Roland Garros: What Did DelPo (and Nalby) Ever Do To You?

Observe this scenic photo of Reeshard lounging on his chair, flipping through a magazine.

Photo: FFT

I’d wanted to use that photo as an opening to my very brief analysis of the RG draw.  It would have been nice, as Reeshard actually has a very nice draw: He plays Jurgen Zopp, the winner of Young/Dimitrov, and then a possible meeting with Dolgopolov.  I’d really like to see Reeshard in the 2nd week, so this is a draw that’s favorable to those wishes.

Then, I saw the rest of the draw.  Frantically, I had to find a new photo.  At first, I was like this:

DelPo faces clay-court dangermouse Albert Montanes in R1. That will be tough, despite DelPo’s win over him in Estoril.  The condition of DelPo’s knee is probably still not 100%, although he is capable of stepping out onto court and playing matches.  As the old saying goes, if you step onto the court, then you’ll take the losses just as you’ll take the wins.  DelPo cannot lose to Monty.  If DelPo gets past the fully respectable clay-courter Monty, then he has a R2 date with Roger-Vasselin/Pospisil, which will then likely be followed by a R3 date with Marin Cilic.  The Cilic, who keeps chipping away at DelPo this year.

If DelPo gets past Cilic in R3 (which would be an accomplishment), he has a likely meeting with Berdych in R4.  Berdy has been acting up lately—after his win over fellow Argie Carlos Berlocq at the Power Horse Cup in Dusseldorf this week, he posted the “Don’t Cry for me, Argentina” song on his Facebook.  He was deservedly barraged by offended Argentines/tennis fans, and duly deleted his post.  Still, his feelings are noted and I hope DelPo feasts on this growing hostility to avenge his loss to Berdy at Madrid.  TOTALLY DOABLE.  Berdy also lost to Tipsy in Dusseldorf this week, which I may interpret as a positive sign that his streakiness is starting to show through again in his game.

The reward for possibly defeating Berdy would be a QF date with Federer.  All in all, DelPo’s road to the final looks like this: Montanes, Roger-Vasselin/Pospisil, Cilic/Ferrero, Berdych, Federer, Djokovic, Nadal.

Take a look at Tipsy’s utter joke of a draw!  That could have been DelPo.  Pardon me if I can’t summon enough positive feelings for this post.


The elder Argie David Nalbandian has a clunker of a draw the next two weeks.  He has a R1 opponent in Adrian Ungur, for the chance to face off with Federer in R2.  If insanity is the act of repeating the same action, only to run into the same Swiss wall, then this year’s Roland Garros draw is insane.

However, the only way to deal with this insane draw is to grin and bear it:

For DelPo, I hope 1) his knee doesn’t bother him too much, 2) he can defend his R3 points from last year and 3) Most importantly, that he puts Berdy firmly in his place.  I will rewatch his beatdown of Berdy at Rotterdam, as a form of encouragement.  Let’s get to the QF, DelPo!!  Vamos!

I look forward to some high-quality tennis between Nalbandian and Fed, no matter the result.


Ignoring the draw, Roland Garros has been incredibly nice to DelPo.  They assigned him to central court for his opening match against Monty.  I can’t remember the last time a Slam gave him center court for an opening match.  This is always a welcome sign.  He plays the 2nd match on center court today (starts at approximately 12-1 pm local time).

DelPo took some time to throw an entertaining exho for Kid’s Day at RG.  DelPo, along with Fed, Santoro (the Magician), Grosjean (he of the funky forehand) and Escude took to the court for an entertaining exho.  Well, they did.  DelPo played the umpire 🙂

He had the finest seat in the house to observe Fed on the clay.  I like to think DelPo used his umping experience as a way to avoid conflicts with the umpire in the future 🙂

Photo: Getty Images

Fed shows off in front of DelPo 🙂

Photo: Getty Images

DelPo + Serena + Federer + Grosjean = Awesome

Photo: Getty Images

Bless Sabine Lisiki’s heart for being the only player to spot DelPo in the far corner and high-five him (he’s practically shoving his hand in her face).  He only wants to be loved.

Vamos to the Argie contingent!!  Pico recently got his hair cut, to the dismay of tennis fans everywhere.  I actually prefer the new clean-cut version.  What say you?  Unfortunately, Pico and Berlocq have been drawn to play each other in R2—let’s hope the match happens.  I have a feeling it will be one of the more entertaining R2 match-ups.

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