DelPo Talks to Clarin About His Progress, Davis Cup

There was a recent interview with DelPo, where he talks to Argentine publication Clarin.  I’ve translated the article to the best of my ability.  The original article is linked above:

When asked about the uproar in Argentina, following his decision not to play the R1 Davis Cup tie against Germany, DelPo responded:

Yes, that bothers me.  I am an Argentine playing on the tour, whether at the Davis Cup or at a Futures event in Japan.  And I’m also an Argentine off the court.  I love when they say my name over the PA before matches, followed by the name of my country … You have to see what I left out there on the court [for Argentina].  In Spain, I spent 10 hours playing against the best ever clay-courter and the second-best player on clay courts.  I left my soul out there and, well, I could not win.  It doesn’t make me happy to have to explain how I feel about the (Argentine) shirt.  I know how I feel.

Another question about Davis Cup: Is the Davis Cup an obsession, a goal, or a dream?

I approach it the same way I do other tournaments — I play to win them.  When I feel confident and my mental state is strong, I try to prepare the best way possible.  That’s why I withdrew from Paris in ’11, in order to prepare for the DC final.

DelPo was asked about his relationship with Nalbandian:

We have a relationship as colleagues and as team-mates of Davis Cup.  Clearly, my lifelong friends are from Tandil.  I may have closer friendships with other players on the tour, but I do not have any problems with anyone on the tour either.

When asked about his 4th loss to Federer this year, and whether he can regain the form that saw him beating Nadal and Federer in 2009, DelPo answered:

… It’s a process.  In 2008 and parts of 2009, I played many matches against Fed/Rafa/Novak and I lost.  Yet each time, I felt better and I learned how to play against them.  Then I defeated Nadal and Federer, before the US Open, and after too.  That’s what I want now: to feel the way I did back then, to change the situation, being equal, face-to-face.

Lastly, DelPo was asked “How far away are you from your childhood goal of becoming the no. 1 player in the world?”

It’s very difficult to do and very few reach that point.  Since I was a child, I had two goals: one of them I achieved when I won the US Open; my other goal is to reach the no. 1 ranking.  It’s a possibility, although no one will say.  It motivates me and gives me strength every morning to know that the chances exist.  There isn’t a day in which I wake up without dreaming of becoming no. 1.  I’m going to play for it.


I like this version of DelPo.


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6 Responses to DelPo Talks to Clarin About His Progress, Davis Cup

  1. Wow, just read this. Looks like he’s starting to focus on the next dream. Indeed.

  2. Candy says:

    I read it yesterday (with the help of google translation lol). very good interview! Thx for your version! 🙂
    Delpo’s mindset is very good!!!! 😀 😀

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Thanks, I liked the answers he gave in the interview, so thought I would post the translated versions here.

      I really like this mindset too—at this point, he should be aiming high and I like that he feels comfortable enough to publicly state these goals. I think he has a solid perspective on how his first success came in 2009, and what he needs to do in order to reach that level again 🙂

      • Candy says:

        I like all the answers on all the topics too. 🙂
        For DC, delpo doesnt deserve the criticism. But it’s good he knows how he feels.

        yes, we should be glad that Delpo had precious experience in 2008-09. Some players would be so depressed about losing the same players many times in a row or not breaking through as people expected. But he knows it’s a process. He knows what it takes and what you need to go through. So he can have a clear path in his mind and be patient.
        I think it’s something that Murray doesnt have. Not only the GS title, but also the clear path to it. He might simply not know what he should do and what he should put in his mind. (so lendl is helpful to him, maybe.) But this is another topic.

        Overall, I’m glad that he knows what he’s doing and feels comfortable to publicly state his goal. Remember how I was worried about his mind? not worried at all now! 😀

        • mariposaxprs says:

          It’s interesting b/c I think Murray has the game but he has missed some key opportunities in the past — with Lendl, he might have a clearer path to how he approaches his goal of winning a Slam. I’m interested to see how that partnership turns out. There was a recent quote from Marat Safin about how he still felt like Murray was missing something. Then again, Safin also said that John Isner belongs in the top 5…so maybe Safin’s been very busy these days and hasn’t focused a lot on the tennis!! 🙂

          I liked the long interview DelPo gave here, because like you, I found it to be very revealing of how he approaches his goals in tennis, and how there is a process for how he thinks about his game!!

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