Update! DelPo Will Test His Body on HCs

There’s been a fair bit of DelPo-related news after Wimbledon.  Here is a combined recap and photo post:

  • Update about the knee: DelPo’s left knee, which was hyperextended at Wimbledon, has been in fine form ever since.  He visited his doctor in Argentina, who diagnosed a sprain (no damage to the ligaments or meniscus).  A meniscus tear would have been a headache, so it’s good to know he got off relatively lightly.  He says his knee has now recovered.
  • Children love DelPo: DelPo resumed training a week after his arrival in Argentina.  He took time to visit an orphanage, as part of his partnership with UNICEF.


    Awesome photo is awesome.

He also enjoyed a late serving of strawberries and cream, presented to him by his adorable friend, Delfi.  Although DelPo lost in the SF at Wimbledon this year, he’ll be working to take that extra step in 2014!  Otherwise, Chef Delfi will be upset:


Photo: Juan Martin del Potro FB

  • Fun Times in Miami: After a short stay in Argentina, where he visited his family in Tandil (and took a photo with fans at a Tandil petrol station) and resumed training in Buenos Aires, DelPo flew to Miami on July 19.  He flew out early to the USA, in order to adjust to the summer heat (it’s currently the middle of winter in Argentina) and prepare for summer HC season.  DelPo often trains in Miami and it appears he trains at the same Miami tennis club that Muzz frequents.  DelPo’s early trip to Miami led to one of the most adorable photos of all time:
Juan Martin del Potro FB: "I Spent an unbelievable weekend at Disney World. I met Minnie!!! Here you have a lovely photo. Now, back to training!!"

Juan Martin del Potro FB: “I Spent an unbelievable weekend at Disney World. I met Minnie!!! Here you have a lovely photo. Now, back to training!!”

Rafa has a tradition of visiting Disney Land in Paris, after he wins Roland Garros.  DelPo, however, went to Disney World (which, as everyone knows, is better than Disney Land) and DelPo got to kiss Minnie’s nose.  Rafa, on the other hand, has only ever taken anti-septic and somewhat lame photos with Minnie.  Minnie is clearly Team DelPo, no?  I’ve got photo evidence, Minnie, so don’t you try and deny it! 🙂

  • DelPo, the Body IssueTennis players Aga Radwanska and John Isner posed nude for ESPN Magazine’s annual Body Issue, which features tasteful photos and candid interviews with athletes from many different sports.  I’m fairly confident DelPo would never agree to participate in ESPN’s Body Issue.  That said, his recent FB activity indicates an heretofore unseen willingness to show off his muscles and body.  DelPo has been doing his own take of the Body Issue.  Let’s start at Wimbledon, where he unveiled this photo of his backside:

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 12.19.21 AM

While the concerns over DelPo’s knee were quite serious at Wimbledon, this photo of him was also inappropriately funny because of the way he seemed to be showing off his butt to maximum effect:

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 4.49.49 PM

Those photos are the appetizers.  Fast forward to summer HC season.  DelPo shared a photo on FB where his butt was again the main focus.  Is anyone sensing a pattern here?  I guess DelPo has been training very hard to tone his gluteal muscles, in which case he should shake what his mother gave him (in a tasteful manner, of course).

Then, things got taken to another level.  Here’s DelPo in Miami, after a hitting session with 15-year old junior Stefan Kozlov.  The contrast between the two players (in age, body hair, height, etc) is hilarious:

DelPo then released a photo album of his training photos on FB.  These photos feature a shirtless DelPo who is training very hard in the Miami heat.  For some reason, he has chosen to hike up his shorts so that his upper legs are exposed.  It’s an impressive visual, for sure.  I remember Feli used to do that with his shorts too, so maybe it’s a habit among tennis players.  Perhaps his Nike shorts are too baggy.  Perhaps he wants to just wants to show off his long levers!

My main point is that DelPo seems to have more body definition.  He’s always been lanky, rangy and toned, but perhaps he’s worked on strength training in preparation for HC season.  It’s not uncommon to see other tennis players “tone up” a little during a break.  Look at those arms:


Photo: Juan Martin del Potro FB

On Monday, DelPo traveled from Miami to Washington DC, where he will play the Citi Open.  A fan captured DelPo at Miami International Airport, where DelPo was adorably seen wearing the Bruce Springsteen t-shirt he picked up right before Wimbledon at the Boss concert at Wembley Stadium:

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 5.22.36 PM

  • DelPo Aims for His 3rd Citi Open Title in Washington: DelPo accepted a late WC for the Washington tournament, after Tsonga withdrew with a knee injury.  As top seed, DelPo has a tricky draw in his first summer HC tournament.  Nishikori, Haas and Raonic are the other top seeds after DelPo.

DelPo’s potential route to the title: BYE – R2 Hewitt/Harrison – R3 Tomic – QF Anderson – SF Haas/Dimitrov – F Nishikori/Isner.

