London: One Must Carry On With Life

DelPo continues on with his life!  He’s alive in the RR group!

After losing his first RR to Ferru, DelPo said “In this tournament, you can’t get too down on yourself.  I am still alive.”

Photo: Getty

DelPo played to a straight-sets win over Tipsy in his second RR match at the WTF.  He won 6-0 6-4 in just over an hour.  He was playing more impressively than he had in his loss against Ferru, which again raises the bothersome question — why couldn’t he start out this strong against Ferru?

In any case, DelPo’s victory over Tipsy means his chances of reaching the SF are alive.  Manchester City striker Kun Aguero sat in DelPo’s box to watch the match.

Afterwards, DelPo invited Aguero to play “footie tennis” with him inside the O2 arena.

DelPo has quite the fan-boy tendencies with Martin Palermo, Carlos Tevez and Kun Aguero.  DelPo had openly stated his wish for Tevez and Aguero to watch him in London.  So far, Tevez hasn’t shown his face yet — perhaps it’s because Tevez is still embarrassed from his “footie tennis” display way back in 2009?  I would be embarrassed too 😉


Who Needs to Win on Saturday?

Fed defeated Ferru in straight sets, which means Fed has already qualified for the SF.

DelPo’s last RR match against Fed is a must-win situation.  DelPo needs to beat Fed to reach the SF.  It doesn’t matter whether he wins in 2 or 3 sets: if DelPo beats Fed, he can make the SFs.  If DelPo should lose to Fed, he still has a chance of reaching the SF if Tipsy should pull off an unlikely upset over Ferru.

Fed was not playing well against Ferru, although he did raise his level just enough to make it a straight-sets victory (which brings his career H2H against Ferru to 14-0).  While Ferru played impressively, he couldn’t convert more than once on the 10 BP chances he had.  Still, Ferru was still in fine form and his odds against Tipsy are favorable.

Tipsy himself was quite the pitiable figure, as he tweeted a sarcastic message about playing a match that lasted over an hour against DelPo.  Tipsy’s apparently been ill since Paris, where he suddenly retired against Janowicz due to “extreme fatigue.”

Now, I can understand if Tipsy wants to play his 3 RRs in London, as it was an accomplishment for him to qualify for the WTF this year.  However, he should keep his smart-alecky comments to himself, as his sarcasm comes across as disrespectful to the fans who pay good money to attend these matches.  If he can’t bring himself to put on a good face for his third RR match, he should step aside and let the first alternate Gasquet play at the WTF.

As for DelPo, let’s hope he plays his best tennis against Fed, like he did in Basel.  In 2009, DelPo beat Fed in 3 sets to reach the SFs at the London WTF.


Rumors of DelPo’s move to Li-Ning Grow Louder

The @TennisConnected account restated the rumor that DelPo was considering leaving Nike for Li-Ning.  They said DelPo’s agent Ugo Colombini had secured a six-figure deal for DelPo at Li-Ning.

In an interview earlier this week, DelPo’s agent Ugo Colombini said that it’s tougher for DelPo to fulfill his marketing potential, due to Argentina’s lackluster economy.   He says,

One problem for Del Potro is that Argentina’s economy is not so strong right now.  Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have 70% of their sponsorships in their home countries.  As Argentina is currently going through a tough period, it’s difficult for companies to approach Juan Martin.  When a country is well-off, they’re able to pay more for their local stars.”

Li-Ning is a Chinese sportswear company that has many Croatian tennis players in their tennis stable.  I’m assuming DelPo’s rumored move to Li-Ning has to do with the six-figure deal they are reportedly willing to pay him.

All of this is good and well, except this part that bothers me: Why would Nike let go of their lone top player from the Americas?  Why can’t Nike pony up the cash to keep DelPo signed?  Are Nike seriously counting on John Isner to move product for them in the American markets?  I know patriotism is a strong component of marketing, but that seems like a stretch.  In his career, DelPo’s accomplishments rank far higher than Isner’s and DelPo has more future potential than Isner.  DelPo is also better-looking and younger than Isner, and he has a more charismatic presence.  Whichever way you slice it, whether you quantify it or you rely on subjective marketing theories, DelPo is the better catch.

