Funnies: Jeremy Chardy is Human

Normally, I would try to work up a nice hatred and disdain for Jeremy Chardy, given the way he pulled off the unlikely upset over DelPo in five sets at the AO.

However, Chardy’s Kia Open Drive video is too funny not to share.  He maximizes his French accent to full effect here:

Chardy’s imitation of a barking dog (at 0:37) is especially hilarious.  I can’t even hate him anymore, it’s too good (he was still barking at 0:52).

Given Chardy’s off-court troubles, I admit I feel a certain amount of empathy for him and I don’t begrudge him too greatly for defeating DelPo.  I wonder if I’m suffering from Stockholm Syndrome (although my so-called Stockholm Syndrome has somewhat paid off, when it comes to DelPo vs. Fed in 2012).

I found it highly coincidental that a Julio from Chile asks Chardy about his secret weapon at the AO.  I was fully expecting Chardy to say, Set up DelPo by frustrating him with my backhand slices, before winding up a ballbashing forehand that would make James Blake blush.  Instead, Chardy credits his success to “A nice girl.”  Intéressant.

Chardy concludes the interview with a karaoke segment, featuring France’s national anthem (at 1:26).  He does a swell job, but I think DelPo did a better job of keeping a straight face while he lip-synched to the flamboyant mariachi band that sang Argentina’s national anthem during the opening of the Gillette exho against Fed in Tigre.

I’d argue that DelPo’s lip-synching performance rivals that of Beyonce’s own “performance” at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony!

In any case, I begrudgingly admit that Jeremy Chardy had a very entertaining Kia Open Drive and that he’s not entirely evil for having defeated DelPo.


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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13 Responses to Funnies: Jeremy Chardy is Human

  1. says:

    Where, oh where has our Delpo gone after his stunning defeat at the hands of the unseeded but charming Chardy? Is he in seclusion with his shame and disgrace with the DC opening series looming just days away? Is he smarting from Nalby’s relentless carping and martyr act? Jaite’s coy flirtation? Even Pico alludes to his struggles in assuming the mantle of ARG’s DC number uno in the face of his own lesiones. Then there’s a certain irate young lady who drops a stink bomb in the media every few days and leaves cryptic tweets. Can it get any worse? Does he deserve a turn in purgatory, after all? He says he doesn’t owe anybody anything, so you just sit there, Juanma querido, and as Wilander suggested, decide why you’re playing this season. We’ll be there when you emerge from your funk and restore your game if not your honor.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hah, Nalby’s actually been more restrained in his comments about DelPo & DC. Well, he managed to throw in a small jibe (he said DC was “only a 4-week commitment”), but I was expecting much worse during Nalby’s ESPN interview. At the very least, Nalby does seem to grudgingly respect the fact that he’s not the controller of other players & DelPo may have other priorities.

      It’s tough to imagine how personal/professional turmoil will hurt a player, but I can’t imagine DelPo’s having an easy time of it right now. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say he’s going through a bumpy time, given his early loss at AO. The DC tie probably doesn’t help, which would be all the more reason for him to get to Europe early, so he can acclimatize himself and tear through the indoor HC portion!

      He may have had a delayed start to the season, but the hope is he finds his consistency again when he comes back in less than two weeks. If only for the sake of making Mats eat his words!

  2. I didn’t watch much of the AO this year (the joys of living in the EST zone…most of the action takes place during bed time!), but I’m glad Djokovic won! The media narrative if Murray would have won would have been just too convenient ya know? (aka as soon as he won his first GS and started believing in himself, the flood gates just opened blah blah blah). Although…I’m wondering how the media will spin Murray’s loss this time? What are they going to blame it now?

    DelPo’s loss to Chardy was just soo frustrating! Seriously, Chardy?!!! Plus…I wanted to see him play Murray again 😦 They haven’t played against each other since…2009, I think? My 2 cents was that he couldn’t adjust to playing during the day, when he had been previously playing in the evening. It was the combination of the heat, not being able to sleep/eat at his usual times. But…thats the name of the game during GS! He’s kinda where Djokovic was in 2009/2010…capable of brilliance, but only able to produce it in certain conditions. Its a shame b/c Australia should have worked for him…hard court, fast surface, you know? Why doesn’t he ever play well Down Under!!?

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hi Megan!

      You didn’t miss much during the AO final this year! I totally agree w/you that Novak’s win was the “lesser of two evils.” I too did not want to see the flood gates open with “Muzz breaks through & steamrolls the pack w/Lendl at his side!” I actually wish Lendl would decide to go back to his golf & let Muzz deal with a more conventional coach (Muzz always hijacks the best of the coaches!)

