Indian Wells: Wrap-Up & Overview

Federer d. Isner, 7-6 6-3

Photo: Reuters

A Feddy-spaghetti moment after he defeats Isner.  When the confetti was thrown over the court, Fed reacted by saying “I’m trying to get out of the spaghetti here.”  

Fed won his 4th Indian Wells title, his first IW title since 2006.  Unlike last year, he’s started the year very strongly with 3 titles and he’s currently leading the YTD rankings.  Fed came into the tourny with a virus, yet he scraped his way past Raonic, then steam-rolled DelPo (*still sobbing*), before pulling an upset over Rafa and then lastly, defeating the player who had defeated no. 1, Djokovic.

One of Fed’s twin daughters was with Mirka, clapping for Fed at the end.  In the video clip, Fed’s daughter does not seem too impressed, but she also looks like she have been cold in the rainy conditions 😦  Still, she raised her baby hands to applaud for her papa.

In his presser, Fed had a smart reply to those predicting GS glory for him this year.  He tempered down those expectations and said his biggest goal for the year was to win an Olympic Gold Medal in the singles competition.  He said he would choose that over a Slam.

He also cautioned journos against short-termism and recency biases.  I love when players dish out the criticisms of the journos who too often engage in flavor-of-the-month carnivals.


In the doubles final,

Nadal/Lopez d. Isner/Querrey — Team Cute Wins!!

Photo: Getty

I haven’t yet found the ceremony clips from this match, but apparently there was one instance where Rafa tried, as he did before, to have Marc give an English speech.  This year, Marc avoided Rafa’s “advice” and spoke in Spanish instead.   Here is the clip of that:

This is Marc-Rafa’s 2nd Masters doubles title at Indian Wells.  Rafa’s a very accomplished doubles player (when he’s not being a top singles player, not playing near-pro level golf, not owning his friends at Playstation soccer, and not-etc.)  I’m sure the tourny-owner Larry Ellison was pleased to have Rafa & Marc take the trophy this year.

Mr. Ellison’s younger female friend was wearing a Rafa jacket with a Roger Federer hat.  There were alleged reports that the female friend started to admire her jacquet as Rafa made his winner’s speech.  That seems a little weird.  Still, she’s a more determined Rafa fan than tothers, who weakly crossed over to the other side during the match.

Photo: Getty

In any case, it was a success for Fed in singles and for Rafa in doubles!  The great majority or players more or less played to their rankings, until they bowed out at the last hurdle or kept charging ahead, as Isner did when he beat Djokovic.


Meanwhile, DelPo’s been working on his bicycle kick in the grass.  Maybe he plans to take Miami up by storm this year and he’s getting down on the grass in order to train.  Here is the bicycle kick that will hopefully start revolutions.

Photo: @Jusbjen

Beware! Beware of fallen timber that is just bending itself before bouncing straight up!


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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7 Responses to Indian Wells: Wrap-Up & Overview

  1. hotel oradea says:

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  2. Iram says:

    wasn’t that Larry’s daughter sitting next to him the whole week? Congrats to the King…played well and honestly has played amazingly this whole year.
    at least rafa didn’t go out empty handed.
    🙂 have a good week.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I’m not sure if it was Larry’s daughter or someone else! No one else seems to know either. So far, it’s a mystery o_0 Indeed, it was a great win for Roger! It will be interesting to see how the top 4 players do on clay this year, what with Rafa as the king of clay, Novak trying to win RG, Fed trying to make his move at the top, Muzz trying to keep up, etc.!

      • I heard (also through the grapevine) that it was Larry’s daughter. Whew. She looks like the same girl who was there last year in the FBI hat. But a Rafa jacket & a RF hat? Hmmmm….

        Love that photo of Delpo. What must it be like to have all that leg??

        • mariposaxprs says:

          Oh wow, so she is his daughter! That’s a relief. Whew, indeed!! She was the same girl who was there last year in the FBI hat! Except this year, it’s the RF hat! Are these secret encoded messages she’s telling the world? 🙂

          DelPo’s legs alone are probably taller than an average pine tree. Yet as gangly as he looks, it’s still almost gazelle-like, no? Am I starting to sound too much like a narrator for Discovery Channel? I shall stop immediately 😉

  3. queridorafa says:

    Lol on that DelPo pick–who knew he was so flexible/agile! He’s like a yoga instructor practically! 😉
    Rafa did indeed tease Marc a little and Marc just brushed it off. Rafa was so goofy–like, he couldn’t even get the words out b/c he was already laughing at his own joke, which he clearly found hilarious, and Marc was just like, uh, whatever, Rafa. So funny, their dynamic–you would think Marc would be deferential or something, but he’s actually older and seems to have no problem rolling his eyes at him when need be.
    Roger’s comments are ironic, considering the “short-term” adulation he currently is experiencing! But I guess he considers that part of the “long-term”? Kind of confusing!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I daresay DelPo almost looks elegant there!! He could open up a Tandil yoga shop 🙂

      I hope to catch a replay of that dubs final! Marc and Rafa really are so cute with each other, although I’ve wondered the same about their dynamic as well. Marc is older than Rafa, he seems a happy-go-lucky type of person, yet he seems to have a snarky sense of humor about him too. I’d love for them to do a lengthy interview together!

      Yea, I hope they release Roger’s transcript—since he gets talkative in interviews, it’s hard to tell sometimes whether he’s referring to the short-term, long-term, or something else altogether. It really is like reading a script sometimes!!

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