London: Boris Becker Previews “The Other Group,” & Other Media Highlights

Ahead of today’s opening action at the London WTF (Group A plays today, with Muzz and Berdy kicking things off, followed by Tsonga and Novak), the ATP has released many videos for fan consumption.

Boris Becker (3-time winner of the season finale) is often a consultant who provides his expert opinion for these ATP videos.  He’s attired in a Burberry scarf and he speaks for a good minute and a half about Group A, before he shares his thoughts on the “weaker” Group B, which he ominously calls the other group.

Becker says Group B is primarily composed of baseliners.  Yet Novak and Muzz of Group A are hardly serve and volley types — Muzz is quite skilled at the net, but he rarely travels forward of his own volition.

Also, Becker says Group B is not composed of players who are strong on indoor HCs

Except Federer is in Group B and Fed has won the WTF a record six times.  Remember that, he’s defending champion.  DelPo’s coming off a strong season on indoor HCs and Ferru’s just won his first Masters title on the indoor HCs.  So I would argue that Group B is just fine, Mr. Becker, thank you very much!

As Becker talks inside the O2 arena, DelPo is practicing in the background.  This may be why Becker suddenly points to DelPo and calls him “my dark horse.”  I’m not sure whether to accept that as a compliment or a jinx.  We shall see.

Also funny was this ATP video where each WTF player introduces himself.  DelPo’s pronunciation of “appearance” (at 0:24) is comic gold.  It sounds like he was trying to say “operation,” but then he changed his mind and went with “oper-eance” instead 🙂

This is DelPo’s third appearance at the season finale.  Berdy and Tsonga are also making their third appearances at the season finale, yet Berdy and Tsonga are three years older than DelPo.  This goes to show just how much DelPo has achieved in his tennis career.  Ferru makes his 4th appearance, Muzz his 5th, Novak his 6th — and Federer his 11th season-finale!  Fed’s track record over the years is simply incredible.  I hope DelPo plays the WTF in the many more years to come!


Highlights from the Media:

  • Rankings update: DelPo has moved up one spot to no. 7.  Reeshie makes a return to the top 10!  I remember Reeshie was targeting a top 10 finish for the year, so this is a nice accomplishment for the Frenchman.
  • In Fed’s Daily Mail interview, he is asked what profession he would have chosen if he weren’t a tennis player.  Fed’s answer: “I would love to say something amazing like a ski instructor, but in reality it probably wouldn’t be anything that cool.”  Good to know Fed is a dork at heart, who secretly looks up to ski instructors 😉 Fed also shares that his worst pro moment was his 2009 AO loss to Nadal.  The interview is worth a read!  So is this interview with Fed’s long-time fitness trainer, Pierre Paganini.
  • This year’s surprise Paris finalist Jerzy Janowicz caught the tennis world by surprise with his great performance this past week.  In a short interview, Janowicz reveals that he would choose Eva Longoria to play him in a movie about his life … It seems Janowicz is a very complex character indeed!  I hope he becomes a more recognizable face in tennis next year, so we get to know more about him.

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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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4 Responses to London: Boris Becker Previews “The Other Group,” & Other Media Highlights

  1. Candy says:

    You’re so mean and rude! How could you laugh at Delpo’s English!! Are you laughing at my English all the time?! XD But that “oper-eance” is really so funny :P. Ferru pronounces that word in the similar way too. haha.

    I’m happy for Matosevic for winning the ATP’s most-improved player Award! He came from nowhere this year. I still remember when I watched him in Delray Beach, his breakthrough tourney, I “disliked” him because of his annoying grunts Lol. But after his IW’s kindness, I started to like him. I now even find his antics cute. Lol 😛

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hahaha I can’t help it if he insists on pronouncing “oper-eance” like that! I might have to imitate that now, whenever I mean to say “appearance,” lol 🙂 Your English is perfect, there’s nothing to make fun of!!! (not that I would make fun, I only make fun of DelPo :D)

      I totally understand what you mean about Matosevic! He is definitely a little bit odd, but after Indian Wells, I feel more kindly toward him. Now I find his style of tennis somewhat entertaining. It’s kind of funny how he seems to operate on different planet! (which is a similarity he shares with DelPo, haha)

      Given how Tomic is going through a rough patch right now, I hope Matosevic can take the lead for Australian tennis (just not against DelPo, of course!)

  2. Rita says:

    One commentator noted the imbalance in the draw saying Group A should be called “Boodbath” and Group B “Pillowfight.” Of course, Rafa’s absence is a big factor. At least they are back in their natural habitat/attire today and hopefully donated those awful suits to Oxfam. I’m sure the fact that homeboy Muzz won both the Gold and US Open had all the venues begging to host the WTF gala. Perhaps the missing ladies were out having their own hen party, way more fun that this stodgy affair. They deserve it for the endless hours they have to sit around looking interested.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Haha I like “Pillowfight,” but only when DelPo has the pillows on his side. I miss seeing Rafa on tour, but it’s nice that one of the big 4 stumbling blocks is out for awhile too, you know? It’s interesting to see how the other pieces fall into place when one of the top 4 is out. Although of course, I do hope he makes a recovery and returns to tour!

      Muzz seems to be gunning for the WTF this year. I’m happy Muzz beat Berdy — Berdy has to defend SF points, and there is an outside chance of him falling to 7th in the rankings, depending on how the others play!

      Haha, I personally think the ladies would enjoy the O2 tennis action! I’d have more of a hard time sitting out in the hot afternoon sun — at least in the O2, it’s indoors and they have fancy light shows and all the flash factor 🙂 I really, really hope DelPo can pull off a win against Ferru today!! Let’s hope he does it!

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