FedPotro Delights at Tigre & La Bombonera


The bromance basically wrote itself.  After two days of exho matches and tennis clinics, DelPo and Fed finished the Argentina-leg of Fed’s Gillette tour by clasping hands and being utterly lovey-dovey.

Federer DelPo post match

They even wore matching outfits for a “couples photo,” even though Fed opted for a less fluorescent shade of neon green:

A Recap:

After Fed met with Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner, he had a tennis clinic with young children.  DelPo also attended this event, and many adorably entertaining photos followed:

In the photo below, I like how it looks like DelPo is sidling up to WTA tennis player Ornella Caron, who also attended the clinic.  I get the sense Ms. Ornella Caron wanted a photo with Fed, but then DelPo grabbed the space next to her.  I say the photo turned out better for it!

Photo: @LeTenisse 

The First Exho on 12-12-12:

The first exho took place on Dec. 12, 2012, which for the superstitious folks, was an ominous date.  Perhaps this explains why the exho got off to a rocky start, as stadium safety issues delayed the exho by an hour.  Quite a few Argie journos and fans noted that the wooden paneling made the makeshift stadium a bit nerve-wracking from a safety standpoint.  The organizers set up what looked like chicken wire at the back of the stands, in an effort to contain the crowds.

Still, over 20,000 people showed up to each exho.  Although the first night’s exho was a bit serious in tone, DelPo played well to win in three sets.


On the next day, Dec. 13, Fed and DelPo played a game of “footie tennis” at La Bombonera stadium, home of DelPo’s beloved Boca Juniors team:

Back in 2009, after DelPo won the USO, La Bombonera was the site of a big congratulatory parade for him.  It was also in 2009 that DelPo fanboyed Fed and gave him a signed Boca Juniors shirt:


Fast forward three years and FedPotro are both playing at La Bombonera.  In a way, DelPo’s dream came true, as Fed will now say he is a Boca Juniors fan.

A number 10 and his number 9, with the real number 9, Batistuta!

AFP Getty_La Bombonera

DelPo and Fed showed nice teamwork as they played.  It was pointedly funny how DelPo was clearly trying to “make the assist”for Fed, rather than try anything himself.

The second exho was much more entertaining and it featured some fantastic points.  Fed hit many tweeners, a shot that normally incurs the wrath of his fans.  For an exho though, it was the perfect touch.  DelPo was down 0-6 in the second set TB.  During the changeover, DelPo and Fed shared a mighty hug.  Aww.  Fed won the second exho in straight sets.

As for Fed, he has now met with Pele, Gabriel Batistuta and the President of Argentina.  He is receiving the rock-star treatment on his tour of South America.  It’s been fun to follow.  The Argentinean leg of his  journey provided many fun moments.  He is now onto Colombia, where he will play Tsonga on Dec. 15.

As for DelPo, he will play an exho against Fernando Gonzalez on Dec. 21 in Mendoza, Argentina.  This will mark Gonzo’s farewell to the tour (he played his last official match in Miami this year).


More Funnies & Photos:

  • Brazilian Pacman: I’ve been laughing at this clip of Fed playing “Brazilian Pacman”with a piece of fruit at a Sao Paulo market.  He’s really been enjoying his time and showing his dorkier side to the greater world.  I think Gillette brings out the dorkerer side of him.
Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

I also like this photo of Batistuta, Fed and DelPo in the Boca Juniors locker room:

Fed’s departure from Argentina feels like the end of summer camp!


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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6 Responses to FedPotro Delights at Tigre & La Bombonera

  1. Iram says:

    Hi! First of all I’m so sorry for not commenting lately on your blog. I do read it, but around this time I have such few moments where I can sit down and note some thoughts!
    I love the pics u posted> I NEVER get to see Roger playing (even for fun) anything other than tennis. So seeing him kick a soccer ball is cool. Even cooler was seeing Delpo and him drench each other in champagne.
    What do u make of these exhibitions of Delpo and Fed? Do u think they can perhaps be closer? (in regards to friendship?)
    One last ?… I’m rally looking forward to seeing the new Columbia tournament in 2013. Since it is in South America how do u like Delpos chance of winning it?
    p.s. I’m sorry if this was posted before, but I read somewhere that David Nalbandian will be a daddy soon, is that true? I didn’t even know he had a wife/gf?!! 😛

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hi Iram!!

      No need to apologize, the holiday season is such a hectic time. I have trouble keeping up with all the latest news myself! I hope you are doing wellˆˆ

      The FedPotro moments were so nice to watch during Argentina’s portion of the Gillette tour. I’ve seen Fed play exhos before, but I guess the South American tour was different, b/c he was paid so much for playing these exhos, which meant he had an extra responsibility to engage the crowd/fans. In that sense, I liked that he brought out his entertainer side 🙂 Since Fed has played exhos against rivals before (Rafa, Novak), he won’t have trouble when he plays competitively against DelPo in the future. I hope we get to see more sweet moments like this!

      I’m not sure yet whether DelPo will play the Colombia tourny. Since he does tend to use the period b/w Wimbledon and the USO to visit home, maybe he could arrange to play in Colombia? I’d really like to see him play there!

      And it’s true Nalby & Victoria are expecting! Gisela Dulko is also pregnant! This could mean a winning mixed doubles pair from Argentina in 24 years or so! ;D

      • Iram says:

        hey I know this is an off-topic ? from your blog, but you honestly know more trivial stuff AS WELL as the sport. (I promise I’m not trying to dumb down your blog) 😛 but do u know who is Juan Carlos Ferrero’s gf these days? I never see her or he doesn’t tweet pics of themselves. I’m not sure if he’s a very private person?!

        • mariposaxprs says:

          Hah, no problem at all! From following the sport, I am very interested now in any news related to the “off-court” lives of tennis players.

          I remember JCF was in a long-term relationship with a woman named Patricia Bonilla? I remember seeing her in the stands when JCF won Stuttgart last yr (here’s a photo of her with JCF’s father: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/aZH40X7nq2Q/0.jpg)

          I don’t know if they are still dating though. During Valencia this yr, I did notice that JCF kept exchanging Twitter messages with a female Spanish reporter (if you check his Twitter feed @juankiferri, you can see it. I think she was the first person he sent a message to). I can’t remember if I saw a GF cheering for him in Valencia this year…so I don’t have the full answer 😦

          • Iram says:

            I think Patricia was his gf for quite some time. Then she eventually married someone else. I saw a very pretty girl in his box in Rome against Roger Federer.

            Anyway, that’s pointless. I was just asking for fun.

            **What I wanted to say was I hope you and your loved ones have an amazing week. Happy Holidays. Wishing you the best from a very chilly California.

            • mariposaxprs says:

              Oh no, I didn’t hear about that! 😦 I will have to keep my eyes open for more JCF news!

              Happy Holidays to you too, Iram!! I hope you enjoy the times with your family and that you’re staying warm in California!

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