Australian Open: DelPo’s into the Quarters!

Del Potro d. Kohlschreiber 6-4 6-2 6-1

Photo: Reuters

He debuts his “hearts-made-of-gigantic-hands” gesture, after crossing himself.  After his 2009 USO victory, this marks DelPo’s first QF appearance at a Slam since the wrist injury that kept him out for most of 2010.  Following Nico Almagro’s defeat to Berdy earlier in the day, DelPo’s R4 win also confirms his return to the top 10 ranking.

Photo: Getty Images

He’s a top 10-ranked quarterfinalist at a Grand Slam.  How amazing is that?  DelPo has played his way into something resembling form, and he should be confident for his QF.

DelPo’s post-match interview:

Q.  How excited are you?  You seem very, as usual, quiet and calm.


Q.  A little bit of excitement perhaps?  Quarterfinals?

JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  Yeah I can say I’m very happy to be in quarters, but this is my personality, and I don’t want to change.  I just do my job as better I can.


Lulz.  DelPo is quiet, calm and cannot be bothered with chipper exuberances.  He gave them hearts with his hands, what more do they expect from him?  Somersaults?

DelPo was asked whether his performance in the Sevilla Davis Cup final gave him belief that he could beat players like Ferru or Rafa in the future.  He replied, “I don’t know if I can beat them in the future or on this tournament or the next one, but if I’m still working on this way, maybe I get it closer soon.”

Again, he sounds a tad defeatist but I think it may just be the commonly used method among tennis players of providing non-answers to a loaded question.


Federer d. Tomic 6-4 6-2 6-2

In the quarterfinal, DelPo will play Federer.  Federer just defeated Bernie Tomic, 6-4 6-2 6-2.  Despite the scoreline, the match felt like it was more closely contested.  Bernie actually gave a very strong performance, although his nerves and loose errors revealed his inexperience at the end.  Fed was too polished a veteran for Bernie’s wrong-footing and slicing tactics.  He won the match in straights and will head to the QF feeling fresh.

Fed also aced his post-match interview with Jim Courier.  He had nice words for both Bernie Tomic and DelPo.  He encouraged the Australian crowd to not place too much pressure on Bernie, evoking his own youthful days, when Fed was touted as the “next best thing” before he had even won a title.

There was no passing of the torch at this year's Oz Open. (Photo: Reuters)

Fed had lovely words for DelPo, his QF opponent.  He said “I missed him in that year he got injured.  I thought he had a chance at world number 1.”

DelPo and Fed will meet again in the QF.  The last time they played the QF at the Oz Open, Fed inflicted a humiliating defeat by the scoreline 6-3 6-0 6-0.  No matter — reaching the QF this year is a solid accomplishment for DelPo and I think he can put up a greater fight this time around.

DelPo will need to overcome his Fedipal complex though (Every player on the ATP has a Fedipal complex.  Some lash out at him.  Others profess their admiration or go one step further, calling him “the greatest of the history.”  Even when Rafa criticizes Fed, he uses words like “rose” and “gentleman.”  Each player has his own take/issues).  During DelPo’s injury layoff, Fed was one of the players who called DelPo a few times and touched base with him over the phone.  At the 2006 Basel Open, Fed decided he liked then 18-year old DelPo and gave him a wildcard to his hometown tournament.

Seriously, they should rename Stockholm Syndrome after Fed.  If DelPo wants to win this QF, he will need to spread his wings and stay self-assured enough to overpower Fed from the baseline, and to keep the first serve % high.


Unless Fed were to grow wings of his own before their QF match…


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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12 Responses to Australian Open: DelPo’s into the Quarters!

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  2. Arienna Lee says:

    Love the Fedipal Complex!
    Might I suggest a system of diagnosis, DSM style? (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Tennistical Disorders)

    Player must exhibit at least 3 of the following symptoms, but not more than 5. If more than 5 symptoms are evidenced simultaneously player must be diagnosed with “Acute Federitis”
    Symptom List:
    (1) Player evidences inordinate amounts of respect and awe for opponent and/or player subtly devalues or degrades opponent
    (2) Player begins to develop a habit of shanking ground strokes when he is feeling slightly “off”
    (3) Altered speech patterns: player makes frequent use of qualifiers, modifiers, and fillers (examples: Look, maybe, you know, I guess, I think, sort of, probably, etc.)
    (4) Increase in passive-aggressive gestures toward others
    (5) Player exhibits increased ability to “raise his level,” this symptom is often experienced as immediately positive by the patient himself, but can have long-term delusional consequences.
    (6) Player begins to adopt sartorial affectations, including the wearing of double-breasted garments or elbow patches
    (7) Player becomes hirsute, though this is not necessarily negative
    (8) Player experiences strange shrinkage of his off-arm

