Estoril: Juan Martin Takes his 11th Career Title, 2nd in Estoril

By the scoreline of 6-4 6-2, top seed DelPo defeated second seed Reeshie Gasquet to defend his Estoril title.

Photo: Reuters

I don’t care what anyone says, it’s the prettiest trophy in the world!

Photo: Estoril Open

DelPo hasn’t played Centralito Court (the 2nd court), but it’s a very scenic and intimate setting.  Spectators sit on the steps to watch the matches and it’s just all very beautiful.  Maybe the Bullring at Roland Garros takes first prize for smaller tennis courts, but I like Centralito with its columns at Estoril. 

With his successful title defense, DelPo has more or less defended the front-heavy portion of his ranking points.  He has more opportunities now to add net points to his ranking, starting with the Madrid tourny (where in 2011 he gave a walkover before his R16 match against Rafa, due to a hip injury).  DelPo is also now sixth in the singles race to London.

Photo: Reuters

Throughout the Estoril tourny, DelPo has only been broken twice in 35 games (against Monty), while he has broken his opponents 15 times in 34 games.  He also seems to be working on his 2nd serve returns, which is always a good step.

Sadly, I was not able to watch this match, so I can only tell from the match stats that Reeshie did not reach BP on DelPo’s serve during the final.  That was the case with DelPo-Llodra during the Marseilles final, if I recall correctly.

Photo: Reuters

Last year, when DelPo defeated Fer in the Estoril final, DelPo chased Fer all over the tennis court with the champagne.  Mischief-maker DelPo prepares some bubbly for Reeshie here.

Below are the ATP’s highlights.  While they don’t convey the full dynamics of the match, DelPo does seem more aggressive with his shots, especially in comparison to the tougher battle he had during his SF win over Wawrinka.  The point that starts at 1:05 was a nice mix of BHs and footwork — I like that he didn’t automatically go cross-court.  DelPo roars after serving an ace on match-point (at 2:13).  What a happy sound

Now, onto blue Madrid!  DelPo probably starts playing on Tuesday, in his R1 against the funky German player, Florian Mayer.

**Update: Per commentator Nick Lester, there may be trouble brewing ahead for DelPo and his Wilson racquets:

So DelPo only has 3-4 racquets remaining.  I too wonder why Wilson don’t just give him his old racquet and do a paint job.  I get they’re probably miffed with DelPo, since they based their advertising around him and his new racquets, but if he doesn’t want to risk injury or losing his game, they should just agree on a paint job.  It’s what most players do, right?


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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7 Responses to Estoril: Juan Martin Takes his 11th Career Title, 2nd in Estoril

  1. Candy says:

    😦 I’m VERY worried about his racquet situation!! But while I am still so sad that Wilson have shown no love to Delpo since Delpo decided not to use Juice, I’m wondering if it’s Delpo who doesn’t agree on the idea of paint job.
    After the paint job, Wilson will say Delpo is using a new racquet. You know, Delpo’s such a great guy that cannot approve any cheat/ lie?! You can say he’s too stubborn/ too honest. But um…it is Delpo. I don’t know if it’s the case behind this Delpo-Wilson standoff. But even that, Wilson still OUGHT TO produce a racquet which suits to their champion! It’s not like Delpo’s not winning with the old racquet, so WHY force him to change?
    It makes me think what Wilson all care is MONEY! They threaten Delpo to use the new racquet which Delpo is not comfortable with! =/
    (Sorry for grumbling!) /o\

    • mariposaxprs says:

      That part confuses me too. Maybe DelPo is being stubborn or superstitious about not switching his racquets, but at the end of the day it’s the player’s decision whether or not he thinks it’s good to use the new racquet. A paint job, while it’s not the most honest way to do things, is one of those rules that’s broken all the time — at the end of the day, all DelPo has to do is “look like” he’s using the new racquet. From what I know, most racquet contracts only require a player to “make a best effort” to update to the newest model—otherwise, the paint job is available.

      It’s strange b/c Wilson advertising has clearly been ignoring DelPo, and I can’t think of any other reason besides the racquets. They congratulate Kanepi, Kohlschreiber, everyone who’s ever touched a Wilson racquet, but they ignore DelPo’s win in Estoril. It would be so silly if this meant DelPo had to leave Wilson, and I don’t know why Wilson is trying to pull unnecessary muscle here. I guess it’s an issue that has to be resolved soon, since DelPo only has 3-4 racquets remaining. Maybe he will test out the Head racquets that Franco uses?

      • Candy says:

        That makes me angry as well. They’ve never mentioned Delpo on Twitter/FB since Delpo ditched Juice! I understand they need a “cooling period” since they employed Delpo to promote Juice and made that funny ad. But it’s been long time since then! At least congrats him after winning a title?!

        Sorry for my conspiratorial mind. But Delpo follows Nike, VISA & Sony mobile (of his only 10 follows) on twitter (he even follows @ayuda that makes me laugh), but not Wilson. Wilson never mentioned him since he ditched Juice. And Franco with HEAD. What do these mean? And now knowing Wilson refuse to produce racquets for Delpo.

        I don’t think Franco’s actually using Head as I sometimes still see pics of him with Wilson. It’s more like he’s testing some Head racquets for Delpo?! Whatever it is, it’s no good to switch racquets in the middle of season, esp. this busy season which’s also an important season to Delpo.

        Delpo may feel uncomfortable that people think he’s using Juice while he’s not actually using it. 😦

        • mariposaxprs says:

          Oh, that’s kind of strange about the Twitter situation. I hope this isn’t the end of DelPo-Wilson 😦 It seems like such a small matter that could be solved relatively easily. For now, I guess it’s best not to read too much into the current situation, while hoping for a calm resolution. I would not want racquet drama to interfere with his season *sigh*

          LOL about @Ayuda. Clearly, DelPo is still learning how to use Twitter 🙂

  2. I like the trophy too! It was fun to come here today and know that you would be so happy. No offense meant to Gasquet, but given the scorelines by which Delpo made his way to the final, I didn’t think there would be much trouble for him on his way to defending. Fascinating about the racquets, I hope they make him more! He’s a big name for them.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Haha thanks, it’s pretty awesome!! 2nd title he’s defended too, so that’s a bonus.

      Yea, from what I saw of Gasquet last week, his form seemed a bit lackluster. He wasn’t playing at the same level that he was when he played DelPo in Marseilles—that was a very tight match, whereas the final in Estoril seemed less so. It’s kind of a tough final, considering how I like both players (although I would be feeling significantly less fond of Reeshie right now if he had beaten DelPo!) So it worked out very nicely 🙂

      Do you remember those DelPo/Feli/Kei/Petra commercials for Wilson? Wilson has removed DelPo’s commercial, and to me it feels like a sign that something is going awry in that partnership. I hope they can sit down and agree to an amicable paint job, and give him more of his old racquets.

      • I noticed that too! I was wondering what was up… now that he’s finding his rhythm again, the last thing he needs is sponsor politics. Seriously, we all understand that pros racquets are a little different than ours– a little stiffer, a little more weight in the head, whatever is needed to make it “just so.” Erg.

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