Pre-Draw DelPo Sightings

The Wimbledon seeding was announced and DelPo will play as the 9th seed.  Wimby follows an adjusted formula for their seeding, which takes into account a player’s past performance on grass.  I had been hoping DelPo would make 8th seed, since he’s only 20 points behind Tipsy in the rankings.  However, the knee injury that caused DelPo to withdraw from Queens meant he could not.

The Wimby seedings more or less mirror the rankings.  Exceptions: Bernie Tomic, on account of his QF run at Wimby last year, got a nice bump up to 20th seed (his ATP ranking is 27).  Feli also got bumped up from no. 17 to no. 14—this is well-deserved, given how well he played last year (although it meant Fer was pushed out of the top 16).


At the Boodles exho, DelPo played against Dolgo and their match had to be suspended at 6-3 2-5 due to rain.

The big man has been practicing at Wimby and he finally updated his FB, with a message: “Hi everyone!!  Did you think I’d forgotten about you??  Never!!!!  I’m in London…”

DelPo takes a PseudoFed approach to his fans (PseudoFed, who says “I think of each and every one of you, sometimes.” ;))

This is such a quintessential DelPo pose.  Nobody lounges on the grass like he can.  

Also, I’d posted Coca-Cola’s Olympics ads before, but I hadn’t seen the full 4-minute version of Latin America’s Coca-Cola ad.  I thought I’d share it, as DelPo features many more times!

He appears twice in the first 30 seconds, then there’s a super-smiley shot at 3:25.   Stay tuned until the finale at 3:48, when DelPo gives an impactful stare.  Utterly marketable, is DelPo.

Also, DelPo stayed up past 3 am today to watch his beloved Boca Juniors in action.  I should board a plane to London to lecture him about consistent sleeping patterns.  Then again, I remember hearing Rafa also wakes up at odd hours in the night to watch Real Madrid.  But I’m not sure Rafa uses Internet streams like DelPo did.  Also, it’s hilarious that while the rest of the world (including Fer and Boris) stays up to watch the NBA final, DelPo watches his Boca Jrs instead.  He lives in his own world 🙂

I will update with a short DelPo-nian analysis of the Wimby draw, when it’s made at 10am (London time).


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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4 Responses to Pre-Draw DelPo Sightings

  1. Candy says:

    Hello…. Delpo’s potential R4 opponents Ferru & Roddick have just won a title respectively. Congratz! /o\

    I has watched Delpo’s exho match where he’s rusty & slow, which’s understandable & acceptable as it’s his 1st match after a relaxing holiday, & Dolgo has better accuracy than he did months ago. Delpo couldn’t return well & his accuracy’s not that good, but he did hit some good shots & his running shots looked good. But can he improve much & raise his level in these few days without match practice….?!
    However, I think he still can handle his first three rounds’ opponents. Hope these three rounds will warm Delpo up enough before Delpo facing Ferru/ Roddick (or someone else) in R4.

    Wow, Nalby-Tipsy 1st round. Yummy!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Was DelPo playing sluggishly at the Boodles? That’s worrisome, indeed. He didn’t play that well at Queens last year (when he lost to Mannarino), but the grass practice seemed to have helped him somewhat. I guess the early rounds at Wimby will be a great way for him to quickly get himself into form—but Robin Haase is a dangerous lurker. DelPo will have to be close to top shape in order to defeat him.

      As for Ferru and Roddick….Congrats, I guess *sobs* Why do they have to win? Hrmph!!

      I can’t believe Wimby’s starting already….I definitely want to try and catch the Nalby-Tipsy match, along with parts of the Berdych-Gulbis match. I’ll also hope that Ferrero puts in a strong fight against Djokovic!! There’s too much to do, plus keeping track of Euro2012 😉

      • Candy says:

        Yes, Delpo was playing sluggishly in his exho match vs Dolgo who was quick there. Delpo, who needs matches to get into form, didn’t even has a full exho match (cancelled at 2-5 in 2nd set due to rain) before Wimbly. I thought Boodles would arrange another match for him, but no. Yes, I’m afraid Haase could be a threat. But I will give Delpo a wake-up call, so he’ll be fine. 😛

        I couldn’t watch Nalby-Tipsy nor Berdych-Gulbis, but did check twitter for a few times & scoreboard of coz. I was like “I should be glad I’m not watching (Nalby’s). I would have been emotionally exhausted”. Yes, too much! I was already emotionally tired when Wimbly hadn’t even started, thanks to Euro2012, especially after yesterday’s England’s loss (I support Spain & England), so I couldn’t handle another disappointing sport match today. But somewhat it’s a relief for me that certain players lost. 😛

        (I have no time to read your latest post. I’ll read it tomorrow & probably leave a comment. =P Have a nice day!)

        • mariposaxprs says:

          Sorry about England losing 😦 It’s the toughest to lose on penalties, I really thought they’d have a great chance against Italy. Also, this Wimbledon coinciding with Euro 2012 is such a disaster for me, schedule-wise! I’m being forced to prioritize what I watch…

          Please DO give DelPo a wake-up call! He listens very well to your “threats” (“not-so-gentle-encouragement” :)) Nalby losing early was a disappointment, especially b/c he lost to Tipsy (I don’t like Tipsy). Berdy losing was a surprise! It’s strange b/c I thought Berdy would do better on grass than on clay, but now it looks like he’s a ClayGOAT Jr. instead?

          I’ll send good wishes for Spain to beat Portugal (and more wishes to DelPo as well)! I’m also cheering for Germany to beat Italy!

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