Funnies: Parties, Gangnam Style and Etc.

Party Time in Tokyo:

Kei defeated Milos in the Tokyo final to win his first 500-level title.  This was a big match-up, featuring two younger ATP players.  Milosh reached the final after defeating Tipsy and Muzz, while Kei had defeated Berdy en route to the final.

It was genuinely inspiring to see Kei play and win in front of his home crowd.  He played very well and there was a cracker of a point in the first set TB that pumped him up.  Around this time last year, Kei was targeting a no. 45 ranking.  His quest to achieve the highest-ever ranking for a Japanese player was called “Project 45.”  Fast forward to October 2012: he’s now cracked the top 15.  I love seeing players raise the bar for themselves.

Nissin sponsors Kei — Nissin are also the maker of Cup Noodles.  You could see the Cup Noodles figurine at the end of the Tokyo court.  I hope Kei threw a Cup Noodles party for the ball kids after winning the final, as it would be a splendid rivalry for Fed’s Basel pizza party.  They should make it a rule that all 500-level tournaments should throw parties for the ball kids.

Fed with his pizza in Basel, Kei with Cup Noodles in Tokyo — can’t you imagine Ferru and Ferrero throwing a paella party in Valencia? Except Ferrero, being the Boss that he is, would be the only player to have a personal butler attending to him and serving him his paella on a silver platter with proper cutlery.

Gratuitous photo of Ferrero, the Boss.

Even Roger, GOAT that he is, serves the pizza to his ball kids!

Last year, Rafa was spotted taking a secret photo of the Cup Noodles in Tokyo.  Perhaps he is in the midst of plans to host his own special party for the ball kids in Barcelona?  That would be interesting, given Rafa’s distaste for tomatoes, ham and cheese.  I know —- Rafa should throw an olives party for the ball kids in Barcelona!  Rafa likes his olives.

Photo: @Rafaddict


Gangnam Style Hits the Tennis Tour:

I haven’t been as up-to-date with my tennis news recently, but I was delighted to see British player Laura Robson’s rendition of the “Gangnam Style” video, with other WTA and ATP players:

I think it’s crazy how popular the original video has become.  Fer makes a special appearance in this version and it is truly cringe-inducing and hilarious all at the same time.   Stosur is pretty awesome in her elevator scene.  I bet they originally recruited Fer for the elevator scene, but he started hamming it up so much that building management expressed concern over elevator safety.  So the producers of the video had to turn to a true master who actually knew what she was doing: Hence, Sam Stosur! 🙂

I genuinely don’t understand why they included Sharapova.  Plus, her pronunciation of Gangnam is awful.  She doesn’t even dance!  To loosely paraphrase Mao Tse-tung, “Dance or get off the pot!”


Li-Ning: Will They Be a Bigger Presence on Tour?

Chinese sportswear company Li-Ning recently announced a surprising sneaker deal with NBA star Dwyane Wade.  Wade left the Michael Jordan brand (a Nike brand) to sign with Li-Ning.

I mention this, only because there was a recent rumor floating around that DelPo was possibly considering a move from Nike to Li-Ning.  There are no official statements and no news sources to confirm what is still just a rumor.  Most tennis players wait until the year is over before starting a new brand contract, so it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything official until the start of next year.

In the possible event that Li-Ning do end up signing DelPo, I hope they make more attractive tennis kits for him.  Last year at Roland Garros, Marin Cilic (Li-Ning player) played against Spain’s Ruben Ramirez-Hidalgo (also a Li-Ning player).

They wore the same Li-Ning outfits.  Ramirez-Hidalgo proceeded to roll up one sleeve of his outfit (he played the entire match with one sleeve rolled up), perhaps as a way of distinguishing himself from his identically dressed opponent**:

I’m just saying, I hope they don’t do this to DelPo.


**Ramirez-Hidalgo ended up defeating Cilic at Roland Garros last year.  This lends credibility to the “sleeveless theory,” that some players are better capable of summoning their best selves, when they are unbothered by pesky sleeves.


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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8 Responses to Funnies: Parties, Gangnam Style and Etc.

