Davis Cup: Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

del Potro d. Cilic, 6-1 6-2 6-1

Argentina are through to the SF, after taking the tie 4-1.

**Update: DelPo also confirmed he will make himself available for the SF tie against the Czech Republic in September.

Photo: Reuters

A smiling El Rey is a hug machine this weekend.

Photo: Davis Cup

Good-natured celebration from Team Argentina on a sunny day.

DelPo had a  straight sets victory that broke the pattern of the dramatic first two days of the tie.  He clinched the 4th rubber for Argentina, guaranteeing their passage to the SF, where they will face the Czech Republic at home.

Quite understandably, Cilic was playing at a level below his best (even his “recent best” had been error-prone).  The toll of the 10 hours he had played over the weekend started to show in the middle of the 1st set.  DelPo engaged Cilic in long rallies, which was a clear tactic aimed at tiring out Cilic.  Through UFEs, Cilic ended up being broken quite easily in the 1st set.  DelPo went up a triple break to serve for the 1st set at 5*-0, only to lose his serve.  Consequently, he broke Cilic’s serve to take the 1st set.

Afterwards, the rest of the match proceeded in a similar fashion.

I am convinced that DelPo gave a shout-out to mariposaxprs here, when a butterfly (la mariposa) interrupted his service game by hovering over his racquet.

Photo: AP Photo

After trying to swat the butterfly away, he proceeded to cup the butterfly in his hands so he could blow it away.  A short clip of that moment is here. (courtesy of HinchadaDelPo)

Photo: Getty

DelPo just created a separate photo album on his FB page, for his “nueva amiga,” the butterfly.  Mariposaxprs waves back at him!

Despite the distraction, DelPo proceeded in businesslike fashion to close out the tie.  He had three MPs in the 3rd set and he took the first with an ace.  DelPo’s childhood friends attended the tie and there were happy moments involving them after DelPo’s victory.  Tough weekend for the likeable Cilic, who spent over 12 hours playing for Croatia.

This was a tough tie for Argentina, although they did clinch the tie 4-1 (unlike their previous ties against Croatia, which had always gone to a live 5th match).  Pico played the dead rubber for ARG against Antonio Veic, which he won.


In September, Argentina will play the Czech Republic in the SF at home.

Photo: Tomas Berdych FB

The Czech pairing of BerdWorm won a controversial tie over Serbia, which involved Steps apparently calling Tipsy a profane word after giving him the finger (this was after Tipsy had defeated Steps in 5 sets on the first day).

Photo: Getty

Steps wears a crazy outfit with a decorated lion on the front.  I don’t understand it either.  Hopefully, he is aware that any funny business with DelPo or Nalby in front of an Argie crowd will not go down well.  He will need to be better behaved there.

The Czech tie will be far tougher than the Croatie tie, given the caliber of players.  Berdy is a tough proposition, but solid preparation can hopefully ensure another appearance in the final for Team Argentina.  Dale!!


The other SF involves Spain and the U.S.A, which pulled an upset over France 3-2.  Big man Isner has yet again whetted the U.S. media’s tendency for hyperbole and glory-making.  While Isner’s win over Tsonga on Sunday was decisive, I think I speak for the great majority when I say “Calm down.”  Let’s see what happens against Spain first.


About mariposaxprs

I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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10 Responses to Davis Cup: Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

  1. queridorafa says:

    How perfect was the butterfly moment? Definitely a shout-out! (seriously–what are the chances of that?!) DelPo’s reaction was so sweet, and so “DelPo.” He really does have this unexpected flair of charisma/for the dramatic. Argentina vs. Czech could be so close–guess it will depend a lot on who’s in form at that time. Kind of crazy that he and Stepanek have taken Czech so deep into the competition multiple years, basically just the two of them.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      It is, right? Totally is 🙂 DelPo (and the whole Argentinean DC team) has a flair for the dramatic, at least it felt that way this past weekend. First, a hurricane interrupted their official dinner. Then Nalby lost. Then DelPo was sick. But he won, and then their dubs team won in 5 hours. So it was nice to have a sweet butterfly moment on Sunday! He really is an elf, with the butterflies and whatnot.

