DelPo & Children, An Interview Where He Mentions Bruce Springsteen

Nalby is also out of Miami, after losing his R2 to Tipsy.  It was disappointing, given Nalby’s superb form earlier last week, but this early exit now gives him time to prepare for the Davis Cup QF on clay in early April.

Meanwhile, DelPo has been keeping busy with an autograph session at Miami.  He was photographed by the folks at Onthegotennis.

There were some hilarious photos taken of DelPo with children.  I don’t know why, but the children did not seem too enthused about taking their photo with DelPo.  Was it late at night, or something?

Observe the confusing procession of photos (all taken from the Onthegotennis site) …

The forced smile on the kidlet’s face is killing me.  What did DelPo ever do to deserve this?  He’s just being a trooper, signing autographs for his fans…

Then again, his hands are frighteningly big.  They’re larger than the children’s torsos.  Plus, he’s dressed in green.  Maybe that reminds them of Jack and Bean Stalk?  Hmm…

Here’s DelPo’s Facebook profile photo:

This is a serious “meta” moment.  DelPo’s holding up a photo of himself as a child.  The bowl haircut and the grinning face are amazing.  The grim expression on adult-DelPo’s face is pure LOL.  OK, maybe he’s not overly fond of children after all…


From Clarin, here is another short interview with DelPo that was released in Miami, where he talks about his hometown, washing the dishes with friends, and his current musical preferences.

Del Potro talks about his love for his hometown, Tandil, and the plans he has for his future there.  He mentions that after a couple of years or so, he would like to settle down in Tandil and raise a family there, having children and meeting with his old friends.

He mentions the fact that his nickname “DelPo” was not a new nickname — his childhood friends have been calling him that since they were 7 years old.  To them, he is still the same person and he values their friendship very highly.  He says when they get together for a dinner, he has no problem washing the dishes after the meal.  He says his friends don’t focus too much on the fact that he’s a successful tennis player.

DelPo talks about his musical preferences: Currently, he likes listening to Bruce Springsteen (not bad!) and Coldplay (…hmm)  Coldplay and Springsteen are a funny combination — someone needs to hijack his iPod and give him happier music!  He says if he weren’t a tennis player, he would have loved to be an architect or designer.

Overall, a nice interview!  It’s slightly confusing that he talks about settling down in Tandil in a couple of years, since he’s still 23 y.o. and he’ll still presumably be at his peak at 25-26 y.o.  But I think he was probably talking more about his long-term plans down the road — it looks like Tandil is where he will be.


In other Miami happenings, Fer went paddle-boarding.  As usual, he looked deathly serious as he embarked on this fun-filled adventure 🙂


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2 Responses to DelPo & Children, An Interview Where He Mentions Bruce Springsteen

  1. Candy says:

    haha, poor delpo or poor kid and poor baby? he’s too big, too scary. 😛
    I always wonder if Rolex will have a word with Delpo about his colourful girly bracelet next to the elegant masculine Rolex watch. In this occasion, with cute baby, green shirt, purple background, it might look ok?! But in most of the other occasions, they just dont match.
    ok, i admit I personally have no problem with it. i think it’s cute. =P (but just rolex may not like it)

    And thanks for the translated version of another interview here. 🙂

    • mariposaxprs says:

      That’s a very good point about the “friendship bracelets” that he wears. I’ve always wondered what they are too. He usually wears 2-3 of them at the same time! Maybe they really are friendship bracelets, maybe he wears them each time he has a new doubles partner, or something like that? Hah, I like them too, but I can totally see why Rolex might want to have a word with him about it. Interesting…maybe Ugo will talk to him this week about it?

      Maybe the children don’t like the bracelets either, since they appear to make him look scarier??? 😉

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