The Exho with South American Olympic Medal Winners & Other News

Today turned out to be an unexpected day for DelPo-related news.

DelPo_2012 Mendoza

DelPo seems to have taken fashion advice from a certain Maestro, as the navy linen suit fits him quite well. 

First things first:  DelPo is now in Mendoza, Argentina to play an exho against Fernando Gonzalez.  Gonzo had reportedly wanted to play his 2007 AO final opponent Fed in his farewell exho, but the exho organizers could not afford Fed’s steep price of $2M.  Thus, DelPo stepped in as a replacement for Fed:

DelPo Gonzo presser_2012 Mendoza

DelPo arrived in Mendoza and took part in a press conference with Gonzo.  The Mendoza exhos will feature a match between Charly Berlocq and Mendoza native Martin Alund, who was a last-minute replacement for Edu Schwank (who withdrew from the exho with a hand injury).  Then, the main match between DelPo and Gonzo will take place.

del potro gonzo berlocq schwank_mendoza 2012

(Photos above are courtesy of the Sitio Andin page)

DelPo played Gonzo last year at the Nokia Summer Cup exho at Punta del Este, Uruguay.  This time around, DelPo is an Olympic medal winner.  One of Gonzo’s famous accomplishments was winning a gold, silver and bronze medal for Chile at the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics (at present, his 3 medals constitute over 20% of Chile’s entire Olympic medal haul).  So it will be nice to see a past Olympic medalist and a current reigning Olympic medalist playing an exho against each other in South America.


In Other News:

  • Lastly, the unsavory news of the day: A reported ex-girlfriend of DelPo’s recently released a tape of a phone conversation between the two.  There is a rough copy of the conversation available here, which contains very adult content.  The person on the phone does in fact sound a lot like DelPo, but the circumstances of the conversation are still unclear.  Given that it’s the off-season, this bit of news is attracting quite a lot of attention.

Assuming that the person in the said phone conversation is DelPo, I would compare this to the “topless Kate Middleton” photo scandal.  In both cases, the privacy of the people in question was breached.  Both DelPo and Kate had a more than reasonable expectation for privacy in their respective cases.

On the other hand, maybe famous people should take extra measures to guard themselves against people who would take advantage of them.  While DelPo is not royalty, he is a recognized face in Argentina.  So perhaps he should take greater care to ensure he’s not as vulnerable to the likes of those who will try to profit off a scandal.  The ATP University advises its graduates to be careful of the voice mails and calls they make on their phones (since everything can be recorded and shared).  On a similar note, Kate should cover up when she steps outside of her front door, since photographers can lurk anywhere.

It may not be fair, but life is unfair and you have to account for that when you try to figure out how to come out on top anyway.  Plus, the payoff for discretion is considerable, whether it’s in the form of endorsements or becoming the Queen of England one day.  Here’s to all members of The Firm practicing more discretion in the future.

Unfortunately, DelPo doesn’t have royal minders/vigilantes at his command who can shut down websites or threaten to sue the head of newspapers for millions of dollars.  But he is much younger than Kate, so I’d say he’s already ahead of the curve when it comes to living and learning — now he just needs to catch up on the learning part (unfortunately, he is a male civilian, which means he cannot erase all his follies with a royal pregnancy.  Bummer!)

Anyhow, I hope We (royal “We”) can put this incident firmly behind us.  Let us hope for the 2013 season to start already.


The Mendoza exho starts at 8:30PM on Dec. 21, 2012 (local time, which is the same time zone as Buenos Aires: -3 GMT).


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I play favorites with Juan Martin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Gilles Simon and the long line of mercurial talent that drives me to despair in front of the screen at odd hours during the week.
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14 Responses to The Exho with South American Olympic Medal Winners & Other News

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  2. Candy says:

    Unless it’s confirmed by Delpo, I won’t believe it was him (Yes it may sound like him, but who can tell? Some people/ machines can mimic people’s voice, no?). If it really was him, I would be a bit disappointed, but not because he had wild phone calls/ sex. It’s because he may have cheated on his gf… ?! (but after all, I would still love him of course! 😉 Like you said, it’s not the first time there’re some rumours like this. I remember there’s a time many girls claimed they had sex with Delpo. Who knows if what they said is true or not?! *shrug*)

    Poor Delpo… sex scandal and DC criticism have come to him at the same time. 😦

    • mariposaxprs says:

      That was my first thought too! (that someone used a cheap voice-mimicking software to do this for publicity) I linked to the article with the phone call because Infobae RT’ed the news item and they seem like a big news source. I mostly rely on Canchallena, ESPN Deportes and a few other journalists for DelPo-related news. I’m unsure about the credibility of other “gossip sites,” which makes it tough to decide what’s true/untrue.

