Funnies: Word of the Day at Rotterdam

DelPo Gives a Zombie-Like Press Conference:

Courtesy of DelPo, the word of the day at Rotterdam is “tournament.””

In his pre-Rotterdam interview, he repeats the word “tournament”seven times in 20 seconds:

“This tournament is a big tournament, 500-tournament, 500-tournament and it’s important for me to play this week…”

Yes, DelPo, Rotterdam is a tournament.  The presser is actually sort of hypnotizing to watch.  That said, I hope DelPo is slightly more alert for his R1 match against Gael.  He was reportedly a bit grumpy during his first training session.  In the rest of his presser, he stresses his need for a strong performance at Rotterdam, given his weak performance at the AO this year.


FedPotro Training Session:

Perhaps due to Krajicek’s influence as a TD, he was able to bring together last year’s finalists Fed and DelPo for a training session at center court.

More goofy FedPotro training photos followed:

2013 Rotterdam - Federer Del Potro training

It looks like Fed is sharing jokes with Franco Davin.  About what?  DelPo’s volleys?  DelPo is all, “Guys, can you not?  I’m sitting RIGHT HERE.”

2013 Rotterdam - Federer Del Potro training 2

“Seriously, I’m sitting right next to you!  I’m even playing doubles with Llodra, to brush up on my volleying.  Stop making fun!”

The photos above are taken from the Henk Koster photography site.  Please visit his page, as his gallery contains many fun images from Rotterdam.  I really like his photo of DelPo teeing off on his BH against Fed, during their practice session.

Last year, Fed and DelPo trained together in Rotterdam as well.  It’s nice to see them back after the AO.


Drama in Rotterdam (Part II):

Last year, Alex Bogomolov Jr. said DelPo was “pathetic,” for not signing an autograph for a child in the rain.  Bogo Jr. later apologized and had a training session with DelPo at Rotterdam (it was his way of making amends).  That incident was kind of funny.

This year, Sergiy Stakhovsky has taken it up a notch.  He criticized the Rotterdam courts for being slow.  On his very active Twitter account, he took a swipe at DelPo in the process:

Stakhs is a career 1-5 at Rotterdam.  Two of his losses came via retirement.  Although Stakhs has two indoor HC titles, he’s never made it past R2 in Paris.  He lost in qualies to Ernests Gulbis at Rotterdam this year.  I’m not sure he should be comparing himself to Krajicek.

Perhaps Stakhs should further establish his indoor HC credentials before making light of DelPo’s run to the final last year (after all, DelPo’s indoor Marseilles and Basel titles weigh more than Stakhovsky’s Zagreb and St. Petersburg.  DelPo’s also not a pushover at the WTF, as seen in ’09 and ’12).

To an extent, I get the complaints about homogenization of surfaces.  Still, I don’t think it’s an excuse for losing.  That seems kind of quaint.  It’s similar to people who spend way too much time complaining about how no one listens to vinyl records anymore.  I understand when Fed brings it up, because Fed has earned his right to comment on this issue.  After all, he’s won on both slow courts and fast courts.  Llodra is another player who excels on fast courts and he’s proven his worth as a player by excelling when he can on that surface.  Stakhovsky, however, is more of a baffling case.  Either way, he’s out this year at Rotterdam (Gulbis, meanwhile, has qualified for the main draw).


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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10 Responses to Funnies: Word of the Day at Rotterdam

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  2. says:

    I was wrong, Delpo HAS been photographed with bad hair. Can you post Delpo’s Olympic credential’s photo next to his Rotterdam head shot and maybe the Miami supermaket shot? Can we send him a good hair brush and bottle of styling gel?

  3. Iram says:

    oh my Rafa lost! And on clay. Nevermind the rust he’s come back with. Let’s take into affect that he’s the best claycourt player and that too he was beaten by a guy ranked out of the top 70- who has a poor record coming into Chile!

    I like how Delpo and Roger seem to get along well. Do you think Delpo will win in Rotterdam? I’m honestly not sure, it seems like there are quite a few talented players at that venue!

    *Have a great week. 🙂 take care.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I agree, the Rafa-Zeballos result is very surprising. I thought Rafa would have a tough time against Chardy, but after he beat Chardy easily in the SF, I assumed he’d be a lock for the title. I guess this result shows he’s human after all. DelPo returned to tour after 8 months off w/injury (and surgery) and he won his first 250-title after two months (he reached the SF at IW shortly after) — I guess we should give a similar time frame for Rafa, even if he is on clay? Although I admit, I was very, very shocked when I heard Rafa lost after being a set and a break up over Zeballos.

      After DelPo’s loss to Chardy at the AO, I’m less certain of his prospects at Rotterdam. I really hope he can play well, as he’s defending finalist points and he has a chance to overtake Berdy for the no. 6 ranking (but that’s only if he wins the title). For now, I’m mainly worried about DelPo’s R1 against Monfils. Hopefully, DelPo can make his way through this draw! I would like to see another FedPotro final.

      Take care too, Iram! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  4. Rita Richardson says:

    It wasn’t really Delpo at the presser but a clever automaton. Aren’t they getting better and better, just like the real thing? The voice chip just got stuck on “tournament.” Ditto the rest of what he had to say, just repetition of the same old drivel. Just look at that bad hair cut – would the real Delpo be seen in public with a bed head? The faux Delpo also has way too skinny legs compared to the fine, muscled gams we saw at the AO, like they ran out of material.

    No, the real Delpo has yet to arrive in Rotterdam, he’s actually been kidnapped by some irate Argies still smoldering over his DC refusal. For punishment, he’s being forced to shower with scrawny, ugly women…… I have this on good authority.

    Can we observe a moment of silence for Rafa’s inglorious defeat? Will Zebellos take Delpo’s place in the hearts of the Argies with his stunning upset of the King of Clay? Now that Delpo’s agent has put out a lengthy reiteration of the obvious – that JM’s NOT playing the DC – the poor dears need somebody to fill the void in their hearts.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hah, DelPo’s toothpick legs won him the USO in ’09 so I’m sure the slight weight loss won’t hinder him too much 🙂 I actually think he plays better when he’s on the leaner side, so maybe it’s better he’s lost some of the muscled gams he had at AO.

      Zeballos’s upset was crazy. Credit to him for playing well, even if Rafa’s still shaking off the rust. I wouldn’t put it past Argie media to highlights this win as a “Zeballos overtakes DelPo, he’s worth more!” headline. But we all know that’s not true. It’s strange to think Zeballos is actually 3 yrs older than DelPo! They’re so dramatic with everything 🙂

      Rafa’s loss today made me think of DelPo’s R2 loss to Florian Mayer at Sydney in ’11. Those were tough times, followed by the R2 loss to Baggy at the AO! I think Rafa will be just fine — it’s only natural he’ll have to work thru some ups and downs before he finds his rhythm again. Even Serena Williams had her share of troubles when she returned after nearly a year off tour. I’d put more weight on how Rafa plays at Monte Carlos, when the stakes are higher. I think the whole reason he elected to play the Golden Swing is so he can settle into his game in a lower stakes environment. Plus, Rafa’s ranking only fell to no. 5, so it’s not like he’ll be meeting top seeds in early rounds like DelPo did in ’11.

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