London: World Tour Final & Suits!

DelPo makes his entrance on the red carpet at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.  He looks very jolly, as he clumsily fumbles his way onto the red carpet.

Photo: HinchadaDelpo

He’s back!

While the Paris final is set for tonight, the top 8 players and the alternates have been suiting up and having a celebratory dinner in London-town.

Here is a link to each player (minus Ferru, who is still in Paris for his final) holding up a mini-bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne.  DelPo looks mighty fine!  You can visit the linked site to vote for which player looks best with their mini-bottle of champagne — DelPo is currently in the lead, with 31% of the vote!

First, the WTF logistics:

Group A: Novak, Muzz, Berdy and Tsonga.  Group B: Fed, Ferru, DelPo and Tipsy.  DelPo will play his opening match against Ferru on Tuesday night, while Fed plays Tipsy on Tuesday afternoon.

DelPo participated in the draw and he conveys how I feel about his draw — slightly horrified at first, but feeling better as time goes by.

Photo: ATP

Frankly, I’m very worried about DelPo’s prospects here.  So many people seem to think DelPo can beat Tipsy and Ferru easily to advance to the SF, but let’s take a step back and remember that DelPo has lost to Ferru on clay, grass and HCs.  This is why I hope the Janowicz-Ferru Paris final goes over three hours, so that Ferru doesn’t try and pull another win off DelPo.  Ferru has become a source of troubles lately for the big man.

The fact that DelPo will play his most important match in the RR on his first day makes it that much tougher.  DelPo needs to beat Ferru.  Tipsy is a tough out, but if we assume DelPo beats Tipsy, he’ll need one more win in order to advance.  One slightly encouraging stat is that DelPo has beaten Fed in the RR at the WTF — remember that exciting three-set match in 2009?  So DelPo’s chances are still good, despite Ferru’s presence.

As for Ferru, may he play a long final against Janowicz in Paris!  Ferru can win Paris, if he wants.  But his fairytale ends there!  I know Ferru is a saint, but I won’t be swayed by those pretty eyelashes.  I get it: he’s a hard worker and he shows all the reasons why that is very important — tennis is not all about flashy shot-making.  But enough is enough.  DelPo, stand up for yourself!

Fed is a combined 30-3 against DelPo, Ferru and Tipsy (in fact, his only 3 losses have come to DelPo).  I hope Fed’s in fine form and that he resumes his show of indoor HC prowess (except against DelPo, of course!)


Onto the Ceremony!

There’s nothing like DelPo looking suave in a suit to liven up the proceedings!

I wonder if Franco was instructing DelPo on how to knot his tie, when this photo was taken.  How handsome is he!  The haircut has grown out nicely.

He looks like he’s running away from paparazzi here.  Only it’s DelPo, so he’s not actually “running away,” he’s just making long slow strides away from them!

DelPo can rock a suit. 

DelPo looks like a cool, calm customer, who is silently judging Berdy’s high-pitched whiny voice.  It’s so apt that Novak is chatty (and that he’s donned his eyeglasses, for whatever reason), while DelPo looks slightly bored.  I love it!

The rest of the gala video is awesome too.  Marcel and Marc! make an appearance.  I love how Max Mirnyi seems to be engaging in an eyeball contest with the camera during his interview (at 0:33).  Seriously, try to track the movement of Mirnyi’s pupils as his dubs partner Daniel Nestor speaks — so much hilarity.

Then DelPo makes his entrance at the gala!  At 1:00 in the video, DelPo points to himself and asks the staff member, “¿Yo voy primero?,” like he’s insulted that they would ask him to make his entrance first.  Thankfully, that dishonor fell to Berdy.  After Berdy opened up the crowd, DelPo then made his grand entrance to the gala!!  Fed makes his entrance at 1:43 and Muzz is creeping in the background — Muzz does a delicious glance-over of Fed, which is also hilarious.

The London WTF will be so exciting!  I love how comfortable DelPo looks in these photos.  He has that quiet air of competence about him, like he belongs.


DelPo Moves up to No. 7 in World Rankings

On the back of Tsonga’s loss to Ferru in Paris, DelPo will also move up to no. 7 in the world ranking.  This is incredible.  This time last year, DelPo was ranked no. 12.  He’s moved up five spots to take a firmer grasp of his top 8 status.  He’s also within striking distance of Berdy.  No. 6-ranked Berdy reached the SF last year at the WTF.  This year, Berdy’s in the same group as Novak, Muzz and Tsonga.  If he loses in the RR, DelPo has his chances at the no. 6 spot.  I am not trying to jinx DelPo — I’m simply incentivizing him.

More photos below, all courtesy of HinchadaDelPo:

Maybe it’s the lighting, but DelPo wins “best-looking” honors for this photo!

Berdy’s listed at 6’5″, while DelPo’s 6’6″.  Someone is lying, because DelPo looks so much taller than the rest of the pack.

