USO: The Left Wrist is Mysterious-er

In an ESPNDeportes interview from two days ago, DelPo updated us all on his left wrist situation.  So far, he has resumed training with his tennis racquets, but has been practicing his BH slices more often than his BHs.  From his quotes, it appears his wrist still bothers him when the ball is hit high to his BH wing.

DelPo’s left knee bothered him at RG, yet he still had a decent run in Paris.  This time though, a left wrist injury sounds more serious than a left knee injury.  This is probably because DelPo’s already had a history of serious wrist injury.  He was reportedly playing a bit cautiously during his training sessions in NY.

Photo: @FlushingFan

(Many thanks to Clare D. of @FlushingFan, who is at the USO this week, watching all the tennis action!)

Well, if DelPo’s still uneasy hitting his BHs, at least he will have a chance to practice his BH slices, right?  It’s not his prettiest shot but with a little luck and solid hitting from his FH side, he will still have a chance against Nalby.

Speaking of Nalby, El Rey apparently had dinner at the same restaurant as DelPo today.  But they were seated at different tables.  Leave it to DelPandian to spurn all the different culinary options in NY and opt for the same restaurant at the same time (and then not sit together at a table).

Still, one lucky fan was able to snap photos with DelPo and Nalby (the secret to taking a photo with a smiling Nalby is to accost him after a meal.  There’s a better chance he’ll be happy then :))  I guess we can assume Nalby knows by now that DelPo will be uncomfortable hitting high BHs?  I wonder if he sent “feelers” to DelPo’s table so he could gain more information.  This is why DelPo should eat room service, instead of dining in open spaces.  Spies!  They’re everywhere.


In other news, here’s a link to a great WSJ interview with Fed — he talks about his career, his family and his wife Mirka.  My favorite parts include his quotes about Mirka and also, his admission that he used to expect everything to come easy to him when he was younger.

The time has come — the first day of the USO starts today!  The DelPandian match will be played on Wednesday (the OOP has not yet been released for Wednesday).


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