      I’ve read crazy stories about DelPo with older women, but a lot of it seemed like made-up trash. At the 2008 DC final, I remember DelPo’s mother spoke up about the rumors (which were false) surrounding him and the Susana Gimenez woman. On Twitter, I’ve seen photos/video clips of DelPo at night clubs, and he seems the way he is on the tennis court (guarded and silent). This is either a slip-up from him or an old news item that’s now gaining coverage. I’m just going to ignore it!

      I feel bad for him and for Stephanie too! Esp with the DC drama that’s happening, like you said. 😦

      • Rita says:

        Has there ever been a scandal like this in the tennis world? We agree it wouldn’t be such a big deal if he hadn’t made such a show of being “en pareja” with another girl for almost 3 years, especially one of such high quality as Stephie. After all, she was in Vienna and Basel and in the stands at the Fed exho, the same time this gato claims they were romping in la ducha. BTW, I hope there’s a video of this so we can get to see what was missing from that old locker room ducha video on YT. At least we could thank her for something.
        The news is that Stephie’s dumped him for good and who can blame her? He’s like that Vince Gill Country song, “Give Me Just One More Last Chance.” As one commentator on his FB page put it, “I admire you as a tennis player but as a man, you’re a disaster.” I recall feeling uneasy with that photo of him and his buddies celebrating his recent birthday where you can see in the background a young lady who appears to be missing her calzoncitas. Can we write it off to the “machismo” mentality? If so, it’s better that he’s now free to do his Delpo Gone Wild thing in the boliches as long as we get to share the fun. We can only imagine if Fed were there when this story broke, would he arrange an intervention? Who else could knock some sense into him?
        I’m anxiously awaiting the video of the match with Gonzo last night, towards the end of the 2d set someone shouted something from the stands that caused a murmur in the crowd. Maybe they said “you can get in the shower with me!”
        So the question is, what’s coming in the days ahead? Will he hide out with la familia in Tandil or celebrate his notoriety in the boliches of BsAs? Will he try damage control and hire someone to manage his image? Will his prospects for a new deal with sponsors be affected. Stay tuned…..

        • mariposaxprs says:

          I only saw parts of the exho, so I didn’t catch the part where someone shouted out to him! Mendoza was a smaller venue than I expected (with no doubles alleys), but it was nice to see it was packed.

          As far as I’ve seen, none of the major outlets have reported this news. Did you see a news item about his girlfriend leaving him? It would have been nice if DelPo stayed with Stephanie—it was nice to see her when he won in Vienna and Basel 😦 From a cold, career, “look-at-the-player-as-a-racehorse” standpoint, it would also help DelPo to be in a long-term relationship with one person, as opposed to being a big party guy. *Although* it would be quite hilarious if he ended up being amazing in 2013 and he set the news sites aflutter with his confounding set of accomplishments. I’m hoping for that 🙂

          There was a recent interview with Lleyton Hewitt, where Hewitt talks about his former enemy Nalbandian—Hewitt says he still doesn’t like Nalby and that he’s heard a lot of stories about Nalby from other people. Oddly enough, in the same interview, Hewitt says he really likes DelPo and that DelPo’s one of his “close mates” on tour. To your question though, I sometimes wonder the same thing too: whether the culture of celebrity in Argentina means athletes/stars are always being chased after by unsavory types.

          Then again, it’s the same in Europe or America too—soccer is well-known for its share of lurid stories surrounding players. I’m still unsure what to think. I’m inclined to think something did indeed happen b/w DelPo and that woman, but that the other details are still up in the air, like the when/where. Best case scenario, this may have happened a long time ago and it’s only now being reported.

          One thing is for certain. Next year, there will be plenty of jokes about “Grande DelPo” and the true meaning of what he says in his pressers!

