Epilogue to DelPo’s Early Exit at Rome

Following DelPo’s surprise defeat to Benoit Paire in R3, he flew straight home to Argentina.

Per his media manager, Jorge Viale, DelPo returned home at the request of his doctor.  Viale gave a short update of DelPo (source):

Juan Martin del Potro suffered a viral infection that was followed by bronchospasms, which had prevented him from fully training in the two weeks after the Monte Carlo Masters.

He should have continued to rest [instead of playing Rome], but his efforts to rush his return led to a setback in his physical and respiratory recovery.  His medical team, led by Dr. Roberto Peidro, advised him to return to Argentina in order to resume an intensive physical recovery plan that would help him return back to the tour as soon as possible.

DelPo is confirmed to have flown straight back to Argentina after his R3 loss to Paire in Rome.  There is no official news yet as to whether or not he will play Roland Garros this year.

The news of DelPo’s virus first broke out nearly a month ago, following his early loss to Nieminen at Monte Carlo.  Given the prominence of mononucleosis on the ATP tour, it’s tough not to think that DelPo may have been stricken by a particularly vicious virus.  Fortunately, at this time, there is no news to indicate that DelPo is suffering from mono.

Nevertheless, the virus has set him back a month’s worth of progress on the tour.

The fact that DelPo has flown back home to Argentina from Rome (a nearly 14 hour flight) means that his chances of flying back in time for Roland Garros this year (which would require a similar 14+ hour journey) are very slim.  Part of me is curious is why he couldn’t find a competent doctor in Europe to help him through his recovery, so that he could recoup in time for Roland Garros.  I suppose the fact that he flew back home is an indication of how serious this virus has now become.

At this point, it seems the best play is to simply hope for DelPo’s full recovery from this illness.  Perhaps, like Murray, DelPo would do better to set his sights on grass and forgo any hopes of pulling off major performances on clay in 2013.


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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11 Responses to Epilogue to DelPo’s Early Exit at Rome

  1. audiesgirl@aol.com says:

    Believe me folks, I’m not kidding here. I googled Dr. Peidro and found he’s a cardiologist specializing in sports medicine and has done research on the therapeutic benefits of the tango. See, all Juan needs to do is dance more! I often wondered how he performed on the dance floor (and other places!) and the tango requires a high level of agility. Imagine those long legs intertwined in yours! OMG, I’m fanning myself again.
    Check out his book, Con el Corazon en el Tango. Ole!

    • audiesgirl@aol.com says:

      http://kikibri.wordpress.com/ This is the only English article I could find referencing his work.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Hah, musicology as a form of cardiovascular therapy? I guess he specializes in sports medicine. I hope he does a thorough test of DelPo’s blood work, to rule out mono or other more serious conditions.

      It seems the decision of whether or not to play Roland Garros will come on Wednesday or Thursday. DelPo was seen training with his team on Tuesday, so at least we know he’s back up on his feet. Whether he was dancing the tango or not is another question though…

  2. Some Argie journos are already confirming he’s not going to play RG. Bummer 😦

    I really don’t know what is going on with Team!DelPo right now. He’s definitely incredibly used to flying at this point in his career, so maybe the 14 hour flights don’t bother him that much. And, I get that he has his entire support system in Argentina, so it sort of makes sense to want to go home and recuperate and train. BUT, long flights and adjusting to time differences are a problem for tennis players. Its sort of madness to play a tournament, go home, fly back, re -adjust in two days, and then play another tournament. And, Franco, at least, clearly realized that b/c he made comments last year that they were going to try to fly less! So, I’m sort of wondering what’s up, you know?

    Anyway, I hope its not mono and I hope he gets better and recovers soon! Its definitely hard to rebuilt strength and stamina after getting sick, so I hope his recuperation goes well. I’m sure he was not in the best place in Rome, and just thought he could play himself into shape during the tournament. Well, that didn’t really work out too well 😦 Least he got to meet the Pope though!

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I’m seeing quite a few newspapers in Argentina reporting that DelPo will not play RG 😦 I guess we’ll know in the next few hours whether or not that news is true.

      I think the fact that he flew back home is an indication of how serious this virus might be. It seems he’s seeing a top-rated cardiologist in Argentina, so maybe he wanted an expert opinion. Then again, it’s not like Europe is short of qualified doctors, you know? I guess it’s a sign that he likely won’t play Roland Garros. Now that he’s back in Argentina, I hope he stays there and gets his health back in shape. He’d be risking a relapse of the virus if he tried to play RG. I remember thinking it was a bit silly of DelPo to fly back to Argentina right after the Olympics last year, when he had to fly out two days later to Toronto. Franco needs to enforce some limits on DelPo’s flight time! All that travel has to be draining…

      DelPo looked so thin in Rome…he’s lost a ton of weight. I think rest is prob the best option. Playing himself into shape would only work if he recovered fully…I just hope that happens. This virus came out of nowhere and it’s starting to sound like that “M” word…let’s hope that if it is mono, that he can get it diagnosed quickly enough to recover.

  3. Candy says:

    Hola! I have given up Roland Garros already. This way does make me feel much better. lol Even if Delpo can play RG, he wouldn’t do well there. It’s not worth rushing his return, flying back to Paris and grabbing a few ATP points only?! Maybe it would be better to focus on his recovery and prepare for grass?! It would be really a miracle/ magic if Delpo will be able to play RG *and* has a great result there. We will see.

