain Tito gave the nickname “El Torino” to the 32-year old Argentine, after the old car.  He often signs cameras with the name after winning matches, most impressively after his R4 win at Roland Garros this year, which gave him a 2nd career QF appearance at RG.  Somewhat of a car enthusiast, Chela once referred to Muzz as a Lotus car.

Pico is a Chevy, like the one referenced in Don McLean’s song “American Pie.”  Pico and Don McLean share somewhat similar hairstyles, although I would rate Pico’s more highly.

DelPo as a Ferrari reminds me of the time he drove a Lexus with Serena Williams for a publicity event in Madrid (Lexus not pictured–it’s only a priceless photo of DelPo and Serena together, wearing gigantic wreaths…and I don’t want to discuss DelPo’s outfit):

Photo: EFE

Missing from the photo in Chela’s tweet is “El Rey.”  Which car would Nalby be?  Food for thought!  (The Pope-mobile is not an option).


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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7 Responses to Funnies: Argentina as a Train of Cars

  1. queridorafa says:

    LOLZ forever on that wreath photo! DelPo seems to have a knack for taking hilariously random photos (shovel pic, DelPo on horse pic, I’m sure I’m forgetting some!) The first Nalby car (well, second, after Pope Mobile) that came to mind was like, a 1970s-era Mustang convertible for some reason (although I think that might be kind of Torino-like). Maybe like, a Monster truck? Yeah! Monster truck! 😉

    • mariposaxprs says:

      DelPo has a knack for getting pulled into random photo opportunities! I love this wreath picture because it’s so rare that Serena and DelPo are seen together, and it led to something awesome. It’s hilarious because he always seems so out of sorts with what’s happening around him.

      I asked the car question on Twitter and got a few other fun replies too. Someone said Nalby should be a “decadent, gas-guzzling yet strangely poetic classic car from the 70s.” Others said he should be a rally car (b/c he crosses rough terrain and is prone to spectacular breakdowns) and others said a Ford pick-up. I guess the consensus is that he’s a car from the ’70s and the Mustang convertible seems decadent enough while also being somewhat poetic, right? Nalby is a garage full of cars–maybe that’s why Chela didn’t include him in the photo!

  2. ariennalee says:

    The Pope Mobile is very good! May I also suggest the Cadillac Escolade. The gangsta balletic big-man!

    Pico does have that wonderful bedhead that I imagine all free-wheelin’ whiskey-drinkin’ men to have had in the days of chevys and dry levees.

    I am so happy that I saw the wreath picture. Now I can go to bed happy.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Oooh the Cadillac Escalade is a fine gangsta choice. With soft pink leather seating, for the balletic touch? He’s not Nalby without that 😉 I should look into what models of Cadillac Escalades they had back in the 70s, huh? I was thinking Pope-mobile b/c of Arrested Development, when George Bluth rides it. In that case, the hop-on truck should also be an option. I wonder If they sell a Cadillac version of it? Lol.

      You suggested before that Pico resembles Jim Morrison, right? I like that comparison! I can definitely picture him as that type with a Chevy. It’s funny because Pico and Argentina almost seem like the trouble-making types from school.

      • ariennalee says:

        A Cadillac Pope Mobile for Nalby, check! Whatever George Bluth has, Nalby must have one better. (Incidentally, how funny was it when George became Jewish?)

        I just watched the youtube video you have posted above and while I know I was supposed to be watching for signs of David-delpo tension, I was mostly thinking that a) David looks good in pink b) He does not look at all like a chubster in street clothes (so perhaps he is not in fact as “unfit” as rumor would have it? and c) Pico is totally the Jim Morrison type, especially in that jacket. Picture him rollin’ in his chevy (maybe a late 60s el camino?), a little Riders on the Storm on the radio,… mothers would hide their daughters, for sure 🙂

        • mariposaxprs says:

          Nalby would be so BOSS in a Cadillac Pope Mobile. George turning Jewish was a highlight of the show–didn’t he make those inspirational videotapes too for religion? So much laughter.

          I think Nalby lost a fair bit of weight earlier this year–in years past, he’s def been up and down. You’re right, in his civilian clothes, he looks dapper like a businessman. For some reason, he also looks younger.

          Ohh Pico and Riders on the Storm~ As long as he doesn’t burst into giggles as he is adorably wont to do, the image fits so perfectly. Who knows, maybe Jim Morrison had the giggle fits too in his private time!

          • ariennalee says:

            Lol: BOSS

            I can’t think of polite way to say this but our “Rider on the Storm” does have way of looking totally stoned doesn’t he? I think the giggling adds to it. 😉

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