    Okay, that was excessively long– and it actually misinterprets your Fedipal Complex, but it was fun to write. And DelPo was fun to watch! And his presser was fun to read! And Ferru was winning! And apparently I’m in a ! mood this evening!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      So far, most of my favs have pulled through, which is “!!!!”

      I did a quick investigation and DelPo possibly meets 3 of the criteria for Federitis: (2), (3) and definitely (7). But if it’s “not necessarily negative” to be hirsute, could we maybe discount (7) to a half-symptom? That way, DelPo only exhibits 2.5 Federitistical symptoms. Woops, but DelPo’s sneakers have his name on them — does that count as a sartorial affectation (6)? In my view, it’s more like a name tag that kindergarteners have on their shoes for identification purposes. It’s not an affectation, right? Your answer makes all the difference between mild Federitis and borderline acute Federitis here!

      I love this set of criteria for Federitis, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Tennistical Disorders-style! It’s amazing. Come to think of it, Tomic is beginning to exhibit some early symptoms on this list — (1) (2) (3) (5) already, for sure. Tomic has a weird hairstyle—I wonder if Nike can design anything pretentious to accommodate that in the future?

      • Arienna Lee says:

        No, no, sneakers are definitely summer camp, not affectation. There is a diagnosis for “summer camp clothes.” 🙂 It is merely mild Federitis for Delpo… so let’s see how this goes!!

        I’m thinking about publishing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Tennisitical Disorders, for sure. So many disorders, so little time.

        I think Tomic is the Nike, gold-thread-cable-knit sweater type, so I’m sure they can work out some kind of cap to go along, right?

  3. Oh, I posted the second half of my post about my fears about my voice on my blog. It’s happier, so check it out.

    And yes, Querido Rafa, you are a very bad person! 😉

  4. queridorafa says:

    So, DelPo is a Taylor Swift fan, I take it? Who would’ve thought?
    (she’s known for making that heart-hand symbol, in case it’s not obvious (I only know that b/c I saw it on 60 minutes, not b/c I’m a huge fan myself, I swear!…;) )
    I’ll never quite understand these tennis players, wishing/hoping for other players’ success (Roger on DelPo/Rafa on Muzz)…when I was a competitor, I personally wished for my greatest rivals to fail. Apparently, I am a bad person.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Ssuurrrely QR is not a Taylor Swift fan! 🙂 At first I thought you meant Taylor Lautner, so I was thinking, “That could work…” I’m not sure if he’s received the “60-minutes” stamp of approval yet though!

      I don’t really get it either. I understand it’s a way to be polite and pay tribute to their rivals, but it’s not something I fully understand either. I think for Roger and Rafa, they are both two legends of the game anyway. Even if their careers stopped today, they have more than plenty to fall back on. I guess that gives them the assurance to praise younger players or colleagues who haven’t yet had their breakthrough?

      • Arienna Lee says:

        I think that Rafa started it and now everybody has to follow along to keep up with his “niceness.” 🙂 I go back and forth. It’s both a nice gesture, and perhaps an overdone one? When everyone says it–every time– it really doesn’t mean much, does it?

        • mariposaxprs says:

          I agree, I like that the general air of feeling is one of “niceness.” On the other hand, sometimes it’s so repetitive that it rings hollow. Plus, it’s confusing because I’m not sure how they can compete against each other when they’re also praising each other so lavishly sometimes. The strangest part is when someone like Rafa keeps saying it, I don’t perceive it as false at all. It’s a head-scratcher, for sure.

  5. LOL “Fedipal complex.” So true! Vamos Del Po!

    To be honest, I don’t want Fed to win another Grand Slam. It’s nothing personal, but, come on, Fed has 16 Grand Slams! How many does one man need? I’m with you, give Del Po another one! Or Murray, for that matter!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I think it’d be nice if Fed won one more before he retired. Otherwise, I’d like them to be distributed among a select 2-3 players. Hope DelPo can put up a good fight in his QF match with Fed this time around!

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