          • Rita says:

            The story is all over the ARG media like Clarin. If some choose not to report it, it’s likely because the dialog is so smarmy. Could he have hooked up with a more slutty woman with a worn-out, porn star face and a bad boob job? When a woman flees from the shower from fright over what she saw, it must be something; I just wish she’d share more details 😉 then I’d change my opinion of her. The worst part of their phone sex was what he says he’ll do the next time she’s in his shower! Carajo! I saw one brief, online story that Stephie said “no mas” but who knows? In a couple of weeks he’ll be on the other side of the world and we all know absence makes the heart grow fonder.

            He’s also in deep doo-doo with the Argies over the DC. Just read the online comments and learn a whole bunch of Spanish cuss words. I’m waiting for Nalby to do his martyr shtick to get the team and Country to rally around him. He’s loving every minute of Delpo’s discomfort. Then there’s Pico on the sidelines grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
            What’s the source of Hewitt’s animosity towards Nalby? I didn’t know they had a history. I have heard that some think Delpo and Hewitt are a bit too close for comfort because of the open affection they shared over the net and supposedly elsewhere but I just think they just share a bond having been “boy wonders” in tennis. Maybe Nalby’s just jealous because Delpo will never grab his head and plant a big, wet kiss?

            Back to the tennis which is, after all, is more important than gossip (yeah, right). There are some good articles re Delpo’s prospects for next year that give a cautious optimism he can break into the top 5. I agree as long as Fed retires, Ferru breaks a leg, Rafa can’t regain his game and/or Berdych, Murray and Djoko get abducted by space aliens. Add Tsonga’s walking into another fire hydrant.

            Sorry, can’t resist more gossip like, were we disappointed that Muzz and Djoko didn’t make honest women of their GF’s during the break? They have only days before they’re off again and Christmas is a great time for engagements.

            I just read that Delpo and Roddick play an exho soon in ARG. If Andy brings his stunningly hot wife, maybe she’ll bring one of her SI swim suit model girlfriends to comfort Delpo in his time of need. Now that Andy’s retired and looking for a new venture, may I suggest a reality show “En La Ducha con Delpo” where he gets to audition women in his shower? Think of the sponsors they’d get from the personal care industry; it might spawn a whole line of bath products LOL.

            • Candy says:

              I remember, during last off-season, I came across a video, on YT, where a girl claimed she had sex with Delpo and rated his sex performance…. :/

              Ahh…. If it really was him, I, like you, hoped it happened a long time ago and Delpo didn’t cheat on Stephanie, and she wouldn’t break up with Delpo. She seems a cute girl. How happy she was when Delpo finally defeated Fed and how well she got along with Delpo’s team (I like that hug between her and Delpo’s trainer) :).

              Stephanie tweeted a lot in these few days. She seemed OK?! Or?!

              I look forward to news season! And Delpo to shine! I really hope Delpo would crack Top 5! Look forward to AO! What’s Delpo 1st ATP tournament in 2013?

              By the way, Rita, Mariposa, Merry Christmas!!! 😀

              • Rita says:

                Hi, Candy. You’re referring to this 2009 video where Argie Playmate Lola Bezerra recounted her brief fling with Delpo after the USO, rating him a “6” as a lover due to his height and resulting awkwardness in the sack. Plus, he sent her home the next morning with just one of his sweat shirts and she paid for the cab! In another interview, she graphically describes his “assets” but doesn’t say she fled into the night in terror; that girl’s a real pro, if you get my drift LOL.
                I’ve heard nothing that refutes the bona fides of Senorita Villafane’s claims about the audio tape and I hope to heaven she doesn’t have any more bombshells and has been persuaded to go away quietly – and richer to boot.
                As for poor Stephie, it didn’t look like Franco was particularly cordial, they sat far apart and only the trainer appeared to acknowledge her existence.
                Yes, she sounds just fine in her tweets. Why would she display her broken heart for all to see? You go, girl, keep your chin up! Or maybe she’s relieved that he’s out of her life after wasting 2-plus of the best years of her life on such a cad? Don’t forget it was just last November we had another “bimbo eruption” concerning his sexy text messages to one of her friends, for Pete’s sake, who at least had the decency to tell him to buzz off. Now that the field is clear, we’ll just have to wait and see on whom El Grandote next bestows his favors whether in or out of the shower.
                Now that his Mr. Clean image is so thoroughly tarnished, one has to wonder how things will play out in the months ahead. Next up is his exho with Roddick, then it’s off the AUS for the first GS of the year. He sure was cool as a cucumber at the match with Gonzo but I can’t believe someone who kisses butterflies and cries at the drop of a hat isn’t in some degree of anguish. Maybe he’ll squeeze in a fast pilgrimage to the Patron Saint of Tennis to cleanse his guilty soul.
                Feliz Navidad to you and all who love Delpo because/in spite of his human failings….