      Yea, the Czechs will be a *tough* team. Even more so b/c I don’t think they are affected as much by home/visitor advantage. Maybe it’s a generalization, but I also think Steps and Berdy feed off antagonizing the crowd — or at least, they don’t mind it at all. Oof, that will be a nerve-wracking one, for sure!

  2. It was only when I enlarged the photo of Delpo and his new friend that I saw his vibration dampener’s a four-leaf-clover 🙂 Delpo really is an elf. And the expression on his face when his friend flew away? N’aaaaw!
    What a tie–huge props to all the Argentine team–and commiserations to the Croatians who fought doggedly. On to the semis 🙂

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Haha the four-leaf clover is a classic. He really *is* an elf. An elf with quirky sensibilities. Bless him and his four-leaf-clovers and his fondness for butterflies.

      Vamos Argentina!! It was dramatic for sure this weekend, so they must be glad to have a nice break before the clay season starts. Cilic/Karlovic have played the Argies so many times this yr — I hope they don’t meet in the draw again, as I’d like to cheer for some of the Croatian players too, in the future!!

  3. Candy says:

    Oopssss, I cant help but think that here we had gentleman’s battle, there we had gangster’s tussle.
    you know what I mean?

    I have been avoiding US media these 2 days, really! Ok, I have to admit victory over Fed, Nole &
    Tsonga in 2 months is not a small thing, regardless of how the situation is, how well/ bad his opponents play/ how the draw is. (Because u really need all the things, including luck to win sometimes/ all the time.) Whatever it is, I would admit his (u know who I’m talking about, right? =P) achievement in these 2 months is not small thing. But that’s all. I still cant read any acticle in which they glorify him like a God.

    oh…delpo missed that mariposa so much…. 🙂

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Yes, the mysterious man in question is stirring up a tremendous amount of news lately, it seems!! It’s true that Isner’s had a surprisingly great run this year and it’s a credit to him that he can play well enough on clay. *But* the over-glorification at this point feels premature. And I have a feeling it’s because so many of the well-known writers are American that the scale of the praise has gone this far. In addition to ARG-CZE, I’m now looking forward to see how ESP-USA goes. I don’t think the Spaniards have ever lost at home on clay, so if Isner keeps up this run it could be something. We’ll see, I guess!

      DelPo and the mariposa was aww 😉 It feels like a hopeful symbol for DC, right? I thought it was funny he created a separate album on his FB, all devoted to a butterfly. He’s a funny one! 🙂

      • Candy says:

        Yes, he loves that mariposa so much! It’s even become his FB’s profile pic! 🙂 That pic’s really….!!! Delpo, four-leaf clover, butterfly, kiss(, ball and racquet)!!!
        I think it was you (mariposa) who flew there and was so desperate for a kiss from delpo, no? But paid back! He blessed this blog and all his fans 🙂

  4. Iram says:

    Mariposaxprs, I’ve missed reading your blogs so much. This is the first time I’ve been able to read ur post in a couple of weeks. Hope u’re well.

    I’ll make this a quick comment. I just wanted to congratulate you and all your followers who are Argentina tennis fans. I’m happy for Delpo and Co. that they’ve been able to get to the semis again. I think Czec Republic will be a very tough competitor. But let’s see what happens. 🙂

    I wont hide it, I’m really happy that Spain has also been able to progress. I look forward to reading and perhaps catching up with all your posts that I’ve missed when I get back to America. t c

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hi Iram, how are you?! I hope you’re enjoying your vacation very much!

      Thank you and congrats to the Armada as well, for their QF win 🙂 Watching some of this weekend’s DC matches was stressful, but it’s nice to see the results turned out well. The Spain-U.S.A. final looks like it will be exciting, and I am already worried about Argentina-Czech Republic too, hehe.

      In the meantime, I wish you well and that you’re having a lovely time during your stay abroad 🙂 Talk to you soon, when you’re returned stateside!

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