Olympics: DelPodium! He Medalled!

DelPo wins the first medal for Argentina at these Olympics and his first medal ever.  After a long wait, he’s moved back to the no. 8 ranking.  It may not be a gold medal tale, but this is tremendously well-earned for DelPo.

Photo: @JuaniCeballos

Apparently, the verb “to medal” or “medalling” is considered grammatically offensive.  However, since DelPo won a bronze medal by defeating Novak Djokovic in straight sets, 7-5 6-4, I will employ whichever verb feels appropriate now:

Photo: AP Photo

Photo: Getty

Photo: Telam

That DelPo pulled himself together after losing to Fed in that heartbreaking SF (by the scoreline of 17-19 in the 3rd set) is a major feat.  That he had pushed 7-time Wimby champ Fed to a high-quality match that was determined on a very fine margin, and then beat Djokovic (2011 Wimby champ) just two days later is another feat.  That he played incredibly well, perhaps at a level even better than his 2009 form (for tennis has changed since then too), in both matches is yet another accomplishment.

Although his footwork wasn’t as efficient as it was against Fed, DelPo still came out strong and he hit running FHs and DTL winners that frustrated Djokovic.  Novak’s reaction to an astounding FH from DelPo on BP was quite funny (I’ll post a link once I find the moment!)

Photo: Getty

So forgive him if he seems a little teary!

Photo: AP Photo

DelPo’s entire team jumped up to celebrate after he took MP.   I’m positively sure that Franco was crying.  DelPo had to cut short his ESPN interview, saying “I have to go, because I can’t cry on camera.”  But they were happy tears this time.

In his post-match interviews, DelPo said that he cried until 3 in the morning after losing to Fed in the SF, which makes me want to cry too.  But he regrouped.  He won a medal, by beating Djokovic, who is certainly no mug on grass.

Photo: Reuters

Fed and DelPo shared a lovely moment on the podium.  I’m so glad both of them made it to the podium in London — that SF they played was worth it.

Quotes from DelPo & Fed:

  • JMDP: “I’m the most happy man in the world at this moment. After a really sad day two days ago, it’s not easy to recover and to play these kind of matches. But I had energy in my body, in my heart, and that helped me face this big challenge.”
  • Fed: “I came out and I saw Juan Martin [on the podium].  I said, ‘Wow.  Great effort.  I’m so happy for you after the brutal loss’ … I don’t think many were favoring Juan Martin to win that match.  That was a great, great effort.”

This is an incredible result, on grass no less.

Muzz defeated Fed in straight sets for the gold medal, but I will get around to that later this week.  For now, only joy for DelPo!

Right after the match, Ginobli sent his congrats to DelPo, after having written a thoughtful blog post about DelPo’s SF fight against Fed (Ginobli wrote a near 1,500 word blog post about it.  He needed 400 words to explain why he didn’t attend DelPo’ match — it had to do with transportation problems and him needing to train for his own games or something, because he’s a basketball player.  Pfft, Ginobli, pfft! ;))

What a great win for DelPo — these past two years have been a tough battle for him, so this is truly nice and heartwarming to see.

Photo: @zabala7

DelPo’s trademark “I’m so ecstatic” locker room photo:

Photo: @zabala7


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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23 Responses to Olympics: DelPodium! He Medalled!

  1. Iram says:

    Wow, a lot of happy comments here from Delpos fans. 🙂 i thought it was wonderful that he could bring this medal back to Argentina. This is going to really help his confidence coming into the US Open. Honestly he’s gonna do even better in the second half of the season- I just have that feeling.
    And finally Andy could show his nation that he could do it! He was smiling nonstop in his post interviews. *The UK actually honored Andy is this postage stamp http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151091608303701&set=a.163005263700.118436.24410993700&type=1&theater) I am happy for all three guys! 😀

