Rotterdam: DelPo Overcomes Berdy

DelPo d. Berdych, 6-3 6-1

Great result for DelPo!  This is his first win over a top 1o player since he defeated Djokovic last year at the Davis Cup SF in September.  After losing to Tsonga at the Vienna Open final, DelPo’s defeat over Berdy is a nice way to cement his progress on indoor HCs.  This should give him that great boost of confidence he needs.

It was a great match to watch with heavy-hitting from both players.  Berdy showed off his BHDTLs, which exposed DelPo’s movement.  Meanwhile, DelPo’s own cross-court BHs were on-song and his FHs created unreturnable shots.  The heavy thuds off each player’s racquets added to the tension, with each player making occasional trips to the net.

Photo: Reuters

Moving on to the DRAMA: After DelPo took the 1st set, he challenged a call early in the 2nd set on Berdy’s serve.  He took his usual long time to challenge.  It turned out Berdy’s ball was indeed out, which gave DelPo BP.  DelPo took the BP and went up a break.  Berdy was somewhat understandably displeased.  During the changeover, he argued with the umpire, saying “How long does this guy need to take between 1st and 2nd serve?  An hour?”

(Sometimes, it’s a bit nerve-wracking to see how long DelPo takes to challenge: he ambles up the court to inspect the mark, pulls the invisible glasses from his pocket, mulls the algorithm that determines whether or not he will challenge, before making a decision.  It’s a bit worrying because one day, I think he’s going to be burned by a late challenge).

Photo: Getty Images

Coincidentally, Berdy’s game started to fall apart after he voiced his anger at the umpire.  DelPo had a sloppy service game in the 2nd set where he sprayed his FHs everywhere.  The commentator openly wondered whether DelPo felt guilty for taking so long to challenge, and was thus consciously gifting away his own service game.  That would have been crazy.

Photo: Reuters

Luckily, DelPo saved those BPs though and went on to hold.  He broke again and then smoothly served out the match.  It was a very clean win, his second in a row.  He faces the winner of Fed vs Davydenko, as Davy pulled a surprise QF upset over Gasquet in straight sets.  His upcoming SF against Fed could be a closely fought match.

Comments from DelPo’s presser:

Journos at the presser apparently made DelPo-Safin comparisons.  DelPo’s response:


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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10 Responses to Rotterdam: DelPo Overcomes Berdy

  1. queridorafa says:

    Lol-“an hour?” Yeah, I can’t help it, I like Berd-man and his tantrums. They’re just funny. Rafa takes a similarly long time to challenge, and it makes me similarly nervous! Both for the opponent/crowd-irritation factor, and the potential for him to lose his chance b/c of it. And that’s right–he did get burned by it (lol–against Berdy) at the AO this past year, didn’t he? Lost the 1st set TB in part b/c of it.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Haha, I was thinking “Oh please, Tomash. It was ONE MINUTE at most!” Not even a minute, even 😉 That’s right, I remember that match w/Rafa-Berdy—sigh, I wish both Rafa & DelPo would hurry up with their challenges. It makes their matches all the more nerve-wracking to watch, b/c of the time they take!

      Over the years, I think I’ve gotten more used to Berdy’s tantrums. He does have an unusually whiny voice, but it sort of adds to the entertainment of watching him. It’s definitely strange, haha.

  2. Arienna Lee says:

    Awww, it’s a little bittersweet to read this post after today’s final. I didn’t get to see it, so I’m looking forward to hearing your take. What happened? Too much Rog indoors? Or a nervous DelPo?

    But still, the victory over Berdy was quite comprehensive & the hair is still looking good. He’s moving ever closer to the tip top.

    I too wish he would challenge faster. I don’t like it when my favs five the opposition just reasons for complaint. 😉

    • mariposaxprs says:

      It was a bit of both, Roger was playing well, but DelPo also didn’t capitalize on his chances. He had his fair share of chances too, but I think he got nervous and couldn’t take them 😦

      But you’re right!! The victory over Berdy is quite a big step. I think if he can score more wins over the bottom half of the top 10, his game and mind might feel at ease when he’s playing against the top 5.

      Hahaha, indeed! I think that’s the biggest criticism of DelPo I’ve heard so far…that he’s a “slug.” Such painful words 😉

  3. Iram says:

    omg talk about a destruction. I am so excited abt fed vs delpo. I think delpo has a good chance for this title! BTW, will this be a pure gain of 500 atp points for juan?

    I’m looking forward to the buenos aires tournament coming up. 🙂

    have a good weekend.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      It was an unexpectedly clean win for DelPo over Berdy! I hope he puts up more of a fight against Fed than he did at the Australian Open—this is their 2nd meeting this yr.

      DelPo played Memphis (500-level tourny) last yr, where he reached the SF (180 pts). Since he reaches the Rotterdam F this yr, he earns 300 pts, for a net 120 points–so far, he has a pure gain of 120 ATP points. *If* he won the title, then he would have a net gain of 320 points. It would be pretty awesome if if worked out that way, but he’d still walk away with a gain either way, which is always nice!

      I’m looking forward to the Buenos Aires tourny too—they have a pretty awesome line-up, with Ferrero, Nalby, Pico, Ferru, and more! Will be a fun one 🙂

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