Although DelPo has been training regularly and he seems physically fine, he will be a bit rusty.  He will need to hit the ground running, especially if he ends up playing Hewitt in R2.  Expectations are high for DelPo, given his strong showing at Wimbledon this year.  Given the highs and lows he went through in the first half of 2013, it’s probably best to be cautious.  The best thing to hope for is that DelPo gains decent match play.  By playing Washington, DelPo has committed himself to play 3 straight weeks of tournaments before the USO.  If an early loss in Washington improves his chances of strong showings at the Montreal and Cincinnati Masters, then so be it.

In any case, DelPo showed up in very fine form at the Citi Open Players Party, which was held at the W Hotel in Washington DC.  Here he is with Nenad Zimonjic and potential R3 opponent, Bernie Tomic:

Photo: Pete Staples/Citi Open

Quite a few fans are on the grounds at Washington, which has led to welcome videos of DelPo cheerfully hitting FHs and fun anecdotes of his mishaps during training.  Things seem light-hearted and fun on the DelPo front.  He even managed a short re-enactment of Blow-Up, where he got behind the camera.

In his pre-tournament presser, DelPo responded to a question about the friendliness among top players and whether or not he agreed with Jimmy Connors’ argument that tennis players should be more at odds with each other (at 2:12):

DelPo: “Of course, at the end of the match, I would like to kill Novak [for beating me], but I couldn’t do that (laughter).  I like the way it is now—more friendly.”

Take that, Connors!!

DelPo will start his Washington campaign on Wednesday, where he will face the winner of Hewitt and Harrison.  For those interested, this is his Nike kit for the summer HC season.


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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9 Responses to Update! DelPo Will Test His Body on HCs

  1. Candy says:

    Holaaa Mariposaaaa! 😀

    I love that Delpo (or Jorge or Marcos lol) has updated much more on FB and twitter and posted in English as well. It’s “awesome” that he has posted many “awesome” photos. Love them all! ❤ 😉 Delpo with orphanes, with cute lil girl, with cartoon character, being shirtless, etc. He definitely has used many appeals that PR would use for publicity. I would give a thump-up (or two or three) to (him and) his communication manager this time. 😉

    Delpo is sooooo fit judging by his muscles and shape. (I mean, he’s so hoooot! :P)

    Finally, we can see Delpo play again soon. (But the time difference will be so tough for us.) I hope he won’t tire himself out before USO.

    Delpo’s match won’t be streamed?! I’m really out of the loop……. I don’t know anything. *pout* But why the match won’t be streamed?! It’s 500 tourney! *disappointed*

    I want to chat more with you. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to spend on Twitter recently. Hope you’re doing well.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      Holaaaaa Candy, long time no seeeeeeee!!!! 🙂

      I am loving DelPo’s level of activity on Facebook and Twitter :)) I bet it’s Marco! Maybe Marco’s time in Rotterdam was actually a job interview. Now he has the job and he’s doing well!

      DelPo’s really worked on his muscle definition, right? I feel like something’s a bit different this year. It’s definitely nice to see and I hope he continues to be proud of his efforts, haha. The clay and grass season works perfectly for me, in terms of time differences. American HC season is the worst. Matches always start in the morning, when I have to leave the house. Bah! The Washington tournament started streaming today, so DelPo’s match against Tomic was streamed (his earlier match against Harrison was not).

      I’d like to chat more with you too!! Are you busy these days? I noticed Liverpool were doing a tour of Asia. I noticed a lot of Stevie G photos in Asia and I thought of you! 🙂 I don’t think they stopped in Hong Kong though..only Thailand and Indonesia 😦 Hope you are doing well and that it’s not too hot over there! Man United are doing a tour of Asia too, and Rio Ferdinand can’t stop complaining about the Asian summer, lol 🙂

      • Candy says:

        Yes, I have got a new job. I’m still learning and making adjustments for this job. And it’s very busy at work. Also, unfortunately I got sick this weekend and was on my bed sleeping all day on Sat & Sun. I didn’t watch a single match of Washington. 

        But I’m very happy Delpo won it!!!!!!! I will watch back all Delpo matches when I have time later. (I only watched back the first set of Delpo-Anderson so far & some highlights/ interviews.)

        Hahaha. Thanks for thinking of me when you saw Stevie G photos. 😛 I was “forced” to watch some Man United friendly matches on TV because I had dinners in my Uncle’s home when Man United matches were on and my uncle is ManU fan. Lol A few Premier League’s clubs came to HK this summer. But no Liverpool. Hope they will come again soon. Hehe. (I don’t think I have asked you if you have any favourite footy clubs/ players?!)

        Talk more about Delpo later in your next post. Is it “Adrian” in that Delpo celebratory video?! Ahahhaa 😀

        • mariposaxprs says:

          Congratulations on the new job!!! How long has it been since you started working at your new company? I hope the adjustment gets easier for you soon and that you stay healthy! I hate getting sick when I’m feeling stressed or tired. Lots of rest over the weekend always helps!

