Brisbane, Chennai, Doha & South America

  • Dolgo defeated Igor Andreev, to set up a potentially thrilling QF encounter with Radek Stepanek at the Brisbane Open.  As for Bernard Tomic, his R1 defeat over Benneteau showed some of the great work he put in over the off-season.  Tomic’s point construction was impressive, as were his FHs — Tomic faces Denis Istomin in the QF.
  • Milos Raonic made easy work of his R2 opponent, Victor Hanescu, at the Chennai Open.  Among the post 1989-born players (Raonic, Tomic, Harrison, Young), Milos is probably the most highly-touted prospect.  That said, I am actually starting to root for Tomic.
  • The withdrawal/injury list continues to grow: Pico withdrew from Brisbane, due to a DC-inflicted wrist injury.  Fernando Gonzalez withdrew from Auckland and the Australian Open, with a hip injury.  Tommy Haas, a veteran who has had numerous injuries over the past couple of years, withdrew from Brisbane too.  According to Neil Harman, “Haas said if he was a thoroughbred he’d have been shot by now.”  Haas shared his mounting frustrations via his Twitter account.  It’s clearly no walk in the park for the former world number 2.  Haas’ recent Tweets are a sorrowful read.
  • At the Summer Cup exho in Punta del Este, Gaudio defeated Guga for 3rd place and DelPo defeated Gonzo in the final.  DelPo is now headed to Sydney, where he’ll play his warm-up tourny before the Oz Open.  The South American media is pinning high hopes on DelPo to become a threat to the top ranking this year.  When asked about it at the “trophy ceremony” for the exho, he replied “That’s a lot of pressure you’re putting on me.”  Guga later followed up with a vague prediction, that “DelPo has great chances to become no. 1 this year.”  Is Guga the oracle?  For now, DelPo is #1 in Tandil and #1 in South America.  Watch out Mardy, he’s coming after you to take over the Americas!
  • Nalby spoke to the press about the upcoming DC tie against Germany.  He said Argentina would be stronger with both DelPo & Nalby on the squad.  Nalby has committed to the tie.  The pressure is now on the Tower of Tandil to make his decision.
  • At the Kooyong Classic, Nalby will play against Andy Murray in an exho match.  Their first meeting was at Wimbledon in 2005, when Nalby came back from two sets down to defeat Muzz.  Since then, Muzz has won 4 of his last 6 matches against Nalby.  If Nalby is not going to win a Grand Slam, then I’d like Muzz to eventually win one, if only so Nalby can reclaim the double-edged label of being the Greatest Player Never to Win a Grand Slam.  It’s only right.
  • All the top seeds (except 6th seed Alex Bogomolov Jr., who had to withdraw with an ankle injury) are through to the next round at Doha.  Fun fact: Rafa is a career 58-5 against fellow zurdos (lefties) — now 59-5, following his victory over Denis Gremelmayr.  Fed is a career 83-28 (9-17 to Rafa), while Pete Sampras was 143-27 against zurdos.  Perhaps Pete could counsel Fed on how to play against zurdos?  Really, I just like repeating the word zurdo.

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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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9 Responses to Brisbane, Chennai, Doha & South America

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  2. ariennalee says:

    “The pressure is now on the Tower of Tandil to make his decision.”

    Tricksy, Nalby. Very tricksy.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      The news just came out that DelPo will not be playing the tie against Germany!! From a DC standpoint, this is bad news. Though it’s understandable, given DelPo’s scheduling demands. To put a positive spin on things, this will motivate Nalby all the more to pull off a magical feat in Germany. I *hope hope hope* this is true!

  3. Why Tomic? I remember his match in Wimbledon, and how he gave Nole trouble, which was impressive, especially given Nole’s year.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      It’s strange! I think it’s because in the match that I caught him playing, he showed a lot of improvement from 2011. He played some impressive points and I think he has a certain style. Granted, it’s only one match but I may pay more attention to his results now! From the group of younger players, I’m not too interested in Raonic’s game, solid as it may be. I think Tomic’s game is actually more fun to watch.

  4. queridorafa says:

    Impressive use of zurdo (which I was not previously familiar with myself!)!
    Too bad about Pico. I didn’t realize he had been entered in Brisbane.
    “Watch out Mardy, he’s coming after you to take over the Americas!”–Lol–I think he’s already there. The rankings might not say it yet, but the GS trophy sitting on his shelf and FH sitting on his, um, arm, do.
    Surprised about Muzz’s participation in the exho–I thought his knee/back/leg/hip were possibly injured slightly? I guess we’ll see what is going on. (it just comes out now. I don’t even, like, plan it. It’s kind of disturbing… ;))

    • ariennalee says:

      Poor Pico, I hope it’s nothing more than a wounded wrist. I hate to think of his heart hurting. (I am trying very hard not to use the word “lambchop” an a term of endearment right now. Really hard.)

      I’m also sad for Gonzo and Haas. Those hip “injuries” (aka “complications from serious surgeries”) are probably career ending. I’ll miss the Gonzo FH, but we’ve got DelPo to fill those shoes and then some.

      • mariposaxprs says:

        Lambchop! Awww. Wait, not aww, but more like “ow!” Still, one would surely rather be a lambchop, right? Better than a pork chop, in my opinion 😉

        I’m with you on the sad for Gonzo and Haas. And to think of the number and calibre of players who’ve suffered from hip injuries. At this point, a small victory for them would be to maybe make a mini-comeback like Ferrero did last year, winning a tourny after a hip injury? Like QR said, DelPo and Gonzo both have nicknames that end with “O” — which hopefully means the sight of FHs will continue on the tour! (minus the injuries, of course)

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I love the way it sounds like Zorro 🙂 A zurdo Zorro, no?

      I imagine DelPo steering a ship across the Pacific Ocean to stake his claim as the top player in the Americas. The Americas, as in an entire continent! That is surely impressive.

      I have no idea about the status of Muzz’s injury concerns. A possible knee/back/leg/hip injury? That could make for a deflating match-up then—a slightly injured Muzz versus the perennially injured Nalby. Goodness, 2012 really has begun!

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