    Maybe Delpo wasn’t 100% ready. I sometimes think Delpo made a trip to Rome partly because he wouldn’t want to miss a precious chance to meet the Pope.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      This is a rough and unexpected surprise for DelPo. I honestly hope he withdraws from Roland Garros. It would be much better for his long-term health. This virus is clearly very serious and it wouldn’t make sense for him to spend close to 30 hours on a plane all in one week. If he rushes his recovery, he might end up suffering at RG, only to have to fly back to Argentina again …. we might then have to deal with another “Will he or won’t he play Wimbledon?” situation. Given those factors, it’s better for DelPo to cut his losses and skip RG. It’s so sad, I was really looking forward to DelPo on clay, but this virus has wrecked this part of the season.

      He’s seeing top cardiologist in Argentina, so I hope that doctor knows what he’s doing and he helps DelPo recover. Many sources in Argentina are reporting that DelPo will not play Roland Garros….I’m waiting for official confirmation from his camp, but it seems unlikely he will play.

      I also think DelPo made the trip to Rome specifically to see the Pope. It turns out people in Argentina helped arrange his meeting with the Pope, so I guess DelPo figured this was his one and only chance. At least there’s one upside to his clay season, right?!

      Let’s pray DelPo finally recovers from this virus and that he can come back to his old self as soon as possible!

      • Candy says:

        Cardiologist? I thought it’s only about respiratory issues that don’t need a Cardiologist?! So it may also about his heart? Or rather say, the real “problem” hasn’t been diagnosed yet so he needs to see a cardiologist and try to find out the problem?

        Ahh….. it’s also just my pure speculation, but his mama has/ had a heart problem, now he is seeing a Cardiologist, so it’s possible that Delpo has a hereditary/ contagious heart disease?! *Fingers-crossed* (It would be VERY sad if it turns out to be a career-threatening illness. Hope NOT.)

        Yes, honestly, it wouldn’t be a smart choice for him to play at RG. I’m not hoping for anything now. At this moment, I just hope he will recover FULLY soon! Only with that, we can think about his tennis again.

        • mariposaxprs says:

          That’s the first thought that came to mind when I read he was seeing a cardiologist. I’m not entirely sure the doctor is a cardiologist though — that news was reported by Clarin/Ole and both those sources have been known to be wrong on occasion. It’s probably better to wait until Jorge Viale releases the latest update.

          I have a suspicion that this virus could be mono. I read an article about mono in tennis and the TL of DelPo’s virus sounds eerily similar to what mono sufferers deal with (http://edition.cnn.com/2013/05/20/sport/tennis/tennis-mono-federer/index.html?hpt=ite_t1).

          I remember Soderling looked terrible at Wimbledon in 2011 (he looked good when he beat Hewitt, but then he was all pale/sweaty/resting-on-chairs-in-between-points when he lost to Tomic). But then he looked good again when he won a clay court title in Sweden, defeating Ferru in the final in ’11. But that was also the last time he ever stepped on a court. That seems to be the common “up-again-down-again” syndrome that characterizes mono. DelPo’s already passed the 1 month mark with this virus.

          Even if it *does* turn out to be mono, one reassuring thing is that mono isn’t always a career killer. Normal people and athletes recover from it within 2-3 months or so, and plenty of players have returned after suffering from it. Mario Ancic and Robin Soderling are the clear exceptions, but they’re still the exceptions, not the rule.

          It’s always the worst to play “doctor” when we don’t know what specific condition is ailing a player 😦 I just hope that a clear diagnosis can be made, so he can speed up his recovery and return to full health.

  4. audiesgirl@aol.com says:

    Isn’t it a typical guy thing to not take one’s health seriously and ignore medical advice? You can’t be bedridden for 10 days and expect to bounce back in a couple of weeks and a relapse is always more problematic than the initial illness. Could the ATP medical folks have advised him to leave the tour so as not to spread whatever he has, thus the hasty retreat to ARG? It didn’t help that while he was supposed to be resting he chose to watch his beloved Boca at the Bombonera among thousands of germ-laden fans. I would not be surprised if the recent floods around BA haven’t stirred up all kinds of nasty bacteria and fungi. That said, what’s next for Delpo? He can kiss the clay season goodbye right now focus on getting well between now and Wimbledon. The fact that Boca has a big game later this week should keep him occupied provided he doesn’t surround himself with his usual crew of guy pals who can only bring more germs into his world. A retreat to some remote monastery is sounding like a better idea ll the time.
    P.S. Has former Argie tennis great Jose Luis Clerc offered to take over the Davis Cup team and get Delpo and Nalby to mend fences? Como se dice “fat chance” en espanol?

    • mariposaxprs says:

      This virus is getting very worrisome. This is pure speculation on my part, but didn’t his mother reportedly have a heart problem when DelPo played Miami? Now DelPo has breathing problems caused by a virus? I doubt the two events are related, but it’s tough to know what’s happening, given the limited information that’s being released.

      DelPo did look very skinny in Rome. Given the fact that he’s already back home in Argentina, it wouldn’t make sense for him to fly all the way back to Europe for RG, esp given his condition right now. Best thing for now is to hope that he makes a full recovery from whatever’s bothering him right now. He’s seeing a top cardiologist in Argentina, so hopefully the medical help he’s receiving will sort out the problem.

      Martin Jaite recently gave an interview here he said that it would take a “miracle” for Nalbandian to play the DC SF. I hate that Nalby can’t end his career on his own terms, but it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll get a rapprochement between DelPo and Nalby in time for a DC run 😦

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