Rotterdam: Stellar Field & Fun Match-ups

The 500-level tournament run by Richard Krajicek, has an excellent line-up.

Watching Rotterdam will be like visiting an old fashioned ice-cream store that carefully stocks an array of high-quality flavors.  Except for Victor Troicki, who is playing Rotterdam (he’s the Pistachio — I don’t like pistachio ice cream).

Photo: Helen Suk

Everyone else in the Rotterdam draw is great — Fed, Berdych, DelPo, Feli, Gasquet, Dolgopolov, Pistachio, and Granollers are the top seeds.  Among the unseeded stand-outs are Dr. Youzhny, Kohli, Petzschner, Llodra, Jarkko, Ljubicic, Baggy and home favorite Robin Haase.  The draw, for those interested.

DelPo Embarks on his HC Season:

DelPo (aka Mint-Chocolate, my favorite) makes a re-appearance.  As the 3rd seed in Rotterdam, he plays Michael Llodra in the 1st round.  He’s never lost to Llodra before — I hope he doesn’t start a new trend in Rotterdam.

If he can get past Llodra, he would likely face Petzscher in R2.  Petzsch just came off a straight-sets loss to Pico — hopefully, DelPo can pull through.  If he can beat Petzsch, he would most likely face either Ljubicic or Troicki.  Given how ARG will play Croatia in the DC QF, it would be vitally important for DelPo to defeat Ljubicic, if it came to that.  I don’t want to contemplate the possibility of DelPo losing to Pistachio.

If — if — if DelPo could reach the SF at Rotterdam, he would face a likely SF with Berdy (aka Rocky Road).  I am curious to see how this potential match would go.  Berdy appears in fine form after his title win in Montpellier — plus, Berdy successfully played his R1 tie for the Czech Republic on indoor HCs this weekend.

Assuming DelPo is in-form, this potential SF would be a great test of how close/far DelPo is from completing his comeback.

Entrance to the Rotterdam tourny

A tournament that features a gigantic DelPo poster at its entrance gets a thumbs-up from me!  If they take down this poster and replace it with Fed’s before the week begins … well then, I don’t want to know about it.

Other Exciting Match-ups:

Fed (aka the nuanced & nutty French Vanilla) flies into Rotterdam after his surprising DC losses to the U.S. over the weekend.  He lost to Isner (who is almost worse than Pistachio — he’s the Pralines & Cream of tennis players) at home on clay.  After losing to Isner, Fed will face Mahut in R1 at Rotterdam — the tennis gods have a sense of humor, alright.

If he pulled through that match, Fed faces a likely R2 match against Dr. Youzhny.  Fans of the 1HBH, rejoice yet again!  Dolgo is also in Fed’s section of the draw, which means a Dolgo-Fed QF could be brewing.  I hope it works out that way.

Also! DelPo will play doubles with Petzschner.  Apparently, they talked about this at AO.  Petzsch told Argy press that he would call DelPo after his own match against Pico on Friday.  Petzsch then joked that if he beat Pico, DelPo would not want to play doubles with him.  Since Petzsch lost, I guess DelPo gave the go-ahead.  It’s kind of awkward, but still, Petzsch is a nifty doubles player and DelPo made a great choice! Auf gehts, DelPetzsch!


To continue the tennis-players-as-ice-cream flavors conversation for the players at Rotterdam—

  • Gasquet would be Neapolitan (another one of my favorites).
  • Baskin’ Robbins once had the Rock ‘n Pop Swirl Sherbet that was loaded with popping candy.  That’s Dr. Youzhny. 
  • Dolgo would be Rum Raisin.  Unless that’s too conservative of a choice?  Add a splash of real rum to the scoop of Rum Raisin and you have Dolgopolov.
  • Feli would be Butter Pecan, a little bit indulgent but a good choice.
  • Paul-Henri Mathieu is Peanut Butter Cup.  A rare treat!
  • **Nalby is not playing Rotterdam, but I made an exception, as I’ve just found the perfect ice-cream flavor for El Rey:


From the "Fake Ice Cream Flavors We Wish Were Real" site...


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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6 Responses to Rotterdam: Stellar Field & Fun Match-ups

  1. Helen says:

    Thank you for posting the credit of my photo 🙂

  2. Arienna Lee says:

    Lol: Berdy as rocky road! This post gave me a wee bit of draw jealousy, I must admit. The SAP (*my* tournament, of course) boasts an injured Gael, injured Andy & injured Milos. I’m just going to go ahead and root for Ryan Harrison to win his maiden title.

    However… I’ll keeping an eye on Delpo too. I trust you will keep up updated & all our lofty ambitions in check 🙂

    BTW: any opinions on Petzch as a “person.” All that fuss about the ball hitting his body last year in a dubs final (can’t remember which one), but he has such fun hair. People with hair like that can’t be all bad, right? Or doesn’t it actually work that way?

    Anyway, I like his “arrangement” with DelPo. He should offer to play doubles with anyone else who loses to Pico too.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Lolol, take heart b/c the Rotterdam draw is quickly getting watered down. Already, Feli, Dolgpolov, and Ljubicic have lost! I’m hoping it’s not going to be a re-play of the Montreal tourny last yr, when everyone interesting suffered a bafflingly early loss!

      San Jose has its attractions! I caught a bit of the Dimitrov-Anderson match on stream (still can’t believe Dimitrov lost that one :(). And besides, Gael seems like he’d be fascinating to watch live. Do you have time to tour the grounds to watch practice sessions and such? I think that’d be fun. Who knows, maybe Harrison could win this tourny and give the U.S. another thing to be happy about, after their DC win?

      Petzsch does have nice hair! I don’t know much about him, aside from the iffy doubles incident at the USO final & the fact that he once infuriated the German media, when he refused their questions (I think he resorted to pretending he was actually the manager of a local German soccer team—so journos would ask about his serve, and he would instead talk about the soccer team’s latest victory…) The one thing I’m worried about is Petzsch is on DelPo’s side of the singles draw—I hope this dubs thing doesn’t make DelPo soft in the head if he faces Petzsch later on in singles!!

      • Arienna Lee says:

        Yeah, I was rooting for Dimitrov… how many big servers can one little tournament tolerate? I don’t know how much time I’ll get there, really. I have tix for the night quarters, but whether or not I take Friday off and head down for the day matches (and potentially go back on Saturday) really depends on who’s playing. Unfortunately, I can’t take time early in the week to go down while everyone will be out and about on the practice courts… I’ll have to save all that for Indian Wells 🙂

        Don’t worry about DelPo, I know his competitive spirit is sometimes criticized, but I don’t think an outing with Petzch will make him vulnerable to Phillip’s need for victories… no matter how good the hair!

  3. queridorafa says:

    Love this “sweet” take on Rotterdam! I also enjoy the Neopolitan! (the ice-cream, that is; not that I don’t “enjoy” Ree-shard, but I’m focused on the ice-cream, at the moment ;)). It’s a very underrated flavor, imo! And, I also am not a fan of Pistachio–either one, as it were! Berdy is SO rocky road.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Yay, the Neapolitan *is* a very under-rated flavor!! It’s a bit similar to Reeshard, in the sense that I like it very much, but I often end up getting distracted from it by the other ice-cream flavors … or tennis players 🙂 Sorry Reeshard! I will have to watch more of his matches to make up for it! Rafa would of course, be Nutella Gelato, which is a simply awesome flavor and can be enjoyed alongside the Quelys. I’m seriously puzzled as to which flavor Muzz would be…nothing comes to mind at all!!

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