DelPo is Nominated! Plus, He Returns to Tour in Vienna

Pop the champagne!

DelPo has been nominated for the 2012 Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award, which is voted by the players!  The other nominees are Marin Cilic, Roger Federer and David Ferrer.

In the true spirit of sportsmanship, I will now list the reasons why all the other candidates besides DelPo are simply unworthy of the venerable Sportsmanship Award (in the hopes that my slandering of other candidates will somehow heighten DelPo’s chances of winning).  Let us start:

  • Marin Cilic: Look, Cilic is a nice guy.  He has a good demeanor.  He’s one of those players you struggle to come up with words to describe, so you eventually settle on “nice.”  He also won Queens, when Nalby got defaulted in the final.  However, your opponent having an instance of bad sportsmanship doesn’t automatically make you the living embodiment of good sportsmanship.  We can do better than him!  BAM.  Cilic is crossed off the list.

So, who’s next?

  • Roger Federer: Ah, Federer. He is the seven-time recipient of the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award, and deservedly so.  He is efficient with his time on-court and a courteous gentleman.  No exaggeration, he earns top marks for being the public face of tennis for the past decade.  At the Olympics this year, Fed declined the opportunity to be Switzerland’s flag-bearer (in what would have been his third instance), in order to give another Swiss athlete the honor.  That led to this heartwarming moment at the Opening Ceremony, where Stanislas got to be Switzerland’s proud flag-bearer:

Photo: Getty

That was so sportsman-like from Roger!  He should do that again, with the Sportsmanship Award.  Fed should decline his nomination for the Sportsmanship Award and allow someone else to win it.  I hope Fed does the right thing here.  Do the right thing, Rog.

Do it for Simba:

Or, as we like to call him in the tennis world, DelPo:

vienna arrival 2012

  • So who’s the last man standing in the path of DelPo winning the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award?  Ferru.  If Simba had an older brother, he would be Ferru.  Simba occasionally has outbursts of temper, whereas Ferru is slightly more mature.  I am struggling to come up with ways to downplay Ferru.  He can be so irritatingly perfect, you know?  I literally can’t come up with anything right now, and this frustrates me.  On a somewhat related note, I remember DelPo once shared a photo of himself on a bicycle.  Months later, Ferru tweeted a photo of himself in full cycling gear, with a proper bike and helmet.  It was a classic case of overachieving elder sibling overshadowing the younger sibling at the dinner table.  Why do you have to be so perfect and over-prepared, Ferru, why?

Still, DelPo’s shown sterling sportsmanship this year!  So he may have declined to shake the ump’s hand after losing the Madrid SF.  But DelPo was playing Berdy in that match, which thereby nullifies the bad behavior.

Plus, DelPo is not a racquet-breaker.  This may or may not have to do with the fact that Wilson now refuses to manufacture more of his lucky K-factor racquets, which means they’re in limited supply, but let’s not digress here.

DelPo cleans his opponent’s sweat off Arthur Ashe Center Court, the very location where he was crowned 2009 USO champion.  He could have scolded the ball boy for not taking to the task, but he did the job himself:

Photo: Getty

DelPo then gave a splendid speech to the crowd and gracefully handed over the moment to Roddick after retiring him at Flushing Meadows.  Pure class.

Photo: Getty

Also, DelPo is nice to animals:

Yes, Ferru has his adorable cats.  However, I would argue that it’s tougher to show good sportsmanship to a butterfly, because butterflies are sneaky and they can flutter around at the most inconvenient times.

In closing, I hope I have convinced everyone that 1) Cilic should not win this award 2) Fed  should recuse himself and allow someone else to take the sportsmanship spotlight 3) Ferru may be perfect, but 4) DELPO DESERVES TO WIN, BECAUSE HE’S DEL-PERFECT IN HIS OWN WAY TOO.


Also, DelPo returns to the tour after a month off due to left wrist injury.  He plays his R2 match against Germany’s Daniel Brands in a few hours.  Updates to follow!


About mariposaxprs

I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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8 Responses to DelPo is Nominated! Plus, He Returns to Tour in Vienna

  1. Candy says:

    How COULD I miss this post?! I guess I was really too dizzy last week! /o\ Yesterday, I thought it’d be fun if you could write something about those ATP awards. Then I finally noticed this! 😀

    LMAO at every word from you & other people who commented here. If people could relate “hair” to “sportsmanship”… then I found a way to downplay Ferru! He’s simply too short for this award. Lol I’m sorry. Obviously Delpo is perfect for this award. “Height” and “Sportsmanship” have very close relations! No?

    How could you mention that “no handshaking” thing here & also post the video of Delpo kicking his bag in your recent entry? Delete them NOW!! I AM SERIOUS!

    (Also, I think all the nominees/ their team/ their fans should have debates. Cmon. You see the US presidential election, Obama and Romney, Biden and Ryan. ATP is a democratic organization I suppose (or not?! /o\) and ALL (except that “nice” guy, who’s his name? Chili or what?) nominees seem very perfect that we/ the voters don’t know who’s better. So just give us some debates, then we will know who’s the most suitable candidate! :P)

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hahaha thank you, Candy!! I hope you’re feeling much much better this week, with no more dizziness. I was sick a couple of weeks ago too, and it’s pretty annoying!

      Also, I think you have nailed the one criteria in which Ferru “falls short.” Of course, it’s his height! If Ferru gets extra points for his hair, then he should docked even more points for not being as tall as the other candidates. There should be a minimum 6’2″ requirement for winners of the sportsmanship award!

      Lol, the only reason I included the handshake incident was was out of my willingness to share an open debate with anyone who tried to argue against DelPo. Hahahaha, I suppose maybe I should delete the DelPo-kicking-bag incident though. That one’s still funny, whenever I look at it ;P

      And the idea of having a debate for this award is fantastic! I think there are plenty of fans who would gladly take up their players’ sides, and I think DelPo has an incredible team to support him!! (we’re like debate-masters). We can spend 2 minutes talking about Chiliccorn, before we move on to the important stuff: DelPoooooo! It would be pretty fantastic, I really hope this happens at some point! Maybe before the voting takes place, eh?! 🙂

  2. Iram says:

    😛 my vote is for ferru. U know I’m crazy for him.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Daww, I totally understand! Popular opinion seems to be that Ferru deserves it this year, and it makes sense. He’s worthy of the award. But I will continue to root for DelPo to somehow pull off a surprise win 😉 I just hope the Argentinean players remember to vote for the Sportsmanship Award, and that they support DelPo! Sometimes, it’s tough to tell whether Pico would support the Armada or the Argies. I think I need to schedule an emergency phone call w/Pico in Spain right now 😀

  3. lauraver74 says:

    Ahaha! Great piece, great try but no, sorry, downplaying David simply does not fly 🙂 Just look at his hair!!! Now, that’s perfection (and no, RF’s hair does not even compare with David’s rock star locks). Seriously, if David won, I would explode with pride, my boy!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hahaha, trust me, I have tried to find a way to downplay Ferru’s nomination and I am utterly failing at the task right now. Also, I’m glad that this award does not take hair into account (DelPo recently got a haircut, and let’s just say …. he’ll need a week or so to grow it out! ;)).

      I still hope for a very close race between DelPo & Ferru for the award! I’ll be fine with whoever wins it, as Ferru certainly is worthy of the honor. Meanwhile, I will of course continue to devise a top-secret plan for DelPo to score the upset 😀

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