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Thank you, Iram!! I liked all the medalists this year at the Olympics — I would have substituted Ferru for Muzz and switched the order around a little bit, but Muzz-Fed-DelPo is a nice combination too 🙂

      And the fact that Muzz won in front of his home crowd was cool!! That UK stamp is awesome!! It was pretty heartwarming to see how happy his family was and how happy his fans are right now — I bet they’re starting new stamp collections now, huh? 😛

  2. Yay for Del Po! So happy for him, coming back after a tough loss like that to win the bronze!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Indeed, that’s the strength of the DelPo Army, isn’t it? I love that he came back from the tough loss too, to win the bronze. It makes it so special and I’m sure he and all of his fans appreciate it that much more for the story behind it!!

  3. Rita says:

    His physical recovery is truly remarkable which has to affect his mental state. Maybe all those households in ARG lighting candles before the Patron Saint of Tennis did the trick. If he stays healthy, he will sustain that mojo. I’m glad I bought my Saturday Cincy tix as they are now sold out.
    And who doesn’t need a good cry on a regular basis to purge the negative energy and tension? I like to believe the Argie team live like monks and have to cope somehow. I imagined their strumming their guitars to that apropos song from the movie “Freda” called “La Llorana” (the crying one). To think of Delpo crying alone into his pillow is more than I can bear but it would do quite well on eBay.
    Contrast this to Murray’s shallow show of genuine emotion after his matches. Those tears after the Wimby loss should be in the British Museum. Give me that Latin passion and legendary crying jags anytime.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I’d like to light a few candles in front of the Patron Saint of Tennis too! If he can stay healthy, I’d like to think he can further this momentum.

      Hahaha, the Argie tennis players are a passionate and emotional bunch. That’s what makes them so entertaining to watch (although sometimes, it’s a hair-pulling experience)! I think Pico probably typifies the “Latin passion” characteristic. He knows how to show his agony, whether he’s yelling at the sky or thrusting his chest out on court 🙂 I also prefer DelPo to Muzz, although I’d prefer to see happy tears from DelPo, as opposed to the other kind!!

      You must be looking forward to attending the Cincy tournament! I can’t believe it’s only a couple of weeks away! From what I remember, that tourny is extremely well-attended — please do share your photos and stories (of the Argies and the non-Argies) from there! 🙂

      • Rita Richardson says:

        I and others noted Fed did wear the Swiss flag at the Medal Ceremony, did he declare himself his own country now?

        • Rita Richardson says:

          Did NOT wear the flag

          • mariposaxprs says:

            Hahaha, it turns out Fed *is* the Swiss flag himself! I think at the end of the medal ceremony, Muzz draped both Fed and DelPo with the British flag.

            • Rita Richardson says:

              Now that Delpo is playing in Toronto and assuming he goes the distance, he won’t be in Cincy this weeked so when would he make his appearance? I would at least hope to catch him at a meet & greet or a practice before his first match.

  4. Candy says:

    Yeah, there’s a happy post. I thought you would share something here after the gutted SF. I was waiting for your post about that SF. But then I guessed you might be too sad to write something about it?! I’m still so HAPPY & still can’t gather my thoughts. There’re so many things in my mind.

    Look back what happened to him in the past few years, this medal really means a lot to him & us, his fans. *tears*
    I’m glad he earned a lot appreciation & respect from many other athletes, including Ginobili & Fed. (I promise, I will follow & support Ginobili more from now on & like Fed more.) And I guess he becomes a hero in Argentina “again”. When he decided to skip the DC’s first tie, they said he’s selfish, huh?! Now they say “Gracias Delpo”?! Oh well….

    OK, let’s enjoy this moment togethe first!!! >3 🙂

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hi! I did want to write something about the DelPo-Fed SF, but I’ve been having trouble finding the full match online. And I was also sad about it, so I didn’t want to write anything right away 😦 Though I’ll prob do an Olympics wrap-up post where I’ll cover how well he played in that match, and how he changed his game.

