Toronto: Are We There Already?

DelPo, Murray and Novak have all committed to play the Rogers Cup (which Roger himself won’t be playing — Ferru and Rafa are not playing either).  There had been early reports that DelPo wouldn’t play, due to fatigue, yet he ended up deciding to play in Toronto.  Given the quick turnaround from the pomp and circumstance in London, I’m not sure it’s the smartest decision.  On the other hand, if Muzz and Novak are playing as well, at least DelPo won’t be the only one making questionable scheduling choices.

Each player has sufficient motivation to play this week: DelPo’s only 20 points ahead of Tipsy in the rankings, and he wants to continue his climb to the top.  Muzz trails Rafa by 785 points — if Muzz won Toronto, he could overtake Rafa for the no. 2 ranking.  Meanwhile, Novak won Toronto last year, so he has the full 1,000 points to defend.

After an opening round bye, DelPo plays Steps in his R2 match tomorrow — Steps leads the H2H 2-1, so this will be a tough opening test.  DelPo’s also decided to play dubs with Steps, which they will play tomorrow as well.  This is insane.

Tennis: It Never Ends!

The winner of DelPo-Steps faces the winner of Simon-Haas.  Sadly, Nalby lost his opening round to Haas in three sets, although Nalby did well to extend the match to a third set, having saved 4 MPs in the second set TB.  I guess it’s small consolation that we don’t have to see Nalby and DelPo face off against each other (thus preserving intra-DC-team harmony).

DelPo lost to Cilic last year in Montreal, so he has a chance to gain points here.  His best result in Canada is a finalist run in 2009, when he lost to Muzz.

(I wanted to write an Olympics wrap-up, but I will save that for the weekend instead, when the Olympics are officially over).


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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12 Responses to Toronto: Are We There Already?

  1. Rita says:

    I’m about to lose my mind over whether he’s coming to Cincy. In today’s Tandil press, he says he’s only in ARG for a couple of days then will go to Cincy. Right. I’ll believe that when I get there and see him in the flesh. I guess I’ll pack my Argie banner and hope for the best.

    Meanwhile, hope Pico wins Toronto to keep the Argie mojo going.

  2. Iram says:

    I know u’ll prolly write a proper post abt his loss soon. I know u’re dissappointed but I think he needs a lil rest up before the last major of this year. What does he need do to play in barclays? (My hubby perhaps jinxed him…he put delpo as a finalist in thee fantasy draw. My finalists r raonic and nole) 😛

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Thanks, it’s to be expected after the exhausting run he had in London (makes sense too, that Muzz and Tsonga either gave walkovers or lost). DelPo’s currently 6th in the Barclays race, but that could change a lot depending on how Berdych or Tipsy do this year.

      LOL, now I know who to blame for this early loss!! (j/k). Novak vs Milos sounds like it could be very possible — Novak’s draw seems manageable and Milos seems to be playing well, esp since it’s a home crowd. You may be onto something here!

      • Iram says:

        am i mean for suggesting delpo only and murray only did rogers for appearance money? I’m not saying they DID it for THAT reason…I’m just wondering is that a possibility??

        • mariposaxprs says:

          I don’t think it’s mean, I think that’s a fair question 🙂 Since Toronto’s a Masters though, plyrs don’t receive appearance fees. And I read somewhere that b/c the draw already included their names, Delpo and Muzz were required to show up to Toronto, even if they decided not to play. I guess they both decided they might as well play, since they had to show up to Toronto?

          It’s kind of a bummer that they weren’t able to play their best — I guess it’s the ‘Olympics hangover,’ heh. I still like Novak’s chances though, since he’s prob not as exhausted!

  3. Candy says:

    What the difference between Delpo in May & Delpo in Aug is that Delpo gets the 1st rd bye here which is very important. He has a day to “rest” & one less match to play. And of course, it’s on hard court now instead of clay. So I’m confident that Delpo can handle this, esp. with the experience he had in May.

    (I said to myself (or tennis gods?!) that if Delpo could win over Nole in the bronze medal match, Nole could win the QF match between in Toronto if they both made it there. lol)

    • mariposaxprs says:

      It’s a major relief he had a bye this year, because now he’s defended last year’s Canada points! It was kind of funny to hear journos say they expected DelPo to win Toronto this year, given all the games he’s played in the past week — he was dragging himself through the match against Steps, even though he def was putting in a competitive effort.

      I would have been in full support of the deal you struck with the tennis gods! 🙂 It’s a fine deal and he can now go back to Argentina and rest/celebrate (but I hope he doesn’t celebrate *too* much!) Let Novak and Muzz tire each other out by playing in the final, lol. My only worry is that Berdy or Tipsy will try to win Toronto, or that Milos might make a challenge — I’ll have to keep an eye on Tipsy for the rest of the week, grrr!

      • Candy says:

        Ahh… Tipsy may have a good chance of defending his SF/ even going to F/ winning the title. There are only Cilic & (tired?!) Nole in his half. ahh… Pls dont tell me Delpo won’t be the no.8 seed at USO. *cry* Perhaps I should call Cilic now & beg him to beat Tipsy? 😛 This Tipsy just doesn’t go away. #angry lol

        • mariposaxprs says:

          Yes, we’re counting on Cilic, it’s all up to him now! Cilic lost recently to Hewitt, right? I remember good things happening to DelPo after he lost to Hewitt at Wimby in ’09, so Cilic should follow that pattern 🙂

          I will be cheering for Cilic, Novak, maybe even Milos to take out Tipsy (I hardly ever cheer for Milos, but these are desperate times, lol!!)

  4. Rita Richardson says:

    I just watched Raonic wipe the court with Toicki on ESPN3 online this evening and he looks very good. I would love to see him play Delpo. I don’t know how to pray to the Patron Saint of Tennis. If Delpo goes the distance, he may skip Cincy or show up mid week. I had really wanted him to be there for the weekend events but hey, the guys on a roll and that’s just a bad break for me. He may skip Cincy and play Winston Salem next. He has to rest sometime. Pushing his luck now is taking a big risk. That ATP schedule is a killer. I may have to save my Argie banner for next Spring when they’re back in Florida.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      The quotes that he gave where he confirmed he’ll play Toronto imply that he’s super-intent on building his ranking. Personally, I think the smartest thing for him to do is to play 1-2 matches in Toronto, take a few days rest, and then put in a respectable showing at Cincy.

      Really, I think it all depends on how Tipsy does. If Tipsy can’t defend his SF points in Toronto, that means DelPo can afford to take a few days off — a R3 showing in Toronto, then a respectable showing in Cincy would be perfect for him. I really do hope he plays Cincy (somehow, Cincy feels like it will be more of a guide for USO form). There’s still hope for you to wave the Argie flag for him in Cincy!! 🙂

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