Marseilles: JMDP Wins 10th Title, 1st on Indoor HCs

Del Potro d. Llodra, 6-4 6-4

He followed up his hard-fought victory over Tsonga, and Gasquet earlier, by defeating his third French player at Marseilles.  But the commentators did remark that the soccer rivalry between Paris and Marseilles meant Llodra was not necessarily a popular option with the crowd.  Whatever the case, the crowd was very respectful during the match.

Photo: Getty

Llodra is so entertaining to watch indoors.  Though he lost in the final to DelPo, he had an impressive run this week, defeating Dolgopolov, Albano Olivetti (hard-serving, 1HBH-ed conqueror of Fish) and Tipsy en route to the final.


Brief summary of the match:

DelPo’s first serve was much better in the final, and he served at 88% in the first set, winning over 90% of the points off his first serve.  Llodra matched DelPo in the aces, but also suffered a few loose service games, which gave DelPo the break and advantage.  DelPo did not face any BPs this match.

DelPo hit almost half of his shots inside the baseline.  I love this stat!!  See what happens when he takes the ball early and serves well?  I like indoor HCs more and more.  Marseilles was apparently a quicker surface than Rotterdam.

DelPo’s presser quotes:

“Llodra … he hits drop shots, he slices, so it’s not easy to play against him. All finals are special.  Many things come to your mind… I was 0/30 down in the last game.  I was really nervous.  I didn’t make a double fault since the Davydenko match and I had one at 5-4, serving for the match, so you could see how nervous I was.  I’m really glad I won another tournament here in France, so it’s amazing for me.

“When you win a title, it’s special. You really have to celebrate it.  I think I am getting closer to the best players in the world. I’m in the Top 10 now. I beat Berdych last week and Tsonga this week. If I keep working, staying at this level, step by step, I’ll get closer to the top players.”

Llodra’s presser quotes:

“I was a bit less strong with the most important parts of my game like my serve and my volley.  [Juan Martin] served well and we know the quality of his ground strokes so there wasn’t much I could do.  Therefore, I don’t have any regrets. He was just better than me even though I kept fighting until the end.”


Photos from Awards Ceremony:

Photo: Reuters

Checking the trophy to make sure they spelled his name right.

He has a long name.  It takes awhile to spell check…

He’s pretty sure they got it right.  Hey, it’s difficult to process everything when there is flash photography all around!

 I just like this photo.

(Images from Getty)

 A happy team (plus DelPo): With trainer Martiniano Orazi and coach, Franco Davin.


I hope DelPo withdraws from the Dubai tournament this week.  Both Llodra and DelPo are in the Dubai draw, despite having played Rotterdam and Marseilles consecutively.  Since Indian Wells and Miami start pretty soon after Dubai, this poses a scheduling quandary for both players’ teams.  Their decisions will be made/not made soon.


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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10 Responses to Marseilles: JMDP Wins 10th Title, 1st on Indoor HCs

  1. queridorafa says:

    Llodra’s got Roger in the 1R, to boot! I don’t know if that makes him more or less likely to withdraw (so weird they only just played for the first time ever last year!)
    Lol–DelPo + happy team. I’m sure he’s on fire…on the inside! 😉

    • mariposaxprs says:

      That’s crazy, that Fed and Mika have only played once in their careers! Given the length of both players’ careers, that’s a truly surprising stat. Maybe Mika is a scheduling master, talented at avoiding Fed’s tournys? Or the other way around?

      I would love to see a transcript of DelPo’s inner “en fuego” thoughts during a match. Does he think things to himself like, “Stay concentrated!” and “Be confidence with running FHs, you ^$@!@#!!” I almost hope he does!!

      • queridorafa says:

        Lol, now I just keep imagining him imagining a can of that frozen orange juice “from concentrate”–stay concentrated! Also, the self-cursing, too funny…something is going on under that cool veneer!

  2. Vamos Del Po! I assume he picks up some points for this?

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I think DelPo’s total points stay the same for the ranking.

      Last year, he won the 250-level tourny at Del Ray and those points come off this week. I may be wrong, but I’m fairly certain that his total points don’t change as a result, since he defended those 250 points (for a net change of zero). Tipsy loses points for losing in the SF this week, so by my rough calculations, he’ll only be ahead of DelPo in the ranking by 5 points (!!!!!) If DelPo stays healthy, he could be moving slightly up the ranking soon!

      • Arienna Lee says:

        5 points! How did Delpo do in Miami last year, for some reason I can’t remember his performance there at all?? Looking forward to your write-up, this seems like one of those tourneys where the SF was really the final.

        • mariposaxprs says:

          DelPo reached the 4th round in Miami (lost to Fish :(). Overall, he has big big points to defend now, with IW and Miami coming up.

          Just posted the update! The SF really was a high level worthy of a final. DelPo mentioned the same thing in his presser, I think he said that the SF in Marseilles would be a SF at a Masters too (which I’m not entirely sure about—maybe a QF, but not a SF ;)). Either way, he is a WINNAR!

          • Arienna Lee says:

            ha! Did I do what I think I did and comment that I was looking forward to your Delpo-Llodra writeup ON your delpo-llodra post? Oy vey, it was a long weekend. Somehow I completely missed the actual post and, maybe, thought I was commenting on the delpo/tsonga post?? Who knows. Anyway, I’ve now read it! He sounds super confident and I like your stat reporting 🙂

            I’m trying not to worry about Rafa as Delpo continues his upward progress–because I really like JMDP of his own right–but I have to admit, I’m starting to worry a little bit about Rafa. Erk.

            • mariposaxprs says:

              Mystery solved: I posted a short entry, right after DelPo beat Llodra, and I said I would update later with a short match summary. That’s when you left the comment that you looked forward to the DelPo-Llodra update! It all makes sense 🙂

              Ah, DelPo’s still off from his best. What I like about this past week was that he showed that he was capable of beating the “following group” of Berdych and Tsonga. I think Ferru would be the next “big test” for him, esp b/c Ferru’s good at defending, which tends to give DelPo the fits. I’m still mentally scarred from the DelPo-Gilles USO from last yr, when Gilles kept returning *every single ball.* Plus, there’s the fact that DelPo started last yr looking like he belonged in the top 5, only to suffer a drop of form after July. I’m hoping he can stay healthy and continue this run of form, also improve on it ’til the end of the year!

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