What’s the Time Difference Between Argentina & London?

Because DelPo looks awfully sleepy in his mugshot for the 2012 London Olympics:

I am perplexed, so I will hastily put together a defense for DelPo:  First of allz, this is DelPo’s Olympics debut, anyone would be caught dumbfounded and looking off-guard.  Heavy is the heart that carries his nation’s hopes.  Secondlyz, his hairs could have been having an off-day (honestly, it looks quite nice.  Just a bit all over the place, is all).  He looks like a bear in hibernation — I want to clap my hands in front of his face.  Maybe this is karma, for DelPo having such an awesome official ITF photo for the Olympics book?

DelPo recently confirmed in an interview that he will indeed be playing mixed doubles with Gisela Dulko at the Olympics.  Here’s Dulko’s photo:

DelPo-Dulko are supposed to be the most attractive mixed-doubles pair.  It’s criminal how the Olympics photographers managed to make these two look so sleep-deprived.  It’s okay, they’re still guaranteed to be adorably attractive.  Really, it’s Dulko who’s not pulling her weight here! 😉

For perspective’s sake, DelPo and Dulko managed far better than some of the other folks:

It’s just unfair what they did to Muller.  LOL forever at Roddick.  Nieminen has a halo, but Mother Theresa would probably not approve of his facial expression.  Goffin is way out of his league, he needs to be carded right away.

Other players managed quite well — Gasquet, Fabio (Fabs proves that win or lose, bad lighting or not, he will always look good), and Rafa.  Rafa and his amazingly cut cheekbones win the photoshoot.  As for Rog — well, he won Wimby, so it’s only right that he gets a bad combover for his mugshot!


Onto More Serious Topics:

The exhibition between Federer and DelPo, that will take place on Dec. 12, 2012 at Tigre in Argentina, sold out in record time.  Prices for the tickets were very expensive, with the cheapest seats apparently selling for around $700.  Gulp.

Meanwhile, DelPo’s been training for the Olympics and he released this photo of himself scrambling after a ball.  He seems to have dropped a bit of weight.  He seems very excited to play the Olympics for the first time ever.  This time four years ago, DelPo was ranked no. 44 in the world — he’d only just won his first title in Stuttgart, the first of four in a row that he would win that summer of 2008.  People can sniff their noses at the fact that DelPo embarked on his title run when all the big-name players were playing the Olympics — but for perspective’s sake, I ask you, how many of today’s young players would be able to accomplish that (even when spoon-fed the chance?  Seriously, who?  Tomic?  Harrison?  Young?  Even Raonic, for all his hype, seems suspect).  Besides, DelPo defeated Gasquet-Melzer-Roddick-Troicki to win his first 4 titles in 2008 — any right-minded tennis observer would consider those players to be quality opponents ( that is, excepting Troicki).  In any case, as of late July 2012, DelPo’s won 11 titles — including that big title, I think they call it a Slam!  Here’s to more titles in the tower’s future!

What is there to look forward to this summer?  For one, DelPo only has 360 points to defend for the rest of the year (not counting Davis Cup).  DelPo did not play the Asian swing last year and he did not play Paris, due to a lingering shoulder injury.  While DelPo has not had much luck playing the Asian tournaments, he still has chances to gain net points if he plays Paris and if he advances farther at the indoor HC tournys.  This creates a small dilemma, as DelPo’s Olympics bid may endanger his form for the HC season.  I guess we can take consolation in the fact that other players are also managing a heavier season due to the Olympics.

By my calculations, Tsonga has 2,855 points to defend.  Berdy defends 2,030 points, while the ever-present thorn in my side named Tipsy defends 1,740 points.  All in all, this is a great opportunity for DelPo to make his climb up the rankings and challenge Tsonga/Berdy.

Recent Bastad champion Ferru has a manageable haul of points to defend (1,450 points) — this means that Ferru has a great chance to end the year ranked no. 5.  That’s an incredible feat for Ferru, who’s won 5 titles this year (equalling Fed).

As for the Olympics, the points distribution is as follows:

Gold (750), Silver (450), Bronze (340), 4th place (270), QF (135), R16 (70), R32 (35), R64 (5).

The draw for the Olympics will take place on July 26, while the mixed doubles draw will take place on July 31.  More news to come!


About mariposaxprs

I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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10 Responses to What’s the Time Difference Between Argentina & London?

  1. Candy says:

    With GS’s SF showing, Tsonga still only stands at no.8 in the ATP Race while Delpo is no.6, ahead of Berdych who had a Masters final. Yes, Tsonga might have a not-so-good spring season & Berdy awful Wimbly outcome, but it also could tell that Delpo had actually done a not-bad job in the 1st half and had a certain level of consistency (even with some niggling injuries). He could have done better, but his achievement in 1st half is not as disappointing as many thought it was. 🙂 Just behind the Top-5.

    Those four Masters are crucial as he has only a total of 90 pts to defend in Masters. Also to make WTF & win a match at least. Would be good to grab a 500/ 250 title. Not greedy, all are reachable!