Maybe Nike are hoping Ryan Harrison will break through and cause an uptick in t-shirt sales?  I can’t understand their thinking here.

Mostly, I’m put off by the fact that if DelPo were an American, Nike would maybe have worked harder to keep him signed.

For now though, the DelPo-Li Ning partnership is still a rumor.  Nothing is confirmed yet.


On a much happier, carefree note!

Kids, they say the darndest things sometimes.


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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4 Responses to London: One Must Carry On With Life

  1. Candy says:

    Haha, Rita! I do sometimes wonder what Franco does in his private time after coaching and anything he has to do with Delpo. This man is so mysterious for me! And he’s so cool and calm! 😀

    *fingers-crossed* Please win Delpo! How amazing it would be if he’s in the WTF’s SFs along with the top three, just like the picture at London Olympics! I’m so nervous! Can he do it?!

    The first moment I saw that “six-figure deal”, I was a bit surprised and bitter. Six-figure deal is a small deal for an international figure which is very promising and a GS contender. I admit, as I said before, Delpo’s not “that” famous worldwide outside the tennis circuit at the moment. But what if he wins a GS (or more)/ becomes no.1 in the future? Of course, we don’t know if he really can win GSs again or what. But they gotta invest in some young promising players, no?

    Ok, they might think they can still do it for some good years with Fed and Rafa. They don’t need Delpo in the next few years. Then, after some years, Delpo’s not young anymore. They may not need him in the future either. Plus, they have many top WTA players. Ok then, Delpo. I will go to buy a pair of Li-Ning shoes if you move to Li-Ning. 😉 (Are there Li-Ning shops in your place? 😉 )

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Yea, the rumor of the Li-Ning deal made me curious about the endorsement deals other tennis plyrs have with their apparel companies. I assumed DelPo was already making six-figures a year from Nike, but I guess that’s not the case? That’s disappointing, given how his past success should have entitled him to something. The same source for that rumor also said that Berdy might be leaving Nike for Head Apparel — either there are a lot of rumors or Nike Tennis is planning a major change?!

      I haven’t seen any Li-Ning shops in Korea yet! I know that they have shops here though, because they have a Korean website. I will have to go searching, if he does end up switching!!

      DelPo has started his match against Fed!!! Vammoooosss DelPo, I hope he can make a great match!!

  2. Rita says:

    Delpo did pick up his game yesterday but not good enough if Roger is in top form Saturday. Tipsy made some amazing shots int he second set which makes up for his bad manners. You are right that he should step aside if he’s not feeling well and wants the have a pity party.
    I have to comment on Delpo’s man crushes on soccer players. He was photographed wearing PINK jeans with Palermo outside an Argie restaurant during the USO which could be easily misconstrued esp. in NYC. It may just be that he’s still a big kid at heart who idolizes Argie sports heroes but his bromance with Palermo seems really intense. It looks like he sent the GF back home so he can enjoy guy time with his buds. Spending 24/7 with ANY girl, even a “bomboncita,” can get to be a drag after a while regardless of the obvious benefits.
    I’m curious about what Franco does in his private time. Does the man have a life besides coaching? He could use a decent haircut, too.
    It would be too bad if he left Nike; China is buying up athletes like every other commodity in the world. But business is business and these players only have a limited number of years to make big bucks. Is that why Tevez and Aguero left ARG for the U.K – money?
    I’ll go now and light some candles to the Patron Saint of Tennis for tomorrow’s match.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      DelPo’s match against Ferru was disappointing, but he eased quickly into his match against Tipsy. That said, I felt like there were moments where the momentum could have changed, esp in that 2nd set. Maybe that was the “adjustment” match he needed for this tournament?

      Hahahaha DelPo looked great in those pink jeans! It reminded me of Ugo wearing purple jeans when DelPo won the USO. Although that makes me wonder — is DelPo taking fashion advice from Ugo? Uh-oh!

      Franco seems like such a calm, serious soul that I’m curious too how he spends his personal time. I know he has a tennis academy in Argentina, but I haven’t come across any other tidbits about his life.

      *Lighting more candles to the Patron Saint of Tennis* The match starts in a few minutes now!!!!

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