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  2. Candy says:

    Aww. So prond of Kei! Also, I think Cup Noodles did a great job. Many ppl were talking about Cup Noodles during the Japan Open. Lol Kei, as an endorser of Cup Noodles, did a great job too to win the tournament sponsored by Cup Noodles on the home soil of Cup Noodles. 😛 I’m thinking what kind of party Delpo should throw? Coca-cola party? I hope Oreo sponsor Delpo one day so we can throw an Orea party. Delpo will do a great job in the TV Commercial like this. 😛

    Oh, if Li-Ning just give the same outfits to Delpo, then I don’t want Delpo to join them. At least Delpo has his name on his Nike shoes. Also, I don’t think many Nike players wear the same outfits as Delpo. Seriously, I see Berdy, Tomic and some other players sometimes wear the same outfits, but any players wear the same as Delpo?! I can’t recall any. Anyway, I miss sleeveless Delpo (although Delpo doesn’t have the muscular arms like Rafa’s lol).

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Yea, Cup Noodles should def plan a Cup Noodles party for next year! It’d be a great way to advertise the brand to tennis fans (who are prob staying up late in Europe/USA to watch in Asia, so they’ll be hungry when they’re watching! Perfect marketing opportunity :))

      I looovveee the mini-Oreo ad with Yao-Ming!! You’re right, DelPo would be *perfect* in that type of ad with his “mini-DelPo.” Remember mini-DelPo? Awwww, they should definitely throw an Oreo cheesecake party! With strawberries on top, to make the cake more “nutritious” (I’m so thoughtful, thinking ahead about the ball kids’ health ;)) Kids like desserts, so DelPo’s party would be the most popular for sure!

      Yea, I think it makes more sense for DelPo to stay at Nike. He tends to wear the same line of t-shirts as Berdy. But if I had to pick b/w DelPo and Berdy, I’d go with DelPo in a heartbeat (he’s younger, more accomplished, more popular, more potential). Plus, Berdy doesn’t have his own line of Nike sneakers! Pfft!

      One of the best things about DelPo in sleeveless shirts was the fact that he carried it off, even though his arms aren’t as muscular as Rafa. If Cilic wore sleeveless, he would look so thin. But DelPo managed to own the sleeveless look so well. It’s another part of his mystery charms 🙂 If he does end up at Li-Ning, I hope they further explore the sleeveless idea!

  3. Iram says:

    hi! hope u’ve been well

    I have a ?. I know u live in Korea so u must be right in the middle of all the madness that is surrounding PSY’s song. Can you PLEASE tell me what is the jist of the lyrics? I mean what does Gangnam style mean? And if I’m coming across as a doofus I’m sorry. It’s just that these things go over my head.

    *and did u see this?
    I love how Nico is the one who initiates the dance? 🙂

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hi Iram!!!

      The Gangnam Style song is basically about the type of girl that PSY wants to date (he wants her to be lady-like while also being attractive, etc etc). Gangnam’s an area of Seoul that has a lot of shopping, cafes — it’s where people go to meet up, so he’s talking about his “Gangnam Style.” I guess it’s kind of like having a “Miami Style” or doing something the “New York way”? It got so popular after the funny dance in the music video. Thank you for that video link! LOL, Nico is so funny. I hope he gains many new fans through this video! Last yr, so many people were dismissive of Nico, but he seems to be working his way to their hearts these days 😀

      • Iram says:

        oh my! thanks. now the song makes a lil bit more sense. wow that guy is probably a millionaire in Korea. When he was in U.S.A he hit up all the famous t.v. shows and radio stations. good for him.

        *I have become more of a fan of Nico, he seems to have a fun side too. ***Have a lovely weekend.

  4. There is no such thing as a gratuitous photograph of Juanqui 🙂 Especially photographs where he’s brooding handsomely. (Not that narrows it down much!). Damn, I’m going to miss His Bossness so much.
    Mandatory parties for the ball kids is a great idea–they work so hard. And the winning player is the waiter. And the tourney posts video! #ifweruledtheworld

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I knoooww, I’m dreading Valencia so much this year. Thank goodness there are troves of brooding Boss on the internet. He was the perfect personality, in many ways — classy, but cheeky! I hear Rafa’s attending, so he can pay his respects to Boss.

      That is a most excellent idea! The winning player should be the waiter and host the party for the ball kids! I think it’d be cute if players came up with the catering all on their own —- it’d be interesting to see what choices they would make for their parties, no? 🙂

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