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Five Things We’ve Learned from the Lance Armstrong Scandal

1. Anyone is capable of doping. Given the larger-than-life persona Armstrong inhabited for 15 years, his downfall should be a lesson in how we mythologize athletes. In Armstrong’s heyday, he was hailed as 1) a champion, 2) an inspirational cancer … Continue reading

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On Doping in Sports: The Contador Ruling

The Court of Arbitration’s recent ruling on Alberto Contador’s doping case has made sports headlines.  The CAS found Contador guilty of ingesting clenbuterol and imposed a (retroactive) 2-year ban and a fine of some $2.3 million on Contador, the top … Continue reading

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Yannick Noah Gets His Talking-to

Yannick Noah recently drew fire with an unprovoked invective against all Spanish athletes, whom he accused of doping.  In a Le Monde interview, he referred to a “magic potion” that Spanish athletes use to gain an advantage in the competition. … Continue reading

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A Physiologist’s Initial Take on the CVAC Pod

The two physiologists who run the Science of Sports website linked to my first post on the CVAC “egg” device.  The Science of Sports is run by two physiologists, Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas.  They have a Facebook page and … Continue reading

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Drug-testing: The 10% Directive

The World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) recently met to announce the Prohibited Substances list for 2012 and to approve further scientific research and ethical reviews. The biggest news to come from this Executive Committee meeting was the WADA’s new emphasis on … Continue reading

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Now a Bubble?

The RFET (Spanish tennis federation) has acquired an oxygen tent called the “bubble.” They’ve been pretty active in publicizing their use of the bubble as part of the tennis players’ recovery techniques. (Nadal receives a post-match massage in the oxygen … Continue reading

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Follow-up to the Egg Conundrum

So the last blog post generated a lot of hits and I appreciate all the comments you left.  I think it’s led to a fair discussion on the specifics (or rather, the lack of specific info available) about the CVAC … Continue reading

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The Egg Conundrum

UPDATE: I’ve since written additional posts to the CVAC pod post below. Please check them out if you’re interested: 1) Here’s one about the biological passport program, that can be used to detect abnormal shifts in an athlete’s blood profile.  2) This … Continue reading

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