I love this photo.  Fed is partying it up, DelPo is partaking in the rabble-rousing while managing to look cool, Berdy looks like a nervous twit, Tsonga looks strangely out of place and Tipsy looks even more like the odd man out.  As for Muzz, well he’s taken one step forward and is clearly trying to steal the spotlight from the others (I’ve heard this is a common tactic among stage actors).

That is all for today!  More to come once the WTFs begin on Monday!

Photo: HinchadaDelpo

He’s really back!


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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6 Responses to London: World Tour Final & Suits!

  1. mrdarnley says:

    Nice photos indeed thanks. How did the ATP get that venue? Either they paid good money or the Chief Justice is a tennis fan.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Thanks, I love seeing DelPo back in London!! I hope there are more funny videos to come from the ATP.

      The WTF Gala was part of a charity dinner they hosted for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity — apparently, they raised £400,000 that evening! That may make the Chief Justice even more of a tennis fan, I hope! 🙂 I’m curious too, how the ATP managed to get the venue — last year, they hosted the charity gala at the Battersea Power Station — maybe the ATP had more funds for the charity gala this yr?!

  2. Rita says:

    First my comments on the suits. What’s the point of dressing them up in the same suit and parading them around like a bunch of schoolboys posing for their class photos? First of all, it’s not a flattering style for every body. Tsonga looks best (he’s FRENCH after all) and Fed could make a flour sack look good. Poor Tipsy looked lost. The rest look like the stag line at the prom. I could tell when Delpo was tying that tie that it would end up too long and dangling out of his jacket which was too short; Franco may be a great coach but hardly a fashion adviser. The cut makes him look even more like a bean pole. The Brits are famous for tailors but don’t they have stylists? Next time, borrow David Beckham’s.
    Speaking of going stag, where were the ladies? Surely they deserve a new dress and big night out for their endless hours of sitting and trying not to look bored. I like to think if they were excluded that they were off together enjoying one of those infamous Brit hen parties.

    Glad to see Ferru’s big win at last. He’s so hard working and consistent I can forgive him for making mince meat of Delpo in their latest matches. His “tranquilo” mantra somehow fails him when he’s up against the Gentle Giant Killer. If Delpo unravels on court again, it does not bode well for showing he has the fighting spirit needed to break into the top 5. He sounds like just making the WTF is reward enough, like the Oscar losers who are glad just to be nominated.

    As for the Polish fellow, it’s a fair question how far he’d have gone if the top players had cared a hoot about this tournament. He’s darn good, but one robin doesn’t make a Spring.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I agree, the suits make them look like bankers. It’s not a bad look, but I wish they had something more thematic going on — remember when the world-tour finalists used to dress up in chang paos for Shanghai? (

      The ATP could’ve done a Harry Potter or Downton Abbey theme for this year, it would’ve been so much added hilarity! I have to agree with your take on DelPo’s tie — I don’t think he knotted it correctly 🙂 Muzz always does his ties well for these formal events. Overall, I think the suits were okay but a little too conventional for such a big event. I think DelPo’s suit is better than the one he wore at the 2008 Shanghai TMC. Remember this photo? 🙂

      I was also curious about the ladies. Only Berdy and Tipsy brought their girlfriend/wife to the gala — last year, almost everyone who was attached brought their significant others. I guess it makes sense that Berdy & Tipsy’s women would attend, as they’re both quite the fashionistas who don’t mind the spotlight, eh? 😉 It would have been nice for DelPo to arrive with his girlfriend (she was there in Paris, so I assume she’s gone w/him to London as well?)

      I’m super-nervous about the DelPo-Ferru RR match. I really hope DelPo hits him off the court. I feel like Ferru’s the type of plyr that DelPo is well-capable of beating, which is why it’s so disappointing when he loses. This RR is another test for DelPo —- let’s see if he can climb that Spanish wall! Good thing Ferru may be a little tired too, after beating Janowicz. This was my first time watching Janowicz play and I like what I’ve seen of his game — I hope he hangs around the top 30 next year. ATP needs young guns and better him than some of the other plyrs!

      • Candy says:

        *Obviously I’m catching up on your blog posts* 😀

        I definite think it’s so boring since the final showdown moved to London, when it comes to the costume!

        There’re so much fun in Shanghai! 2005: Another one, I forget which year, have to check, but should be 2003?! (Many photos saved in my computer disorderly Lol)

        London needs to think out some gimmicks no? They will hold for many more years?! They’re going to go for those boring suits every year?! (yea, Delpo looks great in suit, I shouldn’t complain, but still….)

        (Ok I have to go now. Vamos Delpo!) 🙂

        • mariposaxprs says:

          I LOVE the photo with Carlos Moya, Ferrero and Rafa! Shanghai had the best outfits each year. I love that these players come from all different countries, they work so hard to make it to the WTF, and then they wear these awesome outfits for the year-end finale. Why did London desert the idea! There are so many fun outfits London could do — they should consult the people who planned the Opening Ceremony at the Olympics!

          London are hosting the WTF until 2015, so they better come up with better ideas next year. Maybe a setting where everyone wears powdered wigs and old-fashioned 19th century clothes? They can have swords for their photos 🙂

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