Photos: Best Shots, La Hinchada Argentina and Kid Photos

Just a video-filled update, featuring clips/photos that I liked —
  • The ATP released a “Top 8 points (at the WTF)” clip, complete with a poll to vote for best point.  They give a shout-out to DelPo, who features in two of the eight points (from 2009).  The first point involves DelPo hitting a tweener, which inevitably leads to him losing the point against Fed — still, he won that RR match (too often, people forget that win).  The second point is an amazing save from DelPo in his SF against Soderling.  It’s also a point that, to me, shows the all-important difference that confidence (or great form, or great circumstances, or  — who really knows?) makes.  The DelPo-Soderling SF was an awesome nail-biter, in the way that nail-biters in which your favorite wins heightens the awesome-ness of said match:

The current leader of the poll is the point where Fed’s BH stands up to the Rafa test in their WTF final in 2010 (at 2:54 in the clip above).  Due credit for that awesome point!  Close runners-up are Rafa-Muzz in 2010 (at 2:08 in the clip) and Ferru-Fed in 2011 (at 4:40 in the clip).

  • The following is a clip of the Argentinean crowd at Davis Cup.  It’s a rush-of-blood atmosphere.  If you thought the 2,500-strong Argie crowd at last year’s DC final in Sevilla were ardent, this home crowd at Parque Roca really is an eye-opener to the uniquely awesome spirit that Davis Cup brings out.  They’ll be back in September:

  • The mystery behind DelPo’s FB profile photo is solved: DelPo’s recent FB profile pic featured him holding up a photo of himself as a child.  It turns out the photo was most likely for the Olympics tennis book.  Here’s interesting coverage on “Making the 2012 Olympic Book: a little star,” featuring a spiffy photo of mini-Wawrinka and Muzz contortioning himself to fit inside a photo frame.  Fun fact: the tennis players actually had to choose, scan and email their own photos of themselves as children, which makes it hilarious that DelPo would send a photo of himself wearing a goofy grin (and some funny hair — it’s a cross between a mullet and a bowl haircut).  Berdy looks positively angelic in his photo, which is code for “he grew up to be a devil of sorts” (much like Nalby, except mini-Nalby was not quite as preciously angelic — hence he did not exhibit as many devil-ish symptoms in adulthood! ;)) 

Photo: 2012 ITF Tennis

L-R (top): Berdy, Bryan bros, Cilic and DelPo /
L-R (bottom): Ferru, Isner (?), Pico (?) and Tsonga

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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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11 Responses to Photos: Best Shots, La Hinchada Argentina and Kid Photos

  1. Serdar says:

    Hi mariposa, don’t know if it fits into this comment section, but i found this nice videoreport( of Delpo meeting the Argentinian players of Benfica Lissabon during the Estoril Open last year. Haven’t seen this before. Delpo really cuts a fine figure on the soccer pitch!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Thank you, Serdar, for linking that!! That was from when DelPo won his Estoril title in 2011, right?? You’re absolutely right, he *does* cut a fine figure on the soccer pitch! Although I’m not sure he’d be the perfect match for goalkeeper — any other position is fine! I think either an attacking defender or midfielder or striker would be best for DelPo 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing DelPo jumpstart his clay season, starting at Estoril. Estoril seems like such a small but lovely tourny with a rich history!

  2. Marin’s choice of photograph is very… unsmiley. 🙂

    And wowza! That ARG crowd, TC only showed the US matches and I was too tuckered out to go online for the others (you know you’re a crazy tennis fan when you feel like you ought to have watched MORE than one best 3 of 5 match in a day!), so I enjoyed your writeups of the ARG victory & Delpo’s decisive final win. The Monte Carlo crowd seemed even quieter than they are during the Masters. Not sure that was the best choice of venue for the French, despite the unbeatable view.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Word, I feel that! After watching Nalby lose his first singles rubber, I needed a break. But DelPo, he of the upset stomach and vomiting nature, was minutes from playing. So I had to scramble back to my seat and watch the 2nd 3 of 5 best match in a day. It was tiring times, but the crowds on the screen were passionate, which travelled over to where I was. Thanks for your kind words about my writeups of the Argies 🙂