      But YES, right now is a happier time! The medal is a great reward for DelPo and his fans — because he’s come back from injury, b/c he made his way through a tough draw, and also that he did it all on grass! There definitely are plenty of positive points to highlight about this 🙂 I have officially started following Ginobli’s twitter now, and may cheer for Argie basketball every now and then, haha. Ginobli and DelPo are both medal winners now.

      Definitely, no one can say now that DelPo doesn’t care about his country. If his efforts alone in the DC final last year weren’t proof that he cares deeply about Argentina and DC, then this medal should firmly erase those criticisms from everyone’s mind!

      I def liked this Olympics, and want to enjoy these highlights! With cheesecake and Oreos, of course? (I think your *bribes* worked ;))

      • Candy says:

        The pic of Fed shaking hands with Delpo on the podium shows exactly how happy Fed was for Delpo. 😀 Everytime I see pics of Delpo on the podium/ with his medal, I still feel a bit unreal: He beat Nole, being on the podium with Fed & Andy, on grass. For real? 🙂

        I am supporting ESP basketball team, but now ARG even more. 😛 but ARG face BRA team, which is a strong team (according to my bro), in QF. If they get the win, they face USA in SF. 😦

        Haha. It’s so easy to handle kids who are greedy. Only giving them food/ snacks, they will listen to you. I guess Franco exactly uses this strategy to handle his boy. 😉

        • mariposaxprs says:

          People on Twitter said it looked like Fed & DelPo were getting married on the podium 😀 Muzz is totally third-wheeling it in that photo!!

          I’m with you, the entire past week feels a bit surreal. He played solidly against Dodig and Seppi, and he stepped it up against Kei, but I was unsure how he would play against Fed. *Then that SF happened.* I don’t think I’ve processed the way he played during that match. It was a long match, but it didn’t feel that way, b/c the scoreline was close and the tennis was also high-quality, you know?

          I only caught up with the basketball results online, but it seems ESP won in a violent match? I’m happy ARG won too! ARG will have to play the US again though, huh? Maybe they can pull off an upset again, I wouldn’t mind!

          After Toronto, maybe Franco should limit his offering of sweets to DelPo. Just for a week, so he can motivate the guy to play well at CIncy! I like this strategy 🙂

          • Candy says:

            haha. yea, I saw that “I now pronounce you…” pic ♥ 🙂

            Have u found a full match of Fed-Delpo? I have one in my laptop now. I may be able to send it to you if you want. But the file is very big, 6GB. Even the compressed file is 2GB.

            My bro watched all four basketball QFs yesterday lol (& he’s surprised I knew Scola :P). Not that I don’t believe miracle. But Team USA are just too strong. ok, we will see. 😛 (& vamos their hockey team too :))

            • mariposaxprs says:

              I downloaded a version of the Fed-DelPo match, but the file has no sound 😦 If you don’t mind me asking, did you use the t3nnis.tv site to find the match?

              Woww, your brother really is a basketball fan!! ARG can still win a medal though, right? (I have no idea if they do bronze medal matches in basketball…)

              Btw, did you see this tweet from Scola, right after DelPo won his medal? https://twitter.com/#!/LScola4/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2F9FAPhB83

              It’s kind of a stalkerish photo, I don’t know what Scola was doing when he took it, but I love the support between the Argie guys 😀 DelPo needs to stand & cheer for them, after all the support they gave to him last week!

              • Candy says:

                No, I didnt. (check DM.)

                Yea If ARG lost, they would face the loser between Russia-Spain.

                Haha. Yea I saw that Scola’s pic. I’m glad Delpo could at least go there & watch Bolt (& others) before he left, which made his Olympics 2012 perfect. 😀 haha. I think Scola was so excited to see Delpo there right after Delpo won a medal. Yes, Delpo need to support them more. It’s not fair that he still only watches footy from now on.