      After the final, there was a poor article that said Muzz was a one-Slam wonder — that was unfair to Muzz. Otherwise (based on what I’ve read so far), it’s British journos saying Muzz lost b/c a bird feather distracted him & led him to double-fault on a critical point in the 3rd set. I’m not making this up! Muzz also played more poorly in the 3rd & 4th sets — he called for a trainer due to blisters on his feet & he moved sluggishly in the 2nd half of the match. So far, it seems feathers and blisters (and scheduling) are the reasons for Muzz’s defeat.

      Jeremy Freaking Chardy! I will forever be anxious now when a stylish, crafty French player lands on DelPo’s side of the draw. And to think I’d predicted Adrian Mannarino in R1 would be the real problem for DelPo 😦 — if only i’d foreseen the real problem that was Chardy. It was just surprising how poorly DelPo played early in the match against Chardy (more errors, passive in rallies, FH hit with too much spin). What a shame, since the conditions do suit him better in Melbourne. Perhaps he needs a bit more time to settle into the new 2013 season & build momentum (I’m looking forward to his return on indoor HCs). We will cheer him on as he goes!

      • Hello! I managed to see the ‘feather point’! I caught the replay on tv right around that point! I’m thinking if Murray was so out of it to be annoyed and taken out of the game by a feather, he probably wasn’t in the right mindset to win! I hate the One-Slam-Wonder label. 😦 I think people (especially journos!) tend to loose perspective especially in this current era that we are in. Not everyone can be Federer, but winning a GS is still an incredible achievement. Out of the 1000 men ranked, only Fed, Nadal, Nole, Andy, DelPo, and Hewitt have slams! I hate how not winning enough somehow takes away from winning one, you know?

        Btw — I too have heard Stephanie dumped him. He deserved it of course, but I’m actually surprised she left him. I know she’s a ‘model’…but it doesn’t seem like she’s a model, model, you know what I mean? She’s not Giselle, in other words…so I don’t doubt dating an athlete helped her career and I’m actually pleasantly surprised since most WAGS never want to jump off the gravy train regardless of cheating scandals! I wonder if the backlash/embarrassment with this scandal and the Davis Cup situation will sour him from returning to Argentina at every possible opportunity. The kid needs to just stick around Europe for the clay season and get adjusted to the conditions to help him
        for RG. I too am wondering where he is! Is he already in Europe?

        • says:

          FYI, Stephie’s been a professional model since age 14 in ingenue magazines, long before Delpo tried to get her into bed at their first meeting in a nightclub. He had to chase her for months before she’d even go out with him so it’s not fair to say she was just in it for her own advantage. She agreed to keep a low profile, didn’t parade their relationship in the tabloids, was not showcased publicly until recently. She’s also a university student. It wasn’t his first dalliance, either, so she’s entirely justified in dumping him. I just hope he didn’t leave her a little “souvenir” if you get my drift. So please don’t lump her in with the WAGs; is that where you’d put Djoko’s and Murray’s ladies?
          Nobody adores Delpo more than I but there’s no way to whitewash his behavior here and suggest this young lady got what was coming to her.

          • I don’t think I suggested she got what was coming to her. I agree with you, DelPo deserved to be dumped!

            Btw- I actually knew all that stuff about Stephanie! She seems like a very nice/pretty girl and DelPo totally blew it. In my earlier post, when I referred to her as not-Giselle, my implication was only that she wasn’t a house-hold name, per se. And by referring to ‘WAGS’, I literally meant the definition of ‘wives and gfs’….so yes, by that definition Novak and Murray’s gfs are WAGs. I’m aware there is a more negative implication from the term WAG, generally used in the football context, but that was not the definition I was using in my post.

            Basically…all I was trying to get across was that I was surprised she dumped him, that’s all. I’m not exonerating him for his behavior, not condemning her. Sorry if you read something else into my comment. Cheers!

        • mariposaxprs says:


          Definitely, I hate how the term “One-Slam wonder” is thrown around so carelessly. Even Gaston Gaudio, the player that many consider to be a one-Slam wonder, beat Rafa 3 times on clay during his career. From what I know, Fed & Novak each have 2 wins over Rafa on clay (so far). That goes to show that Gaudio wasn’t exactly a hack who somehow ended up winning a Slam. Slams don’t simply fall onto the laps of undeserving /untalented players. There should be more recognition for all the players who win them.

