DelPo Makes an Appearance & Other News from Around the World

  • DelPo withdrew from the Madrid Masters to recover from a serious flu/virus.  He seems to be in better spirits, as he made an appearance at La Bombonera, for the football match between Boca Juniors and River Plate.  These two teams have a fierce rivalry (Nalbandian is a River Plate fan).  DelPo cheered for his beloved Boca Juniors.  He took photos with fans and gave a short TV interview.  For now, this seems like a positive sign that his recovery is under way.  He is said to be training in preparation for the Rome Masters


  • The Portugal Open final between Stanislas Wawrinka and David Ferrer ended with a surprise victor: Wawrinka pulled a pretty big upset to defeat Ferru in straight sets.  In 2012, Wawrinka had lost in the Portugal Open SF to DelPo (in a very well-contested match).  This year, Wawrinka was in amazing form during the final and he ended up as the well-deserved champion.  He also broke his title draught by defeating the world no. 4, which added to the positive feelings.  He’s now joined the ultra-exclusive “Portugal Open winners” club, known to many as the 5th Slam club.


Stan seems a worthy successor to DelPo.  Stan is also the second Swiss player to win the Portugal Open (a fact that he was repeatedly reminded of during his post-match interview), after Federer in 2008.  

  • In much more unfortunate news, John Tomic (Bernard Tomic’s father and coach) was reportedly arrested in Madrid, after he assaulted his son’s hitting partner, French player Thomas Drouet.  It appears Drouet and John Tomic had an altercation, after John Tomic tried to hit Bernard during a practice session in Monte Carlo.  Drouet had stepped in to protect Bernard from his father.  The fight continued until the team reached their hotel in Madrid — Drouet was reportedly found with a broken nose and fractured vertebrae outside a hotel in Madrid, a scene that Dolgopolov and Tipsarevic witnessed.  This is very troubling news from Tomic’s camp.  John Tomic has a history of troubled relations with his son — it was only a year ago that Bernard asked for his father to be ejected from the stadium during a match.  At this year’s Australian Open, Federer had been asked about Tomic and Raonic’s future prospects (after he beat both youngsters).  Fed’s observation rings especially true at this moment:

What I like about Milos, let’s just say, he seems very committed and he seems like he has his team set up, travels every week with the same kind of guys … The rest is sort of taken care of, which is the good thing, the business side, all the PR … he seems like he’s in a good place where he can just really focus on tennis. 

Whereas I think Tomic still needs some time to figure out his team, figure out all the other things that are happening. 

Tennis has a history of fathers who become too involved in their son/daughter’s career — there are plenty of cases of abusive father/coaches as well.  Bernard Tomic does not have the functional and stable team support that is key to a player’s tennis career.  Whether he can extricate himself from his father’s grasp will be a key to both his success and safety.  Let’s hope he can find more constructive mentors outside of his family.


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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9 Responses to DelPo Makes an Appearance & Other News from Around the World

  1. Candy says:

    Finally, there’s an upbeat tidbit. Since Miami, every time when we talked about Delpo, the topic had always been negative (e.g. loss too early at Miami & MC, family matter, MTO controversy, Delpo’s illness, withdrawal from Portugal and then Madrid, etc.) I kept saying I was sad/ worried/ frustrated…… I felt bored of saying the same (negative) things all the time. lol I got tired of this negative vibe.
    So it’s so great to see this “positive sign”. It’s refreshing to see Delpo have some fun out there watching his beloved Boca. 😀 (Delpo might not be very happy though as Boca could only make a draw (1-1) and went 11 matches without a win. They’re currently at 18th out of 20 teams. Oops.)

    (Apparently, there was crowd violence during the match. I’m 100% sure (just joking) that the “hostility” between Delpo & Nalby stemmed from the Boca-River rivalry. One day, they were chatting in the locker room. Then they talked about futbol..…Then… about Boca & River. Then yea…. They fought. :P)

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Indeed, plus DelPo’s back practicing now, so things are looking more positive! It was pretty bad when DelPo got the virus after losing early in MC. Things looked pretty dire, but the positive feelings are back now.

      It’s been a pretty rocky start to the season, hasn’t it? I know what you mean about the constant negativity becoming discouraging. To an extent, we’ve been spoiled a lot by DelPo’s consistency after his comeback in 2011. For the most part, DelPo has been a very consistent player and he worked his way back to no. 7. Now that he’s reached no. 7, it will be tougher for him to continue the upward movement. Let’s hope he can adjust to the new challenge. A great start at Rome would be preferable!!

      Poor Boca 😦 Hah, I noticed that they’d tied with River. I think it’s hilarious and so fitting that DelPo & Nalby support different teams, lol. Weren’t River relegated last year? I was worried about safety too. I hear those Boca-River matches are very wild and fans often get into fistfights with each other. Maybe DelPo gets “VIP” seats where he’s safe?