      Monte Carlo feels like a cool, classy crowd. Dressed up in their proper shoes that don’t want to get stained by the red dirt. Did the MC Crowd ever put out a proper cheer for the French team? I’d love to hear some of their songs sometimes! Ah well, maybe DC is not the perfect setting for them in MC. Paris or Nice, even, could have been better. Maybe even a town/city that hosts a soccer team (I’m not sure if Monaco does…)

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  4. Candy says:

    Yes, when a player reaches “there”, you can make many awesome points, hit here and there DTL, save many untouchable balls, run around the court smoothly. Is it called great form? Obviously, Delpo hasn’t reached “there” yet. That made me a bit sad when I was watching this clip. I missed Delpo’s flexibility and his form? confidence?
    Sometimes I rewatch some of his matches in 09. I miss everything there. Besides his not-yet-comeback(-fully) FH, another thing quite stands out to me is that 08-09′ Delpo was much livelier and lighter than current Delpo. Not sure if it’s because he’s heavier now, or he’s older (so less flexible) (but he’s just 23), or because of the layoff or the injury, the surgery, or the burden and pressure. He’s clumsier than then Delpo. Not sure if he can be that lively again. He WAS a boy without any expectation from others, pressure, burden, threat, etc.

    I know I’m thinking TOO much, but *if* Delpo makes to the WTF and *if* Argies make to DC’s F, then…? (hi, el rey, what do u think about it?)

    Can I say Stepanek? bottom, second from the left? (100% NOT sure) 😛

    • mariposaxprs says:

      That’s true, I had the same thoughts about DelPo’s weight. He gained muscle in his legs, which helps with speed, but I think the extra weight also led to loss of flexibility. During the DC QF, when DelPo had the eye inflammation, @FlushingFreak on Twitter raised the possibility of DelPo being one of the many tennis players who are possibly allergic to gluten? It’s definitely not a decision to be taken lightly, but I sometimes wonder what would happen if he changed to a gluten-light diet.

      You bring up a very interesting point — I think DelPo would end up having to choose one or the other like last yr, and I’m not sure he would choose DC again. Even though he should. The perfect case would be if DelPo made it to the WTF, but lost early enough so that he could fly back to Argentina and prepare on clay for a possible final. They’re big “ifs” to consider, but DelPo has a wealth of those experiences now, so hopefully he’ll make the best one for him and the team!!

      errr… Stepanek? Second from the bottom left? I think that photo is either a happy Stepanek or a miserable Isner ;P

      • Candy says:

        It’s possible. I never knew gluten would cause problems in life until nole’s case. I sometimes wonder if I’m allergic to gluten too because I sometimes feel tired too. lol I can’t see Delpo (greedy boy) would adopt gluten-free diet at this stage. But gluten-light would be good!
        I’m sure Delpo would play DC *if* they’re in F as they have their good chance to win. But I also don’t think he would give up WTF again. So I really dont know. but I know it’s too early to talk about this. Delpo just has a very slim chance to make both at the end (anti-jinxing).

        Oh…I meant second from the RIGHT (I think gluten affected my judgement, sorry). Wait…is it supposed to be eight players from eight different DC’s QF nations? So second from the bottom left -tipsy, second from the bottom right – Jojo. Yes, 100% (not) sure! 😛

        • mariposaxprs says:

          I feel like DelPo’s lost a bit of weight at the beginning of the year. Maybe that was a conscious decision to help with flexibility? I hope so!

          Yup! The photos are all of the Davis Cup-pers at the QFs. I still can’t figure out who the two players in the middle are. Tipsy and JoJo? Wow, the player in the middle right could definitely be JoJo! That would make more sense, b/c I don’t think they would include more than one player from each country!

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