          Stephanie gave an interview where she talked about the break-up. I can see why she dumped DelPo (he deserved it), although it’s sad to see. I was a bit surprised when she talked about not wanting to be associated w/DelPo anymore — she’s not a “household name” in Argentina (not a Gisele), so I guess it shows she wasn’t with him solely for the “gravy train” aspect. In the end, she turned out to be pretty classy. *SIGH*

          Ever since his loss to Chardy, there’ve been no news items about DelPo. I assume he’s back home in Argentina, before he leaves for Europe’s indoor HC season. I know he often trains in Miami, so he’s probably either in Argentina or Miami. I wonder if he’ll give interviews when the DC tie starts without him this weekend!

          • says:

            So maybe Delpo’s in Miami? That’s just down the road from me, if we could find out if/where he is, I could run down there and spy on him LOL. I have an Argie friend looking out for sightings, too, and can’t wait to hear something. Was his new PR agent hired to keep him FROM the media or what? Somehow I’m feeling let down by the notoriously diligent paparazzi, I’d think they’d be all OVER Delpo right now. Seriously, he must be hurting being vilified daily for the DC decision and his ex’s sharing his rather pathetic, schoolboy-ish attempt at reconciliation. She suggested he brought flowers; next time, TRY A BIG ROCK! What did Beyonce say? “If you like it, put a ring on it.” And bring Dr. Phil to mediate. He did, after all, admit to being “mentiroso” so anything he says can’t be trusted.
            Well, adelante to Rotterdam where folks are less emotional, it’s so damn cold there.

            • mariposaxprs says:

              A DelPo sighting in Miami would be awesome, given his low profile these days! Do you know if there’s an “Argentina Town” in Miami, like there’s a Chinatown in most cities? 🙂

              Jorge Viale, the guy in charge of DelPo’s PR, was in Tandil for a day (about 2-3 weeks ago). I think the DC uproar was the main factor behind Viale’s appointment. Previously, it seems DelPo’s father had been involved in determining which journalists received information (this was an arrangement many Argie journos weren’t too happy with). Viale, as a well-respected tennis journo, is likely to know better how to take command in these situations and who to consult.

              I’m starting to get miffed with Stephanie’s quotes. I thought she wanted to distance herself and not speak of this anymore? Wasn’t that her aim, to not be defined by her previous relationship with DelPo? Let’s give her until the end of January to get everything out of her system (so technically, she has two days left!)

              • says:

                I’ll have to look for the Argie Village next time I’m there. If nothing else, should be a great place to find wonderful food and great looking men hehehe!
                Let’s be patient with Stephie, imagine she’s still in shock from the devastating revelation that the guy she was ready to have a family with turns out to be a two-timing t*&d. Been there, done that. Frankly, I wouldn’t be so restrained and hope she spills EVERYTHING about the last 3 years she wasted. I love her recent tweet: “I’m making changes in my life and if you don’t hear from me, you’re one of them!”
                Now back to the tennis – oh, wait, there IS no news in this twilight zone. Let’s just hope Delpo’s training as hard as Muzz has been, isn’t he in phenomenal shape? Our boy had gained 10 lbs before the AO and he looked really buff, especially his legs. I read somewhere that the guys below the top 4 are getting older, more injured, and discouraged at their prospects of ever moving up. Maybe Delpo’s talk of being numero uno is just that, planted in his mind by some happy-talking amateur sports psychologist AKA his press agent to parrot at every opportunity. He hasn’t got the game to back it up, so stop saying it. I’m all for positive thinking, but he’s starting to look slightly delusional. He should ban using the phrase along with “complicado” and “important moments.” He needs a new vision, a new goal. If not #1, if not a one-slam wonder (no shame in that BTW), where would a good place be for him? May I suggest the Special Olympics Tennis Team? He’s especially fond of his Downs friend and seems to have a heart for children, not a bad way to spend one’s life.

  3. Candy says:

    Hahaha. I like Chardy (even though he beat Delpo). I like his game. I now like him even more knowing he’s such a great and funny character. It would be great if he really made Top 10 one day.

    “A nice girl”? The girl whom he “allegedly” has a (hidden) son with (P.S. We’re just joking here. Lol)?! 😛 Ok, seriously, it’s really sweet of him to credit his “success” to “a nice girl”. (It’s ironic if we look at Delpo’s situation. haha. Chardy, did you say that on purpose?! Right after your success against Delpo?! huh?! :p)

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Omg maybe Chardy really does have a hidden son then, LOL!! ;P I kind of wish I had submitted a question to AO’s Kia Open Drive now! I actually wondered too if Chardy’s response to his success was a dig at DelPo. SIGH. I hope DelPo rolls over him the next time they have to play each other!

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