Dubai Quarterfinalists & a Fabio Fognini Interview

Yer Rotterdam Quarter-finalists:
  • DelPo will play Tsonga for the 2nd time in as many weeks: When asked why DelPo is a tough match-up for him, Tsonga said “He’s huge! With his two meters, you know, he can push his arm really far.”  Although a second win over Tsonga would certainly be a splendid sign of DelPo’s progress, I think it would benefit DelPo in the long run if he lost against Tsonga.  Simply because Indian Wells starts less than a week from now, and he’s already carrying nearly 3 weeks of tournaments in his legs.
  • Murray issues fighting words for his QF against Berdych: Murray was quoted as saying, “I’ve always enjoyed playing guys that are big-hitters.”  That’s funny, because his H2H against Berdych and Soderling would indicate Muzz actually has quite a tough time playing big hitters.  Meanwhile, DelPo has a pretty poor H2H against Murray, which is strange because I’d argue that DelPo is plainly superior to Soderling in terms of power and variety, while he’s neck-to-neck with Berdych, who has more variety and ability to generate pace, although he’s not the mentally strongest of the pack.  It’s another match-up conundrum.  Either way, I hope Muzz-Berdy turns out to be fun! (Pojd, Berdy!).
  • Djokovic vs Tipsarevic: Tipsy defeated Djoko in their last meeting at the London WTF.  This may be a close match, but Djoko looks to take the win here.
  • Fed plays Dr. Youzhny, in his 3rd straight match against a 1HBH-er: This one will be probably be a heavy crowd favorite, and it’s easy to see why.  Youzhny’s crafty game, and the beautiful BH he uses to great effect, complements Fed’s own craftiness and all-court game.  The odds are against Youzhy, given his 0-11 H2H against Fed, but I’ll keep my hopes up that the (hopefully resurgent) Russian puts up a fight.  Fed defeated Feli to reach the QF, which puts his H2H against Feli at 10-0.  It’s to be expected, but Fed’s overall H2Hs are impressive to see time and time again.
  • Fabio Fognini talks trash reviews other tennis players (their faces, personalities, and fashion sense) via @enricomariarivaIn a short interview, Fognini talks about players on tour.  I think you have to take firm note that Fognini is a cunning character who provides horror and charm at the same time.  Once you accept that, what he says can be seen in an amusing light.  Some highlights: He says he would not want to spend a vacation with Florian Mayer (what did Flo ever do to you, Fog?) and he says while Dolgo’s game is good, Dolgo’s face will not win him any beauty pageants.  Meow!  Fog did tweet his congrats to former dubs partner DelPo after Marseilles.  Then again, Fog also randomly tweets Isner and Mardy Fish, so I’m starting to think he doesn’t really have any standards.



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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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4 Responses to Dubai Quarterfinalists & a Fabio Fognini Interview

  1. Arienna Lee says:

    Aw, you didn’t get your long-run wish…. or should I celebrate the win with you? 😉 It’s hard to know without knowing the future. I got to see a little bit of this match and he’s playing well indeed, but what’s the tape on the arm?

    Thanks for posting that Fabio interview, it was hard to make sense of the mangle (gotta love the mangle) but it seems like he’s not one to mince words–and what I did manage to understand made me laugh. Did I read correctly… did he say that Tommy Robredo is a not-nice person?

    • mariposaxprs says:

      The shoulder-taping is definitely concerning! I wasn’t able to watch the match, but from what I’ve read, it seems DelPo looked quite exhausted. How he intends to defend those Masters points is an ever-concerning question…

      I had trouble interpreting the mangle as well! Esp because it was a Fognini interview. I kept asking myself, “Am I over-playing Fognini’s outrageousness in my head by interpreting the mangle in the worst way possible?” Last yr, T-Rob defeated Fognini and then refused to shake Fognini’s hand (much like Tomas Berdych). Then Fognini called T-Rob a nasty word—they clearly aren’t the best of friends!

      • Arienna Lee says:

        Fognini is a real pot-stirrer, isn’t he? (Notice how I’m choosing to believe in Tommy’s complete innocence.)

        I’m going to catch up on all your posts now to see if you’ve heard anything more about the shoulder. You’ve been busy!

        • mariposaxprs says:

          Haha, I have no idea what exactly happened during the Fognini-Robredo match. Apparently, tensions ran high though. Fognini is a real tempest in a teapot!

          I’ve mostly been updating DelPo’s matches, and he’s been playing every tournament under the sun since February! He really needs to be a smarter scheduler — for my sake, mostly 😉 Also, for his shoulder’s sake as well!

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