Funnies: Madrid Pre-Tourny Videos, Fed Interview

The Madrid tourny, which as we all know is making the change to blue clay this year, has gathered players to publicize the upcoming tournament.  Top players such as Rafa, Roger and Djokovic have each spoken out against the change to blue clay.  Rafa’s protests were perhaps the loudest and this will certainly generate a lot of interest in the tourny this year.

Madrid has done a countdown to the tourny, which starts May 6.

20 days to Madrid:

Berdy’s segment (at 0:13) is a real highlight.  He sounds so robotic when he says “nos vemos in Madrid.”

15 days to Madrid: 

Ferru saves this segment, although JJ is quite fascinating as well.

10 days to Madrid:

The best segment.  Muzz is Muzz, although his Spanish accent is not too shabby.  Basically, the players are repeating the same lines over and over again.  Tipsy follows Vika — it’s like the video editors decided to group the unlikeables together.  Thankfully, DelPo enters and saves this at 0:19.  Followed by an adorably awkward Petra Kvitova! (Petra who is so obviously reading off the card in front of her).


5 days to Madrid: 

Fed makes his appearance here.  In an interview last week**, Fed said he was against the blue clay because Rafa was against the blue clay.  Hence, it’s surprising that he makes his appearance in this video!  Then again, Muzz and Novak made appearances, so it would be weird if Fed opted out.  Only Rafa remains — will Rafa dare utter an encouraging word about blue Madrid?  Stay tuned!

** Fed’s interview, as reported by Rene Stauffer (translated by La Rubia), has many interesting snippets.  Among the highlights—

  • Fed says that if Switzerland had defeated the USA in their R1 DC tie, then Fed would have considered skipping Indian Wells and Miami (which I think he’s eligible to do, given the ATP rule saying a player with a certain number of career matches can play a reduced schedule).  SUI lost the DC tie, but I guess Fed’s IW title is consolation.
  • About the blue clay in Madrid: “I’m against it because Nadal is against it and we would have other options.”
  • Fed says he’d like to win either Wimbledon or Olympic gold — he doesn’t have a preference, although he says the Olympic gold has greater “scarcity value.”

Now this is where the interview gets more entertaining.  Fed talks about the disagreements he’s had with Rafa about the tennis schedule.  He also discusses the other players who publicly voiced disagreements with Fed’s presidency of the Player Council:

  • Fed talks about Rafa:

We have a bit more distance at the moment compared to times when we saw each other for weeks nearly daily. That’s one of the reasons why there have occurred certain problems as we couldn’t communicate that often. That shouldn’t be an excuse though. But I also think it’s normal that we have differences in opinion. I don’t have a problem with Nadal no matter what he says or thinks. What’s important is that he keeps on being interested in the political goings-on on the tour and that he wants to actuate things.

It’s been mentioned on Twitter, but Fed really talks like he’s in the middle of a long-distance relationship with Rafa 🙂

  • Finally, Fed manages a small dig against the players who accused him for being “too Swiss” or for not being more pro-active about Player Council Issues:

Q: There’s not much to win for you as president and you already got criticized by players such as Nadal, Stakhovsky or Davydenko. Haven’t you ever thought about chucking the job?

When I would react spontaneously I would have maybe already resigned. But I never felt personally attacked. Many players exaggerate with their threats and then nothing is gonna happen anyway. Some wanted to go against the Grand Slam tournaments way too aggressively as they think that they don’t get enough of the big profits. Roland Garros and Wimbledon have meanwhile reacted and gave answers and now everyone is more satisfied.

I LOL-ed at Fed mentioning he could have resigned, if he were more “spontaneous.”  I know there’ll be fans who are miffed at Fed’s answers, but I think it’s balanced.  He says he doesn’t take personal offense at the criticism, but he makes his point that he’s not going to cave in to spur-of-the-moment actions.  I think he shows a level-headed side that is more realistically suited to the way the Player Council runs.  The recent announcements of increased prize money for early-round losers at Wimby and RG indicate the Council’s progress, which should at least placate Stakhs and Davydenko.


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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6 Responses to Funnies: Madrid Pre-Tourny Videos, Fed Interview

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  2. queridorafa says:

    Ahahaha, those ads! So much awkwardness. I can’t get over Nico–he looks like he’s 12! Funny to see Sam Stosur and Roger doing them, after they were both critical. I can’t even imagine Rafa doing it–he seems pretty stubborn when he’s not happy about something–but I guess we’ll see!
    Loved those Roger comments on Rafa–definitely sounded like a long-distance relationship, or at the very least, like someone trying to justify why they’ve lost touch w/ one of their old bffs. I liked the part where he said he wouldn’t have a problem w/ Rafa no matter what he says. Someone needs to tell Rafa this–he doesn’t need to hold back anymore! 😉

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hardly any of the players even try to act natural! Aww, Nico 🙂 He is a quirky little boy, but likeable all the same!

      I got the feeling that all the Spanish plyrs in the ads looked very grumpy—Ferru’s expression was glazed, Fer and AMG seemed disengaged, and etc. Stosur looked pretty grumpy too when she said her part, and Roger wasn’t as talkative. There’s so much drama & tension already! If Rafa did a spot for the ads, I think it would involve him giving the death glare to the camera, in silence, for 15 seconds. Take that, Tiriac!! 😉

      Roger-Rafa are definitely a bromance for the ages! In the full interview, Fed actually mentions which city he was in when Rafa was playing a different tourny in another city—I was like, “Wow…Fed is really keeping tabs on his good friend Rafa” I’m also curious to see how Rafa will react to Fed’s declaration that “Rafa can do whatever he wants, I’ll still like him” 😉

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