      • Candy says:

        Yea… Great to see Delpo post a pic of him practising and say he was improving his serve! 😉 Yea, the positive feelings are coming back! Also, the man whom Delpo met a few days ago is a one-handed magician?! It’s a perfect meeting for Delpo then. You know, Delpo usually has to play with only one hand (with either right or left wrist injury /o\). I hope that man had given Delpo some tips on one-handed magic. 😉

        Btw, we still need to be realistic though. Should we lower our expectation now? I think I will take it if he doesn’t lose very early at Rome & RG. R16 will be the pass mark maybe?! I don’t know. Even when he wasn’t sick or anything, he still could lose in earlier round, so…… (But I’m still hoping for good things……)

        (I think you follow Spurs’ news sometimes coz your brother likes them if I remember correctly?! And I think you like Ginobili. I don’t know if you noticed it or not but Ginobili’s last-second game-winning 3-pointer in their SFs Game 1 vs Warriors is so awesome, especially after he missed on a 3-pointer attempt with 40+ seconds left. He went from goat to hero within 40+ seconds. I didn’t watch the game actually but I could feel how sensational it was. Hope we can feel this little positive Argie vibe from him. :D)

        • mariposaxprs says:

          After reading your comment, I looked up the magician’s bio. Wow! I’ve now added that part to my latest post on DelPo’s long awaited return at Rome! We should ask the magician to help DelPo when one of his hands/wrists/arms are injured. This could be a great alliance. I feel much more positive already 😉

          It’s tough to manage expectations for DelPo this year. Back when he reached #4 ranking, that was right after he’d won a Slam (and he was seeded no. 6 when he won). In that sense, DelPo is at the same place right now that he was right before his USO win. From that point of view, the most important thing is to maintain his grip on staying inside the top 8. I would still like him to work his way up the ranking b/c I think it’s very possible. I hope he can get past Berdy by the time the USO happens.

          I didn’t get to see Game 1 b/w the Spurs & Warriors, but I followed on Twitter from work! I was silently cheering for Ginobli and I *loved* how much appreciation he got at the end. It was awesome b/c he seemed to be playing very poorly for most of the game, but he quickly turned it around. I loved Pop’s quote about Manu at the end: “I went from trading him on the spot to wanting to cook breakfast for him tomorrow” 🙂 Warriors won Game 2 (:() but I hope the Spurs can come back to win this! I’ll be watching Game 3 for sure!!

          • Candy says:

            I like that quote from the coach too. 🙂
            I wasn’t a fan of Spurs. But Ginobili was so kind to Delpo at last year’s Olympics! Still remember that blog post from him! I love him since then. ❤ I supported OKC over Spurs last season. But I would support Spurs this year if they meet. #CasualFan #Fickle 😉

            • mariposaxprs says:

              Are you a OKC fan first?

              I like the Spurs, they’re always a fav for me. I like Pop’s approach. Ginobili and Tim Duncan are favs too — they both seem like straightforward guys who are all about the sport. Plus Ginobili won a million brownie points when he cheered for DelPo at the Olympics! I guess *that’s* why you were cheering for Argentina when they played the bronze medal match in basketball last year?! 🙂

              Remember they walked together at the Opening Ceremony too? The Olympics were fun-then sad-then back to fun times!

              • Candy says:

                My preferences are Rockets and Timberwolves. But I also like some other teams because of different reasons. For example, OKC, they’re young and not a traditional strong team. I like(d) their energy and guts so I support(ed) them (over the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals last season).

                And yes…… Ginobili won my heart at the Olympics. Oh yes! They walked together at the Opening Ceremony too. Aw….. So many sweet memories with some sad ones back then. Love it! 🙂 Anyway, I would still support Argentina over Russian regardless because I like Latino/ Spanish generally. haha 😉 (This is one of the reasons why I support Spain’s basketball team too. Of course I love their play too! ;))

                • mariposaxprs says:

                  Cool, are you a Jeremy Lin fan? I like the Argie b-ball players 🙂 Ginobili and Scola (Scola follows his tennis pretty closely too!) I’m with you in the support of Latino/Spanish players — Gasol’s cool as well — I wonder if he will show up again at Roland Garros this year?!

                  Remember when we were wondering if Higuain would show up to support DelPo in Madrid this year? Then DelPo withdrew from Madrid and now, Higuain’s reportedly been signed to Arsenal! I guess our hopes for a “Madrid bromance” never had any chance. Ah well, maybe it will happen some place else with someone else! 😛

                  • Candy says:

                    Yes. I like Jeremy Lin! His story did inspire me. Also, he’s a great team player! He’s nice and humble. Hey, the Rockets have a cool Argie too – Carlos Delfino! (I don’t think he follows tennis/ Delpo though.) I like Pau! But I don’t like Lakers (mostly because I don’t like Kobe).

                    It would be even better if Higuain goes to Arsenal because WTF can invite him to see Delpo there. I trust WTF more than Madrid Masters! Let’s imagine he plays tennis with Delpo at O2! Aww… love it already! Someone has got to play tennis with Delpo at O2 this year (assuming Delpo will qualify)! Higuain would be a GREAT choice! I beg you now, Higuain! Please go to Arsenal!!! Lol 😛

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