  5. Ohh that quote is an absolute heart-breaker! DelPo is quite sensitive, isn’t he? But I kinda love that about him. Tears of despair turned in tears of absolute joy all within the span of one weekend! I don’t know what this signals in terms of “being back” or whether another Slam triumph looms, but I do know that the pundits/journos shouldn’t just write DelPo off during Wimbledon anymore…I mean, he really showed that he can play on grass and that he can be aggressive to boot! Also, I don’t think anyone can question his patriotism now on and I hope he doesn’t have to listen to anymore stupid criticism when Davis Cup rolls around again!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      My heart kind of dropped after reading that, and I could totally see it happening. It’s amazing to think that DelPo played the mixed-dubs match with Dulko, almost right after losing the Fed match — then the media obligations, and then crying over the match late at night after it was all over.

      He really is a sensitive one! I love that about him too, that there’s all this stuff happening underneath his seemingly calm appearances. I’m def curious what the bronze (on grass!) means for DelPo down the road. Any right-thinking journo would now think twice before saying “since his comeback, DelPo hasn’t had that big win that makes him a big threat” — if the match against Fed weren’t proof of his threat-level, then the win over Novak officially confirms it. I have a tiny suspicion that he might be in for a slight comedown after the Olympics, but if he can continue this form at Cincy and the USO, good things are sure to come. For sure, anyone who accused him of being unpatriotic is eating their words right now!

  6. *thinks of DelPo crying until 3 am after losing the semi* *wants to hug something, preferably an Elf* Oh, I’m glad I didn’t see that tweet before the match, the thought of possibly seeing him lose and cry again would have been too much #softie But instead there were happy tears. So glad for him :))

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Isn’t it insane? My heart kind of dropped after I read that quote (thankfully, I didn’t see it until after he’d already won his bronze though — otherwise, watching the match would have been even more of a roller-coaster!)

      I need to find a clip of him taking MP and winning the bronze. It was so heartfelt, am happy for the big elf (who all too well understands the verb, “ugly crying” — except now, he gets to do “joyous ugly sobbing,” which is a look that suits him far better :))

  7. Rita says:

    It was an extraordinary match, everything came together. Nole was completely unnerved early on and it cost him. I still can’t believe how he dominated the match from the first serve and it took only 2 sets. Heaven definitely smiled on Delpo today. Even Fed looked like he was glad for his win. As someone pointed out, in tennis you had to WIN to get a bronze while the loser can get a silver.

    If he can just stay healthy, there’s no reason he won’t be in the top 5 again. I know the people of Argentina are preparing a raucous reception. Although I’d hoped to see him next week in Cincinnati, I totally understand if he wants to go home for for a well-deserved rest before the US Open – or will he stay in London for the closing ceremony with the rest of the Argie delegation and do his hard court practice there? He hasn’t cancelled Toronto either.

    I wonder if he’ll get sucked into the insane media vortex – I sure our Gentle Giant manages to escape their snares.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      That’s high praise from a tough critic!! 🙂 Seriously, I’m *so* happy that this bronze medal happened and that he won, even after the tough loss in his previous match. From the media quotes, it seems like Fed definitely had a new appreciation for DelPo, and was def glad to see him on the podium too!

      Even though DelPo’s ranked no. 8 now, he’ll have to play Toronto to stay ahead. The 8th seeding will depend a lot on how Tipsy does, and how DelPo plays at Cincinatti — it seems Cincy will definitely be a more highly competitive Masters, in contrast to Toronto (that gives you much more to look forward to in terms of attending the tourny, no? So lucky!) From what I’ve read, DelPo will fly to Canada and decide whether or not to play Toronto. For his sake and yours too, I’d rather he skipped Toronto and played Cincy, but I guess it will depend on how things go.

      It seems like it will be awhile before he heads back home to Argentina for a rest — maybe the media vortex will travel to him in America? Lol, I feel like DelPo needs his quiet time for awhile before that happens!

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