Davis Cup: Schwalbandian Secure the Tie with a Comeback Dubs Win

Argentina are through to the QFs!

Photo: Paul Zimmer (via http://www.DavisCup.com)

In DelPo’s absence, Edu has taken over as the resident charmer on ARG’s DC team.

I was not able to catch the match, but was keeping up with the scores on my phone.  After Nalby-Schwank went two sets down, I figured they’d lose the match and my mind drifted to trying to calculating the odds of Pico scoring the decisive win over Mayer.

Photo: Getty Images

Tommy Haas and Petzsch took an early 2 sets to love lead in the doubles rubber.  

That’s when I learned an important lesson: Never count out a team with El Rey.  For sure, never fully count on him either when he’s up two sets to love, but never discount the magic Nalby can bring.  Also, Schwank’s doubles game is an under-rated asset in the tennis world.  Nice work from Schwank and Nalby!  I hope to catch a replay of this match, which pitted old-time veterans Nalby and Haas against each other.

Photo: Paul Zimmer (via http://www.DavisCup.com)

I think it’d be amazing if Edu Schwank sat down for a beer with Stanislas Wawrinka.  They could trade stories about their tough experiences playing dubs with imperiously-minded and more accomplished partners (Fed throws metaphorical punches while Nalby is too grounded for figurative speech — when he throws a punch, it’s the real thing;)).

The Stan-Schwank meeting might go like this — Stan: “Roger told the whole world I didn’t play well enough this weekend.”  / Edu Schwank: “El Rey shoves me repeatedly in the chest when we play dubs.  I’m beginning to think he mistakes my silence for approval.”  Edu and Stan — bless both their hearts!

Photo: Paul Zimmer (via http://www.DavisCup.com)

Los Gordos in a victorious moment.  I hope they consider playing doubles together at the Olympics this year.  It would be a long shot, but they stand a chance, as Scwhank has a way of showing up for big-stage doubles events.

Schwank and Chela will play the dead rubbers on Sunday.  Schwank is trying to make his comeback from injury in his singles career, but he is more than happy to contribute his doubles finesse for ARG at Davis Cup.  Nalby was characteristically matter-of-fact about the R1 victory.  Missing man DelPo sent his congratulations to the ARG DC team that made surprisingly clean work (3-0) of Germany this weekend.  DelPo hasn’t been on Twitter too often, ever since he announced he wasn’t playing R1.  He’s been accused by many Argentines of being a traitor and such.  Now that this R1 is won, hopefully there will be easier times ahead for DelPo, who will presumably play the QF tie.


In any case, ARG will face the winner of Croatia in the QF.  Ivo won all 3 of his rubbers and looks in form at the moment.  Croatia will be the tough test for ARG that Germany didn’t provide.  Still, I will not tire of saying or believing, “This year may be the year for Argentina.”

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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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6 Responses to Davis Cup: Schwalbandian Secure the Tie with a Comeback Dubs Win

  1. queridorafa says:

    I’m so glad you have “the punch”! Love the convo b/t Stan and Edu. Croatia’s tricky, but definitely beatable. Hard to know who will even be on that team–Cilic? Ljubicic? Karlovic and Dodig? Plus I guess surface will be a bit of a debate–I’m assuming they’ll go with a hard court? Trying to trip up the big servers on clay, as Switzerland showed, can sometimes backfire!

    • Arienna Lee says:

      Ivan went out to someone I’ve never heard of today & I immediately thought of ARG & DC. Seems I’m aboard the bandwagon 🙂

      • mariposaxprs says:

        Ivan lost to Huta Galung, a Dutch player—according to Twitter, Huta Galung is one of the best-looking players on the tour. He is allegedly Jeremy Chardy-level of attractiveness! I present to you the evidence: http://www.daviscup.com/media/33045/33045.jpg (I know nothing else about him though… :))

        Yes, it’s good for ARG! Although I’m hearing news that Rafa may actually play the DC this year! I have so many jumbled (angry) thoughts about this new development! Gahh >_<

        • Arienna Lee says:

          Well those eyes are a mighty fine blue, but I’m not sure if I’m convinced about the jawline 🙂 Perhaps he’ll start winning more matches and we’ll get a chance to see some more photos… and some of his game!

          Rafa, the DC? Not until after the Olympics, surely.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Croatia will be very, very tricky. Karlovic won all 3 of his DC rubbers over Japan and he was playing like a boss. I’m guessing they’ll have Karlovic & Cilic, if Cilic has recovered from his injury in time. I think ARG will probably choose clay, since that’s where they play best, although the Swiss example may indeed make them think twice before they do that! Now I’m pre-emptively worrying about that!!!

      • Arienna Lee says:

        I wasn’t paying much attention to the Japan/Croatia match… but when last I saw Kei, it seemed like he needs to improve that return of serve. Delpo will have more chances against Karlovic… I don’t know what to think of Cilic at this point. He’s so all over the place. … Less pre-emptive worrying, more non-pistachio ice cream for you!

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