Marseilles: Davy Retires with Injury, DelPo Through to QFs

Del Potro d. Davydenko 6-7 6-4 ret.

Photo: Yohan Brandt, Open 13

DelPo wore a black ribbon on his shirt, in honor of the victims of the recent train crash in Buenos Aires.

As expected, the DelPo-Davy match was very closely fought.  DelPo was serving very well, and he walked away with 16 aces in 2sets.  DelPo has been focused on perfecting his serve after the AO.  However, his groundstrokes were off and he netted many BHs and FHs on the run.  Davy was showing the splendid form that had awed fans who remembered his intimidating run in 2009.  He was taking the ball on the rise and wrong-footing DelPo, especially with the DTL shots.  I hope DelPo works more on his DTL shots this year, as he tends to hit more cross-court — when his groundstrokes are off, as they were yesterday, he tends to hit straight back to his opponent at the center of the court.

Aside from his serve, DelPo’s stats for this match are not too impressive.  The one that stands out most is his 1 out of 9 BPs won.  While credit goes to Davy for stepping up his play when facing BPs, DelPo fluffed his fair share of chances too.  He went up a mini-break in the 1st set TB, only to lose the TB.  Same story from last week.

In the 2nd set, DelPo stepped up his serve and hit more aces.  This is impressive, especially against a superb returner like Davy.  Also, DelPo was hitting deep to the baseline more often, which pressured Davy (Davy only had 2 BPs on DelPo’s serve).  DelPo finally got the break in the 2nd set when Davy double-faulted.

After DelPo smoothly closed out the 2nd set, Davy called for the trainer.  Within ten seconds, he announced he was retiring from the match due to injury.  I think it was an issue with his ankle, although Davy had also been having problems with his knee/quads in Rotterdam last week.  Hopefully, he’ll be able to return to the form he showed last week.

In any case, DelPo is through to the QFs, where he faces Reeshard Gasquet.  This should be another tough match, given Reeshard’s form.  It has to be said that neither DelPo nor Gasquet are 100% with their footwork.  However, DelPo’s improved greatly on this front, so hopefully he’ll be exposing more of Reeshard’s footwork on the court in his next match.

Here is a CNN Open Court segment with Davydenko from 2010.  It’s pretty entertaining, as he introduces his wife and parents (I had a giggle fit when Davy introduces his father, who looks exactly like him), and he is very charming with his wife, Irina (who is apparently pregnant now)!


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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6 Responses to Marseilles: Davy Retires with Injury, DelPo Through to QFs

  1. princycre says:

    Ну хорошо, а это кто-то проверял.

  2. Arienna Lee says:

    Irina is pregnant?! Whoa boy, that should be an adventure. I miss the days of Davy pressers.

    I keep expecting to come here and find posts full of praise for Delpo or his opponent and I keep getting surprised. Surprised that Fed didn’t play so well in the Rotterdam final, and now surprised to hear that Delp didn’t play so well in this match. I know the score was tight in the first, but I thought that could be because they were both playing at such a high level… I hope Delpo is ready to defend those semifinal points in IW (unless, of course, they come at the expense of you-know-who and DEFINITELY if they come at the expense of you-know-who-else!)… thanks, as always, for the informative recap.

    This next match *should* be a pretty one!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      There’s no official word yet, but from the video captures of Irina at Rotterdam, it def looked like she was pregnant (not in a “she may have just gained 10 pounds” way, she was def *showing*)!

      To be honest, DelPo didn’t play badly, but his groundstrokes weren’t near his best. Also, Davy is one of the toughest match-ups for DelPo on indoor HCs, esp given how well Davy was striking the ball this past week. While the upcoming match against Gasquet is equally difficult, I actually think it’s more challenging for DelPo to defeat Davy than it is for DelPo to defeat Gasquet (on account of match-up issues). When DelPo’s playing above 90%, he has good chances to beat Gasquet, while a DelPo at 90+% is a more uncertain proposition against an in-form Davy. DelPo’s performance wasn’t bad, maybe a solid B, I think? If he could just convert on those BPs now!!

      I’m worried too about him having to defend SF points at IW. Part of the reason why I think he’s scheduled so many tournys early on this season is to cover for any losses he may reap at IW, but if he continues his progress in these past couple of weeks, I think it looks more likely that he can defend those points.

  3. Iram says:

    can u post this in ur tumblr? i thought u might like it! (u dont have to at all…it just was such a nice pic of these guys!)

    I have a good feeling for Delpo even though he’s playing a Frenchman in his own home crowd.

    Have a good weekend. 🙂

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