Funnies: Nalbandian as Caravaggio’s Narcissus

Fue Buena listed their “2011: Photos of the Year.”  Most of the year’s memorable moments feature, including Rafa’s DC victory, Fed’s finger wag at Roland Garros and Djokovic’s victory at Wimbledon.

I was scrolling through their page, when this photograph caught my eye:

Photo: Nicola Costantino

The photo is a recreation of Caravaggio’s Narcissus, based on the myth of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own image and then died while staring at his reflection in the water.

Nalby dressed up in an embroidered, billowy jacket for his scene and he pulls off a passable dramatic reproduction, in spite of the tattoo on his right shoulder.  Still, why?  Why oh why did he do this?  (I would have preferred a less gloomy scene for Nalby to recreate).

Answer: It was for a good cause—the photos were sold at a charity auction.  Please—I ask all persons tempted to laugh at Nalby—STOP LAUGHING RIGHT NOW (this is a directive mostly aimed at myself.  I’m still in stitches at my desk).

This furthers my case for why Nalby should have guest starred on the show Arrested Development.  His photo recalls the Bluth family’s re-creation of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam (both involve charmingly intricate characters tackling weighty themes).


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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13 Responses to Funnies: Nalbandian as Caravaggio’s Narcissus

  1. WOT??? What the ….. *falls off chair laughing* (sorry, I know it’s Nalby’s birthday today and I shouldn’t be laughing but OMG that pic. No words. LOL)

    • mariposaxprs says:

      LOL, I think if we laugh quietly and he doesn’t hear us, all will be forgiven! That’s how it works, right? *looks around nervously.* He really should make a calendar, featuring some of the photos he’s taken during his career. There are some hilariously funny ones!! I’m laughing again 😀

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  3. queridorafa says:

    Aaaaah…you caught me!! 🙂 I thought it was photoshopped at first…but no, it’s real?!! A-mayzing. You can’t get this in other sports, people. Tennis is special.

    • Arienna Lee says:

      “You can’t get this in other sports, people. Tennis is special.”
      Lol! Poor tennis. We love you in spite of all your “special-ness.”

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Lol! He worked with a photographer to create this portrait! It’s like you say, “You can’t get this in other sports, people. Tennis is special.” It’d be amazing if other tennis players followed suit, right? 😉

  4. Wow, that is an awesome pic. You’re right, it’s similar to Arrested Development’s depiction of The Creation of Adam, minus the cutoff jeans. 😉

    • mariposaxprs says:

      OMG the cutoff jeans!! Excellent point, who could forget the cutoffs? I will have to search for Andre Agassi photos now, to see if he ever did any artistic poses while wearing his trademark jean shorts 🙂 I don’t think Nalby would have gone for the cutoffs, though. He’d probably get impatient and think, no, we’re going for the straight recreation of the original painting! Lolol

  5. Arienna Lee says:

    Oh my goodness, I don’t even know what to say!

    I wonder why they decided to depart from Caravaggio’s art direction and go with a shirtless reflection? Did they think that two poofy-sleeved Nalbys would detract from the sale price? Also, did they explain the ENTIRE STORY of Narcissus to David?

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hahaha I like your theory that a poofy-sleeved Nalby’s reflection would have detracted from the sale price! Maybe it was at Nalby’s insistence? (“Wouldn’t it be cool if my reflection were shirtless?”) It’s such a strange, existential choice to model oneself on Narcissus! What is he trying to say? The mysteries abound…

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