          Hah, Stevie G’s been all over the news lately. What a nice guy! His testimonial was special and he’s so cute with his daughters. Hahahaa at your reaction to the Man U friendly matches in Asia! It’s so unfair, the Premier League clubs are mainly visiting Thailand and Indonesia, but Man U choose to visit Hong Kong 🙂 Maybe next year? Have you seen Liverpool live? I don’t follow soccer as closely as I want to, b/c of the time difference — I mostly check the results and watch the “bigger” matches. I’m not a big Man U fan either though!

          • Candy says:

            I have been working for this company for less than 2 weeks. Things are getting a bit smoother now.

            Stevie G is so cool and his daughters are so adorable! ❤ I have never seen Liverpool live. I remember I wasn’t in HK when they came to HK ten years ago. Lol They came again years later. But I still didn’t manage to see them live. I hope they will come again soon. I don’t know how many years Stevie G will still have as a Liverpool player. He’s not young. So I hope they come again before his retirement. Lol

            Talking about seeing sports live, are you thinking about going to Shanghai Masters (to see Delpo) this year? I don’t think I will be able to go because I have just got a new job and I don’t think I’m allowed to take days off that soon. *pout*

            • mariposaxprs says:

              Hi Candy!

              So sorry for the late reply — I was checking comments on my phone and it must have marked all my comments as read, which is how I missed your reply 😦

              So you’re nearing the 1-month mark now at work? Glad to hear it’s working out more smoothly now.

              I want to go to the Shanghai Masters, but I’m still figuring out whether or not I can manage to take the time off work. Things come up last minute…if all goes well, i’ll know enough to make a decision within a month or so! I’ve never been to the Shanghai Masters, so it’d be an awesome trip. How far away is Shanghai from HK? Yea, the work environment really doesn’t encourage days off when you’ve just started working…keep me posted though, if you end up changing your plans!

              Enjoy your week 😀

              • Candy says:

                Hi, Butterfly, no sorry needed. 🙂

                Yes, I have worked for this company for a month now. I’m still in the learning stage but I have felt great so far.

                I think I had posted this link here before?! http://goo.gl/maps/xcdUL You can find HK is as far from Shanghai as Seoul is. (It seems Seoul is even a bit closer to Shanghai than HK is.) Haha 😉 Please let me know when you know whether or not you will go to Shanghai Masters! 

                I hope you had a great weekend too! Looking forward to the US Open. Hope Delpo’s match time won’t be too tough for us. Vamos! 😉

  2. audiesgirl@aol.com says:

    A good place to begin an analysis of Delpo’s prospects for the rest of the season may be the fact that in 2 months he turns 25, the pinnacle of young manhood. Time to jettison the “chico del barrio” persona and take his place among the realm of world-class athletes, time to let go of the boyhood chums who have moved on with families and careers of their own, time to find a serious year-round training base away from home and its distractions.. In short, if he wants to reach the top 5, he’s got to start thinking and living like one.
    The past 6 months have been rough, from his fans’ rage over the Davis Cup, through the sex tape scandal and his mom’s medical crisis to the mystery virus, injuries and maddeningly inconsistent performance in the early tournaments of 2013. Perhaps Franco put him on notice to shape up or start looking for another coach?
    Whatever, Juan’s made a remarkable recovery. He’s rightfully on a high after his stunning 5 setter at Wimbledon and again dodging the knee injury bullet which no doubt can be attributed to the Argie Pope. {I wonder if Muzz sent him a big thank-you gift for wearing Nole out and letting him win?} He’s in the best shape physically, no longer shy about showing it off, either. Is he on some special diet, perhaps the gluten-free, donkey cheese one Nole follows? Can we hope he’ll do an Isner in next year’s SI Hard Bodies Issue? Meanwhile, we’d settle for a nice ice bath video like the one the Serb team posted. Sighs…
    With Rafa, Ferru and Roger losing steam, this is Juan’s big chance to break from the second-tier ranks. He’s got his game back, he’s in great shape, the only piece left is to stop talking about how good the top players are and how hard it is to beat them. He beat Nole, Muzz and Ferru this year so what’s his hang-up? Perhaps he needs to add a psychologist to his equipo?
    Can’t wait to see how he does in Washington this week. I’d love to see him beat Hewitt which will be a huge boost to his confidence.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      It’s been quite the up-and-down rollercoaster with DelPo. I suspect there will always be an element of that, but he’s making good progress. It’s too early to tell, but his performance at Wimbledon seems to indicate that the virus isn’t the problem it was before? Remember how worrisome that was? I’d like to see him in good health.

      It’s strange, ppl have been saying that DelPo’s lost a bit of weight. I think he does look a bit more wan in the face…maybe it’s all the training in the summer heat! I don’t know if it’s the angle of the photos, but he does seem to have a bit more muscular definition. I can’t say I disapprove 🙂 Anyone other than Isner would be a welcome alternative to the ESPN Body Issue!

      His first match against Harrison won’t be streamed, but DelPo better not mess it up! I’d like to see him once on the HCs before heads to the Masters.

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