Toronto: Tower of Tandil in Argentina

DelPo lost to Steps, 4-6 6-7(5) in his R2 match in Toronto.

Steps was serving well, while DelPo’s timing off on his shots.  He was visibly exhausted, given the day he had to travel from London to Toronto, adjust to the time difference, and then play a match after the over six hours of match-play he’d had in the past week.

DelPo’s weakness in returning Steps’ 2nd serves and his mistiming of groundstrokes were evident, although he did play very well in patches.  It’s a disappointing result, but it’s also insane to expect him to do much in Toronto (Muzz and Tsonga are also out).  DelPo’s already in Argentina, where he will spend some time (in his presser, he was pretty vague when asked whether or not he would play Cincy, although there are now reports that he’s confirmed to play Cincy — I’d say it’s 70:30, that he will play).

His post-match presser (courtesy of @TennisNewsTPN):


Straight after his loss in Toronto, DelPo returned to Argentina and he wore his bronze medal during his press conference:

I think Nike should design new kits for him that feature a shimmery bronze medal in the front section of the shirt — he should then wear it for the next four years at every tournament he plays.  Nike should consult their color-wheel, to see which colors pair best with bronze.

(DelPo won’t return home to Tandil, as he’ll only be in ARG for a few days, to celebrate his accomplishment — it’s a bit worrisome, as other players like Ferru are already in Cincy to prepare.  Then again, this is a big moment and it’s only right that DelPo wants to recognize it properly).


Also, thanks to @CandyLaughLove, it’s been brought to attention that DelPo has started to follow “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen on Twitter!  DelPo’s mentioned he’s a fan of Springsteen’s music before and it seems like an altogether fitting combo.

Here’s a recent piece about Springsteen and I feel many of the sentiments expressed also convey why I’ve cheered for DelPo these past years:

Springsteen fans … don’t just respect the art, they love the man … His heart outweighs his brain (by which I mean to praise his heart rather than diminish his brain) … Writers who have outgrown the intensity of their adolescent crushes find themselves giddy teenagers again.

Some fans will tolerate criticism and accept that there’s a leap of faith involved.  In his essay collection 31 Songs, Nick Hornby concedes that his favourite ever song, Thunder Road, is “overwrought”, “po-faced” and “corny”, but argues that it “knows how I feel and who I am, and that, in the end, is one of the consolations of art.”  Say Born to Run sounds like Meat Loaf.  Say he’s a ham.  Say his lyrics are too obvious … Smart Springsteen fans won’t say “no” but “yes, so what?”

Say DelPo’s had a long way back from wrist surgery.  Say the question of whether or not he’s “truly back” has gone on for too long and that you’re tired of hearing about it.  Say whatever.  Yes, so what?  Indeed, that is the mantra.

After DelPo won his first doubles title in 2007, he said it was a day he would remember forever.  Then he said the same thing again in 2009 after winning the USO.  And now, again, after securing the bronze medal for Argentina in 2012.  He has that skill of conveying a possibly “corny” and “obvious” emotion without coming across as disingenuous.  You know how some people can say, “I’m so happy and thankful” and sound like they really mean it?  I think that’s what I like about DelPo — the talent and potential is there, but it’s also the subtext beneath his calm exterior that keeps me interested in his progress.

Let’s hope he rests up and gets ready for Cincy!  I hope Argentina prepare a small parade for him (DelPo likes firetrucks — anything less than that will not do).  As of now, DelPo is still the only medalist from Argentina, although the female hockey-team are guaranteed at least a silver medal on Friday.  Meanwhile, DelPo’s ardent supporter Manu Ginobli and Argentina’s basketball team are still in medal contention.


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