    Look at Delpo’s pic, it’s not even symmetrical. You can see the area of the white background on the right is larger than that on the left. What the hell were they doing? Not even an amateur one could make this. o_O
    But I don’t think it’s the Olympics’/ ITF’s fault. It’s more like their national tennis organizations. Czech’s and France’s players have their team’s outfit on! Team spirit! 🙂 I think some nation’s organizations didn’t arrange a photo shooting session & just asked their players to send their photos to them.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      That’s such a good point you make! I’ll admit I was feeling worried about DelPo’s losses at Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros, but the YTD ranking made me realize just how well DelPo has done this year. Maybe he hasn’t taken 100% advantage of his chances, but if he’s ranked no. 6 in the YTD (ahead of Tsonga & Berdy, who’ve both been having excellent seasons), then that says something about how well DelPo’s played. It’s definitely reassuring! Ferru seems like a lock-in for the no. 5 ranking right now, but I’m hoping DelPo can reach no. 6 ranking at the end of the year *antijinx* *not greedy at all*

      That’s hilarious if the players or the national tennis organizations are responsible for their own Olympic mugshots. I only now realized the Czech/French plyrs are wearing their country outfits — this probably means Franco or Martiniano were responsible for DelPo’s photograph (maybe DelPo took his photo right after he got up from the massage table, after a training session? :D) Bless him, and now DelPo will be seeded 8th at the Olympics, after Rafa’s withdrawal. It’s def not the way I would have liked it to happen, but it’s still good news for the big man…

      • Candy says:

        Delpo’s “only” 2050 pts away from Jo while Jo need to defend 2495 pts more than Delpo, so as long as Delpo manages to keep up with Jo (& Berdy) in the 2nd half, he can be no.6. Delpo managed to do better than them in the 1st half, so why *cough* not *cough* in the 2nd half *cough*. (eh, what did I say? *cough* nothing. (anti-jinx) )

        I guess Argentine Tennis Association did arrange a photo-shooting session. The backgrounds of all Argies photos are the same & the tone is similar (except Edu’s one). Whatever. At least Delpo tried to wear a smile 🙂 USTA couldn’t even get a photo from Serena! Fail!

        So sad Rafa couldn’t play Olympics 😦 I don’t want to see all 3 singles medals go to Fed, Nole & Andy. (But considering their performance at Wimbly, I’m afraid… ugh… hope not!) As for Delpo, at least now he doesn’t need to face Ferru/Jo/Berdy in R16 (if he makes it), so I hope he can make to *cough* QF (at least).

        • mariposaxprs says:

          I couldn’t stop myself from having jinx-inducing thoughts about how much closer DelPo would be to the top 5, if he stays on course for the 2nd half of the year. If he can continue to play like he has this year, and go for more (which I think he’s capable of doing), he can doooo iittttt!!!

          Yess, DelPo to the QF or a medalist performance! Being 8th seed is def an advantage he should work with. I think the format of tennis at the Olympics, along with the fact that it’s the Olympics, makes the tournament very different from a typical Masters/Slam — I’d be thrilled to see DelPo do well in London, esp since it’s on grass! Also, I just re-watched Gonzo’s retirement video, and his happy moments at the Olympics touched my heart — it would be great if DelPo succeeded him as a South American Olympian star 🙂

  2. Rita says:

    No wonder Nole said he’d cast Delpo as the “scary bad guy” if he made a movie. This looks like your typical mug shot. The wild hair is very sexy, though.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Haha, I thought that was funny when Novak said he would definitely cast DelPo as the villain in his movie. DelPo has a nice mugshot going on, no? Although he would likely be one of those characters who looks scary, but then when he starts speaking, he just looks warm and fuzzy. Therefore, he’d have to have a non-speaking role, in order to maintain the “scary bad guy” image. The hair *is* indeed sexy!!

  3. Iram says:

    for some reason i dont think ferrer will be able to defend his finalist points at shanghai…it’s going to be very difficult for him to. federer does have a lot to defend, esp Barclay’s. But i’m really happy he’s number one. (I know u might be thinking why that is because i write on Spanish tennis players) but the thing is I really do love Roger, and he quite simply is the best. 🙂
    Please t c. All the best for you and your loved ones. 🙂
    p.s. feli seems to be on track in Gstaad.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Thank you, Iram, best to you and your loved ones as well!!

      Ferru had such an awesome first half of the year, I feel like he could continue this streak he has going! It might be tough to defend the Shanghai finalist points, but I feel like this yr could be the year he goes all-out for his first Masters title. I’m looking forward to Feli doing well at Gstaad (it seems he gets to play the Olympics after all, now that Rafa is out? It’s mixed news for Spanish tennis, but it’s nice that Feli gets to play).

      I’m happy Fed’s number 1 too 🙂 Even though I like the Argentinean players and focus more on them than I do the other players, I agree with you that Fed is such a great example and it’s simply surprising how much he’s still able to do. Plus, he gets along with pretty much all the players, so it doesn’t feel like a betrayal when I celebrate Fed’s major wins 🙂

      • Iram says:

        thanks for ur reply…sometimes i get sarcastic remarks from my family that “why do i support spanish tennis but love roger at the same time”?!! I just do…it’s hard not to love such a well respected athlete that is the definition of a great tennis player. ok i could go on and on abt roger so i’ll stop.

        i am bummed abt rafa. hopefully whatever is bothering him will go away. there’s still another half of the season to get to!

        pls t c – have a good wknd.

        • mariposaxprs says:

          There should be a secret appreciation society for Federer 🙂

          I’m super-bummed about Rafa, it was plain surprising and sad news to hear. He played frighteningly well on clay this year, maybe it’s all the effects of that punishing his body now. I hope he gets better soon (and he’s proven he can overcome these injury problems, so that’s all the reason to hope!)

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