Quick Update News Before Wimby Madness Begins

I just wanted to share a few links with you before Wimbledon officially starts:

  • Interview with DelPo from The Independent:  DelPo makes several interesting comments.  1)  He said it was only at Wimby last year, when he lost in 4 sets to Rafa, that he vanished his doubts about the serious wrist injury that had sidelined him.  2) He says that while his comeback was quick, the toughest part is to close the gap between the top 5 and himself.  Given how difficult it’s been for him to overtake Tipsy for no. 8, the route to the very top is his top goal.  3) This last point is surprising —- DelPo said that if not for his injury, he thinks he could have had a great chance to win the 2010 Australian Open.  This really shows all the difference that winning and confidence makes for a player.  May his big-dreaming and talking quickly return!
  • On a worrisome note, while DelPo’s game improved on grass in 2011, I wonder if he will make gains on that progress at Wimby this year.  Although he’s been practicing without knee tape, he’s told reporters that his knee still remains a slight problem.  He is also said to have played sluggishly at the Boodles exho, while Ferru and Roddick (who are in his quarter at Wimby) have just picked up titles at their warm-up tournys.  Yikes.
  • As for Nalbandian, the ATP said they will not be pursuing any action beyond the default and fine, for his incident at Queens.  This seems the most logical thing to do, given the actual scope of what happened.  Also, in contrast to what mainstream journalists have said, Nalby is not a grumpy loner.  He’s received the support of Cilic, Murray, Nadal, Anderson, Berlocq, Dabul, Martina Navatrilova and Jonas Bjorkman after his Queens incident.  Take that!
  • No more blue clay:  The ATP Board have decided that Madrid will no longer be played on blue clay.  While I think the surface had its issues, I’m disappointed that they gave up this idea so easily.  I think with the correct foundation, a faster clay surface would have been a nice mix to the clay season.
  • Uncle Toni Examines Rafa’s Progress: This link is an informative interview with Toni, who explains the changes Rafa made to his game this year.  Toni explains how he had Rafa hit his strokes with more bounce by jumping into the shot.
“Parody” commercial:
An Argentinean drinks company poked fun at Nalby’s Queens incident by featuring a Nalby-lookalike in their commercial.  The Nalby-lookalike is angry that everyone keeps mistaking him for Nalby, so he throws a tantrum:

I can’t imagine the linesman would be too happy watching this ad!


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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4 Responses to Quick Update News Before Wimby Madness Begins

  1. Candy says:

    Who knows? If not injured, Delpo could have won AO 10. He only lost to Cilic in 5 with a painful wrist in QF. However, I always refrain from thinking “what if Delpo hadn’t suffered from that horrible wrist injury”. It’s too sad to think about that, so just look ahead! 🙂

    Talking about Cilic and him providing “a helping hand in vanquishing some of the other bothersome threats”, it’s funny Cilic usually does this job for Delpo: not only that Cilic-Isner match, but also in USO 09, he beat Murray in R16 & then lost to Delpo in QF. Delpo then beat Nadal & Federer to win the GS! Hurray! 😛

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Given how well DelPo played at the end of 2009 at the WTF, he really did have serious momentum going for him before the stuff with the wrist happened. I love how confident he sounded about his 2009-10 form, and he’s doing very well to get back to that point. Agree about the “what if?” questions…they’re too sad, there’s still plenty to look ahead to!

      I feel a lot more kindly towards Cilic when he provides a helping hand, by defeating a once-confident Isner in Madrid and Muzz at the USO! Cilic is totally the “Robin” to DelPo’s “Batman.” Come to think of it, Cilic’s bright tennis outfits resemble Robin’s outfit too!! 🙂 But DelPo, of course, drives the Batmobile.

  2. It will be really interesting to see how Delpo does on the grass. Luckily there are few expectations and little pressure. The match-up with Roddick could be tricky, though.
    The ATP, for once, made a sensible decision not to take further action re Nalbandian. I didn’t get a chance to comment on your earlier post–it was absolutely the best recap of the incident I read. Even though you’re a fan, you didn’t let Naby off the hook but pointed out what a daft thing he did. But you also quite rightly called to account the journalists and others who were baying for his blood. One of the weirdest comments I read was to the effect that “this justifies the incident in Australia,” as if Nalby’s bad behavior at Queens somehow retroactively made it OK for for Nouri to have screwed up the way he did, quite possibly robbing Nalby of his AO match. Bizarrre!
    Fingers crossed that Nalby gets past Tipsy tomorrow–it will be tough! But I think the crowd will behave well–Nalby may actually get some sympathy as the underdog hounded by the media. Dale!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Thanks, Clare! I think “baying for his blood” is absolutely the way to describe how some journos reacted to the incident. I was also not a fan of the way certain fans used this incident to justify every bad match Nalby had ever had to undergo. It’s strange the lengths to which people will go to justify their “outrage.” I guess Kader Nouni (and his fans) are happy about it -_-

      It’s kind of strange that Nalby’s last two Slam performances have been somewhat….meek is not the word, but he’s been far from his best on the biggest stage. I hope he’s saving up that extra gear for Davis Cup!!

      I’m hoping DelPo can play to his ranking on grass!! The lack of grass prep worries me, but hopefully Robin Haase (whom I actually don’t not like) will not present too many problems. Maybe I should start a 16-hr “Not liking Haase” phase, just in case DelPo finds out! 😉

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