              • mariposaxprs says:

                Hi Candy!! Merry Christmas to you too, I hope you enjoy the time with friends and family and plenty of great food 😀

                It’s so nice to have a DelPo following here, and I hope he plays a great AO next year!!

                **That’s interesting that Stepanie’s been tweeting more often these days. I wish she and DelPo were more public with their relationship and that they shared more photos together (here’s hoping they take that step in ’13?)

            • mariposaxprs says:

              The Hewitt-Nalby animosity started when they bumped shoulders during a changeover at the ’05 AO. Words were said. Hewitt also had a spat with Chela, when Chela spat at him during a changeover. Hewitt needed bodyguards when he came to ARG to play DC (ARG kicked AUS butt in that tie :D).

              The Davis Cup drama is a plain mess. I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed DelPo didn’t communicate better with Jaite & the rest of the team. On the other hand, this is the same pattern of behavior that Nalby set in place awhile back. It’s funny that ever since Jaite took over as team captain, DelPo has had problems with the team, whereas it was Nalby who had major problems back when Tito was captain. I wonder how long Jaite will stick around as captain…

              LOL at DelPo sponsoring bath products. That could be an idea. DelPo plays Roddick in an exho on Jan. 3-4. It should be fun stuff!

              Happy holidays to you, Rita!!! I hope you enjoy!!!

          • Rita says:

            I watched the Delpo-Gonzo exho replay and beginning at 1:49:50 you can hear someone shouting from the crowd and the commentators make reference to the scandal, then there’s a second shout-out. I can’t make it all out, but it can’t be good for his always fragile head game. He couldn’t have picked a worse sort of woman for his dalliance, from her YT vids she’s a total ho. We can play amateur Dr. Phil and analyze what this has to say about someone’s psyche, suffice it to say there has to be some deep-rooted issue here. As for the DC mess, the online comments are already citing this sad episode to blast him. This is his pivotal season when he has to prove he’s got the game to be a top 5 threat.

  3. Rita says:

    I did translate the Spanish transcription and WOW, again I say, “QUE MUCHACHO”! The story claims this was a recent encounter. If so, I feel so sorry for poor Stephie and wonder if she’ll be at tonight’s match. She seems like a nice girl undeserving of such indignity. It’s WORSE than the Kate M. pictures, at least she was with her husband. Anyway, I have long suspected that behind his “tranquilo” demeanor lurks the heart of a tigre and if he turns out to be no better than your average, horny, privileged, horny, overindulged, horny, drop-dead handsome, horny young man, it does nothing to diminish his accomplishments on the court; the rest is nobody’s business although the titillation is irresistible. I’m sure more will be forthcoming for us to chew on for weeks to come. This is a real game changer for his carefully crafted image.

    • mariposaxprs says:

      I saw the news item through Twitter, as it was gaining a lot of coverage there. If not for that, I would probably have ignored the news.

      I only saw parts of the exho but I don’t think Stephanie was in Mendoza. Then again, she doesn’t attend most of his matches anyway. I honestly don’t know what to think about this—it’s almost funny, in a way. ARG news sites do churn out a lot of rumors. I don’t think mainstream media have picked up on this story (or if they have, they’re not interested in it. Given the dubious credibility of the source, it’s not likely to attract too much attention). Hopefully, that means this will pass. I’d really like the 2013 season to start, so that everything can go back to the tennis again! 🙂 That said, Ugo must be having kittens right now!

  4. Rita says:

    Que muchacho! I hadn’t heard of that particular woman who is just seeking publicity.After his USO win, they must have been literally lining up outside his door. Now that Delpo has a steady GF, maybe she’s just jealous. Anyway, what young man doesn’t say/do stupid things at that hormone-driven age? I read some where that he’d go through those raunchy SA magazines to pick out his next conquest. That said, can we get a translation? My Spanish isn’t THAT good.

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