Funnies: Nike Football vs. Nike Tennis?

Nike Football released a new ad starring Rafa and his friend, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo.  Rafa and CR “play” a match (on a grass court), with CR playing soccer on his side of the court while Rafa responds with his tennis.  CR ended up winning.

In the ad, Rafa enviously says “I want his shoes,” glancing at CR’s fancy cleats (the very item being advertised).  Entertaining stuff!

However, the fact that CR “defeated” Rafa drew my attention to the fact that Nike Football has also done ads featuring Fed losing to a soccer player.  I wonder when, if ever, Nike Tennis will retalitate and create an ad where Rafa shows off his footie skills in front of CR or Fed gives a lesson to Rooney during a soccer match.

Fed once had a cameo in a long Nike ad for the 2010 World Cup, where he’s soundly schooled by Wayne Rooney in a Ping-Pong match.  Nike’s Write the Future ad depicts the big “What if?” moments in soccer — what if that corner kick had angled slightly wider, what if the defender hadn’t surged forward at that very millisecond — and how that pretty much changes the fate of each player and how his/her narrative is subsequently written.

In this ad, Wayne Rooney goes from being an unkempt straggler to being knighted by the Queen, to bossing Fed around on the Ping-Pong table.  The entire three-minute ad is well-worth watching, especially if you’re a footie fan (I love the ending, which also features CR taking a penalty) — Fed makes his appearance at 1:38:

I think it’d be interesting, if a bit cruel, if a similar ad were created for tennis players.  I think every tennis fan has his/her baggage to unload, centered on their favorite players (Why did he opt for that silly shot when facing BP?  What if the running FHDTL had shifted 2mm to the left, what if he had converted the BPs at the AO’07 final, and so forth.  Why DelPo-Nalby-Rafa-Fed whyyyyy?).  Sorry, I forgot my original point … which was that every tennis fan has a Franck Ribery lodged in their minds as the must-be-defeated villain.

While watching the above clip, I ended up clicking the behind-the-scenes interview.  Fed proves to be eye-openingly dorktastic here.  He talks for 30 seconds about Wayne Rooney.


1) Why is Fed sitting in front of a line of hanging laundry?

2) There is a “modest” moment where Fed talks about how he decided to become Rooney’s friend, and how he believes he kind of inspires Rooney.

3) Finally, Fed says he would be too shy to ask Rooney to play doubles with him.  LOL-forever.  I guess Stan rules the roost in the Fedwrinka partnership.

Also, it’s been almost 2 years since that ad was released — Wayne Rooney and Roger Federer have yet to play dubs together.  I guess Rooney never called Fed.  It’s settled then: Stan > Rooney 😉


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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12 Responses to Funnies: Nike Football vs. Nike Tennis?

  1. hotel oradea says:

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  2. queridorafa says:

    Hilarious videos! Thanks for posting, had never seen them b/f. I also love Roger professing to be “shy.” Also, “hang out” –whenever Roger says “hang out” (which I believe he says on occasion in regular interviews/press conferences), it always cracks me up. He just does not strike me as a “hang out” kind of guy.
    That is a cool concept for a commercial, though I’m w/ you–thinking of the “what ifs” in tennis is a dangerous/potentially sad!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Haha it definitely is funny when Fed uses words that I’d never thought he had in his vocabulary — “hang out” is one of ’em and I think he used “ain’t” once in an interview too. Which leads to another question, where does he pick up these words? Hmm 😉

      Definitely! I guess b/c tennis is an individual sport, it just brings 100% of the focus on what said player did wrong, rather than soccer, where there’s still a chain-of-events that depend on other players. It would be tougher to find the comedic moments in the big “lost” moments in tennis.

  3. That write the Future ad was hysterical! Love your questions… poor Roger, he’s such a mix of inflated & deflated parts, isn’t he. I can’t but help liking him.

  4. jelena says:

    “I wonder when, if ever, Nike Tennis will retalitate and create an ad where Rafa shows off his footie skills in front of CR …”

    Nike Football did it at the end of this same ad, after Rafa dons the advertized cleats and they play with a real football.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Good point, Jelena! I guess I wanted to see it take place at a football stadium though!! I hope Nike Tennis is writing a “revenge plan” for Rafa right this very instant 🙂 Maybe they will release something right before the exho match this year, for the Real Madrid anniversary event?!

  5. Candy says:

    It’s fun to rewind this “Write the future” video. Ppl said this ad’s a jinx coz all those main characters featured in this ad were out early. haha. “Write the failure” 😛

    Shame Messi isnt a Nike boy. Otherwise we might have had a funny Messi-Delpo ad. 😉

    I do hope Delpo has good run in these few years. Then, Nike decides to make an interesting ad featuring Delpo and a football star, (where delpo shows off his footie skills/ gives a lesson of coz 😉 )
    Or Delpo and a well-known footballer have a funny section (like Fed-Rooney) in Nike World Cup 2014 ad.
    But Delpo need to make some good results to make himself famous first, at least win a GS or be in Top3?! Hope I’m not just dreaming here. But after Fed and Rafa, by now, Delpo’s likely the next Nike tennis player (who’s going to support a football star) who’ll have a funny moment with a footballer in Nike ad.
    After my professional analysis, potential pair: Cesc Fabregas (hope u know him 😉 ) and Delpo. (perfect for me at least 😉 )

    • mariposaxprs says:

      “Write the failure?” Ahh~ I didn’t realize the ad was a football jinx…come to think of it, none of the Dutch players featured in the ad, and they did very well that year!! Then again, the Spanish players have 2 seconds in the ad — maybe b/c they only had a short appearance, they were able to win the World Cup? I will have to keep that in mind for 2014 🙂

      Messi-DelPo would have been amazing … DelPo is literally 30 cm taller than Messi. I think they should have a soccer match and then a basketball match, just to keep things fair. Unless Messi wants to play tennis?!

      I approve whole-heartedly of a potential Cesc Fabregas-DelPo pairing 🙂 At this point, DelPo is the 3rd tennis player on Nike’s roster, so if he plays a great season (which he is fully capable of), then it’s a credible dream to wish for more ads by 2014. On that note, I also hope DelPo plays well at the Olympics this year—I think b/c it takes place on grass, he’s setting high goals for that event. Would be great to see him make something!

      • Candy says:

        Yes, the “write the future” bandwagon started very well before the WC. If just only one of the main characters had a decent run,then it would be a very sucessful promotional campaign. But unfortunately none of them had good performance & their nations lost early. No decent results back up the “future” Nike originally planned to write. And fans even thought it’s a jinx. So this campaign couldn’t be considered as a sucessful one at the end.
        To respond to “write the future”, Nike was forced to have the “future” written by those three spainish players who only appeared for 1 sec. in “Write the future”, very unconvincingly.

        Talking about Messi-Delpo, I wonder why this two ARG big sport stars havent met yet, at least publicly. (I dont think they have met in private either.) Is it becasue Messi doesnt want to stand next to Delpo?! =P

        • mariposaxprs says:

          Ahaha that’s awesome, that Nike created a response to the original ad. That’s a nice touch to feature the Spanish players again! Thanks for this, gave me a great laugh 🙂

          I’m not 100% sure, but I think DelPo attended one of Messi’s foundation dinners, but that was awhile ago and I don’t think they were actually photographed together. The only football players I’ve seen DelPo photographed with are Palermo and Carlos Tevez. I guess the fact that Messi plays abroad makes it more difficult for them to ever cross paths =/ Or he doesn’t want DelPo to lift him up onto his shoulders ,if they should meet 😉

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